Thursday, November 4, 2010

A piece of Americana...

So when I was little (for a brief moment), I wanted two things: to be Miss America and to be a Rockette.

Hey, I was really little. The teen angst wasn't even a glimmer yet.

Fast forward to now, I know a Rockette! She went to our high school, and she is a fabulous dancer with loooooong Rockette kicking legs!

Well, anyway, she had a couple extra tickets to their dress rehearsal... and I got to go! It was fabulous. Radio City Music Hall is impressive - huge and beautiful. Those girls are soooooo talented and athletic. Seriously, they make the high kicks look easy, and I assure you that I did try, and no, they are not easy.

And if you were wondering - YES, this did totally get me into the Christmas spirit... which is WAY weird because that normally doesn't happen until 12/23.

Anywho, sorry for the bad/blurry photos and the bad video, but that's all I have... and I don't have the energy to write up a real review, so this will have to do.


Angy said...

Wow! They really do make that look effortless! How freakin' cool that you got to go. I'm sure it would have put me into the Christmas spirit too. Although, oddly enough, I've already thought about putting my tree up?!?! Who am I?? No worries, it won't go up til after Turkey Day hehe.

Mary said...

Will dress rehearsals be over in 10 days? Will they? Will they?

Cool show.

Cool dream.

melissa said...

Wow! I would love to see the Rockette's Christmas show! I have always wanted to go to NY during Christmas time. Maybe some year I will!