Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angy asked for it...

Sorry, sister. You probably didn't want a political post... but this is just too much.

Have you heard of Clint McCance? He is a school board vp in Arkansas who made some seriously hateful comments about gay people/kids on his personal FB page. In response to Spirit Day (a day last week to show solidarity against bullying), he said that he would participate only if "they all commit suicide."

Now, I don't know what world this man is living in... but I'm living in a world where every life matters, every life counts... Celebrating suicide and/or hoping that an individual (let alone an entire population) commits suicide is disgusting, heart-wrenching and sad... horribly, horribly sad. Further, he said that he enjoys that "they often give each other aids and die." Wow.

Clint goes on to say that he would disown his own child if he/she were gay. He would "run them off;" they would not be "welcome in [his] home or in [his] vicinity."

I understand that he has the right to his opinion, but he is an elected official who affects children's lives. If he would run off his own children, what would he do to others' children? What would he sit by idly and watch others do to gay kids that were not his own?

He has the right to say such things. I am not condemning that right... But I would hope that most parents (whether or not they believe in gay marriage) wouldn't want such a man influencing their children's school.

I believe that homosexuality is not a choice. I know that you may not. I can handle the fact that we do not agree on that. I cannot handle that there are people who not only believe that homosexuality is chosen but then choose to be hateful and hurtful and teach others to be hateful and hurtful. That is one of the saddest circles of life ever. Hate begets hate. Cruelty begets cruelty.

This breaks my heart. Where is the compassion for others?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


And people wonder why I think cooking is important.

I don't know that I'll ever eat another chicken nugget. Yay!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It gets better.

High school is rough. Kids can be cruel.

But life definitely does get better.

This month, there have been numerous suicides of kids who were bullied for being 'different,' for being gay. As Ellen put it, 1 life lost in this senseless way is a tragedy; 4 lives lost is a crisis.

So Dan Savage started the It Gets Better project. Celebrities - gay & straight alike - are posting videos about how high school can be difficult, college can be difficult... but that life inevitably will get better. The world is changing; people will become more tolerant.

What a great idea. From someone who is not gay but but has always marched to the beat of a different drummer, it does get better. As you move on through life's stages, you find your little place in the world.

I can only imagine what it is like being a gay student... but it is true that the bullies won't last.

It definitely gets better. Life got better in college. Life got exponentially better after college. Though there will always be challenges, life continues to get better every single day.

It gets better.