Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best song ever...

Written, performed and recorded by our buds, the Van Watsons.
and be impressed with my movie-making skills... Silly Blogger doesn't allow you to upload MP3s.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Gotta love Funny or Die!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Victory!

See, Melissa really loves Spain!
No, we didn't really paint our faces. I played around on But M&M really did paint their faces.

Melissa, I really do love you. You're a special girl with a special place in my heart... but there comes a time in a friendship when the first "argument" must happen. I'm just glad that I undoubtedly won this one. Better luck next time... Not. (OtherMichael, you're just fortunate that I do not have a blog address for you, otherwise I would have linked you with a similar message.)

Enough rubbing it in her face. Spain won. It.was.amazing. Seriously, both teams played well, and we definitely felt Holland's pressure... But the better team certainly came out on top.


And not just because Spain won (though that's a large part). Paul and I shopped around Manhattan on Saturday and celebrated a day early with lunch at the Shake Shack (year number three for my birthday - I smell tradition!). Fantastic! Saturday night was spent with L&O... And I was allowed to open my birthday present early - baby lappy! If you're wondering which Paul chose, you can see the gem here. I'm blogging from the couch as we speak from my sparkly new toy (yes, sparkly - black with midnight blue sparkles)!

Today was spent in front of the telly watching the footy match - nerves racing, heart pounding. During the game, I screamed/squealed so loudly and so often that my early-in-the-day light headache turned into a throbbing one by the evening. Boo.

Still, fantastic birthday. Thanks for all the well wishes. I feel the love, for sure.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oooooole, ole, ole, ole!

That's right... Spain made it to the final World Cup on my birthday. Oh, what a birthday it'll be.

Sad, though, that little Melissa thinks that her silly Holland team will win. Sorry, Melissa... Not gonna happen. I still love you even though you wish me sadness on my big day.

¡Viva España!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And how was yours?

Somehow, this is one of our only photos together on the 4th...

Our weekend was just lovely. Plenty of action yet somehow relaxing.

We watched some amazing World Cup games (¡Viva España!). We ate some delicious foods. We took lovely strolls - through lower Manhattan, atop T&D's building, through the Atlantic. We shopped (just a bit) - shorts and basic tees for me, new shoes for Paul. We helped our buds (and lived up to someone's surname) by sanding a ton o' wood for a set of DIY bookshelves... even with power sanders (and his son - haha!), this was an exhausting (and super-dirty) task. We checked out baby-lappies (yay for an upcoming birthday) and visited some tourist spots (Irish Hunger Memorial & Ground Zero). We swam in the Atlantic and napped on trains. We ate some delicious watermelon yogurt at Pinkberry (which I normally don't like, but it's watermelon... with watermelon chunks and watermelon puree!!!). Yes, you could say that we were busy.

Here are a few photos from the lovely, long weekend.

Now, we're on to my favorite week of all time... Wahoo. The countdown may or may not have begun a week ago, and it may or may not have taken some restraint to not share it on here.