Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fish Yum?

(Yes, these photos have nothing to do with the post, but aren't they darling?)

It's not really a secret that I'm not a fan of fish. My dislike of the heart-healthy non-meat-to-vegetarians started way back when I was a bebe. My dad used to take us fishing... for catfish (or dogfish, as my sister wondered).

Catfish is not the most delicious of all fish, or at least this is what I thought as a wee-one. My dad was smarter than the average dad, though. He bribed me often with Dairy Queen treats; if I didn't eat my fish, I didn't get my DQ treat. Terribly cruel but extremely effective! Angy wasn't as bribe-able as I was, however, and I remember a couple of times when she was refused her delicious frozen treat... "Not I," said the Steffa! If dessert is involved, I am sooooo there.

Anywho, my mom then went through a health food phase when I was in high school... This meant that we ate a ton of lemon chicken, but she also tried to introduce fish into our diets. I must admit that I hurumphed a TON about the fish, but my sister pushed the level of hurumphing... (Seriously, do you remember that Angy & Mom? That was the most intense teenage tantrum that I've ever witnessed.)

Back to it, I still don't like fish as a rule... but Paul and I really try to eat healthfully, and fish is a great way to do so. Soooooo, lately I've really tried to find fish recipes that work for my picky-palate.

I bring to you two recipes from Food Network online... There would be three, but the salmon recipe was too salty, and salmon is still on the 'icky' side of the fish world.
  1. Fried Cod with Cole Slaw - First of all, with 'fried' and 'cole slaw' in the title, how could this dish not be delicious? The cod's all right, too...
  2. Tilapia with Green Beans - Yums x 10. We made this last night, and it's not only super-easy, but it's also super-delicious. How in the world did I choose this recipe? I must've been on drugs at the time... Tomatoes + Fish = Not-a-normal-Steffa-Dish, but I really chose well. Prep time is about 15 minutes (trimming beans, halving tomatoes), and cook time is about 10 minutes. Ridiculously easy and super fresh tasting.
Even my once-picky sister would love these recipes... Though I must admit that she converted to fish-lover-dom years before I did. She even likes salmon, which is still a huge stretch for me.

Clearly, my life is mildly boring/busy-with-boring-stuff right now... as this post is a stretch.

On a more exciting note, we're heading to Chi-town next month to see our precious nieces... Awww! The only thing that could make the trip better would be if our presh nephew were there too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So little to chat about, so I keep sharing videos... Videos of things that you could most definitely find on your own. Oh well. I apologize for not posting and for the post that's about to happen...

I'm on day 32 of Project 365. Let me tell you - it's tough! Holy guacamole! I totally didn't realize how easily I would forget about taking photos... on a daily basis. Seriously, I look at the peeps who are 100+ days in, and I'm impressed beyond belief. We'll see how far I get. So far, I've only missed 3 days, which means that some photos were taken on the same day... GASP! Sue me; I'm doing my best here!

Hmm, what else? We saw Date Night. Hilarious! You should see it. We also saw Betty White on SNL... Hilarious! You should see it, but be warned that it's a tad risqué. Kind of surprising considering that she's 88 1/2 (which is mentioned 88 1/2 times during the episode... or 3 times, whatever).

Ooooh! I'm totally trying to practice guitar more frequently. Let's just say that Project 365 is going better than the guitar practice... Such is life of a lazy person. That said, Paul and I had our very first jam session together on Saturday night (aka - my very first jam session ever)! It was SO ridiculous. We wrote some amazing lyrics. Seriously, it's a shame that our songwriting did not begin much earlier; we'd be millionaires by now.

Oh well, watch out world - S&P is comin' atcha! (Not to be confused with Salt-n-Pepa of the late-80s! ... Nor salt and pepper of the kitchen table!)

And by "amazing" lyrics, I'm sure you realize that I mean amazingly funny. Funny is good, though... Right? And by "amazingly funny," I'm sure you realize that I mean amazingly funny to me and probably no one else... except maybe Paul... but probably not even him.

Hmmm. I'm really stretching here to get some life deets to you, but it's tough, as my brain is not functioning at this moment.

We've had some amazing dinners this week... No, really. You should try these recipes. This chicken sounds all fancy schmancy, but it's actually super simple. We subbed sliced shitakes for the hard-to-find-and-pay-for morels. Next time, I'd go for the cheaper-and-easier-to-find pearl onions instead of the cipollinis... but the meal is YUM. We paired this and this together, and the results were mind-exploding delicious (hm, maybe that's why my brain isn't functioning)! Seriously, the tomatillo-avocado salsa is drinkable on its own. And if I haven't pushed this recipe on you yet, then shame on me... Best lasagna evs! (Yes, I shorten the word ever.)

Most of you know (because most of you were there) that we were in AZ last month for a wedding. It was warm and lovely, and we were able to spend some time with all the fam, which was a plus and a half. While at delicious Macayo's (send salsa, please), my mom (who is amazing, btw) was not very hungry... so she ordered one street taco. It was hilarious when that one bite-sized taco was presented to her... not as funny when typed out and blogged about.

All right. Nada más. Steffa, out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ha! Hilarity this Saturday...

Oh, I cannot wait to see Betty White on SNL...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Offending Odors Are No Match...

Want to strengthen your relationship? Look no further...