Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Arizona, You make me sad.

Fortunately for me, SNL Weekend Update makes me chuckle.

Once-Dearest Arizona,

I am disappointed in you. Seth Myers & Weekend Update say it best. Watch at the 27 second mark.

Without Lovity-love, Steffa

Dearest Everyone Else,

How is Kristen Wiig such a comedic genius? Seriously, she's amazing. What great advice for hassle-free travel.

With Lovity-Love, Steffa

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last night and a new project...

Last night was odd to say the least. Eight people in search of a restaurant is never a good idea. We ended up at an over-priced 'eh-of-a-place. On top of that, there were some mild not-in-a-good-way fireworks between a couple people (not us) and then a discussion of whether not discussing religion and politics can be fruitful (I say yes... Do you want to get me started?).

After dinner, I needed food, as the dinner restaurant had small portions and not the most appetizing of descriptions, so Paul and I headed to our favorite chocolate establishment to enjoy a late night dessert...

And enjoy we did.

This time around, we opted for the Brownie Sundae with Vanilla Ice Cream. While we both agree that the Banana Split is superior (bruléed bananas, people!), the Brownie Sundae was yummy to the max. There is just something so delectable about their hot fudge.

Thank goodness for that fudge, too... It turned an 'eh-night into a YAY-night!

So onto my new project. My bestie, Melissa, roped me into a new photo experiment - Project 365. For the next 365 days, we will both post a new photo from each day onto our Flickr sites (which will show up on our blog sidebars). We're starting today, so unfortunately my delish photos from last night don't count... You can read about the larger project here, but for Melissa and I, our goals are to become better photographers and to share more lovely moments (I think... Really, we've barely talked about it.). Sometimes my photos will be taken with my fancy and expensive DSLR, while other photos with my amazing point & shoot... But don't be surprised if many-a-photo come from my smarty-pants-phone because, really, I can't always have a camera with me... or can I?

Today's photo will be uploaded later today, once I take it... This project will require a diligence and dedication that I am unsure if I possess... I guess we'll see.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ben Folds is the man...

So I heard about this ChatRoulette thing sometime ago... My darling dear doesn't think it's such a cool thing, but I gotta admit that I'm quite curious. Not curious enough to try it myself or anything, but I still wish that I could've been at a recent Ben Folds show to experience the brilliance that is Chat Roulette + Ben Folds. One dude is even on the can... Hilarious!

For the record, I love Ben Folds, and this makes me love him that much more. What talent - to be able to improv piano tunes and song lyrics... Amazing!