Saturday, February 27, 2010

Más Nieve

We searched for sleds, as promised... to no avail. Instead a friendly gentleman at a sporting goods store offered us a cardboard box. "We'll take it," I said.

Cardboard by itself is not the fastest of sledding vehicles... Throw a garbage bag over it, however, and you're in business. Why Abby had a garbage bag with her is another thing altogether, but needless to say that good times were had by all.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Paul's hat last night

Up to this point, I have missed every huge snow storm NYC has had in the last 2 years. That's pretty impressive. Somehow I have traveled through each snow storm but not once was a flight cancelled or delayed due to weather. Strange how that works.

Outside our window

Anyhoo, I have been saddened by missing all the white, powdery funness. I only ever get to see the snow in its dirty, crunchy, icy stage... until last night.

I traipsed around Manhattan all day yesterday in the grossest slush ever. Seriously, I was wet and cold yet still enjoying the city. Then last night, we traveled to a friend's apartment for his birthday. Said friend lives a fifteen minute walk from the nearest train, and I'll tell you - those were some of the worst outdoor moments of my life. The slush was still coming down; the wind was still blowing, and I was cold and wet and tired. Ew.

Fortunately, the gathering was jolly fun. When the time came to leave, I decided to call a car service... Only no cars were available. Grrr. So instead, we hoofed it back to the train station. But, see, a miraculous thing happened while we were partying it up - the slush turned to powder and lots of it. Inches upon inches of white, powdery funness. The funness that I always miss. The entire walk to the train, I jumped and skipped and ran up stoops and threatened to make snow angels and jumped some more. I enjoyed every moment thoroughly.
At the subway station with our friend, Abby

Then we hopped aboard the train (choo choo), and I became exhausted. So when we arrived at the shuttle train, I knew that I would rather take the shuttle than walk the half-or-so mile home... But of course, the De-Icer was on the tracks, not the train, so we had to walk anyway.

Instead of walking, though, we fought our sleepiness... We skipped and jumped and ran... so much that we were out of breath and giggling like bebes. Then I tripped; I fell; I ate it... "It" being snow obviously, and it was the best fall of my life. It was soft and powdery and cushiony. I am a klutz, and oh, how I wish that every fall could be so pain free and fun.
A different view

Since I was already all snowy, I decided to go for it, and I made a beautiful snow angel on Franklin Avenue around Dean Street... and then Paul did too because he's fun and the best hubby ever.

Today we're going to find sleds... or something to work as a sled. I even plan to build a snowman. His name might be Rupert or something British like that because I want my snowman to be dignified and cultured. Maybe I'll even make a snowball and throw it at some unsuspecting sap who will then fall over in fits of laughter.

Oh, I love the funness of snow.

Snow flakes keep fallin' on my head...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Presenting... What I've been waiting for...

It's finally here! My mom surprised me with my very own Wuggie, Wuzzie or Weezer Snuggie (whatever you want to call it). Yes, yes, yes, this was my Christmas present, but apparently Weezer didn't anticipate so many orders.

Seriously, Snuggies are long. Who knew?!

Which, how could they not?!?! Seriously, the second I saw the Wuggie on the Weezer site, I melted. Truly, this thing is something to behold... Unfortunately, though, I have yet to receive my copy of their latest album, Raditude, which gives me a saditude. (Get it? SADitude, like a sad attitude or raditude. Oh, I'm funny.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Haven and then some...

Since returning from our short stint in Spain, I have been a terrible blogger. (In case you forgot, please let me remind you: We lived in Spain for 3 months in 2007, and it was glorious. I struggled with domesticity and loneliness since I lacked employment, but I wouldn't trade in those 3 months for anything... Really, I would like at least 3 months more. Or possibly 5 years more - of Spain life, not domesticity and loneliness.)

I blame life. Seriously, unemployment added to life in a foreign country resulted in quite a number of stories to tell. From learning to cook to daily walks along the Mediterranean, it is true that I had two things required for a frequently updated blog - content and time... Partner that with crippling loneliness, and you had yourself one packed LaVidaSteffa.

Now, however, I have a job, internet at home and an unlimited cell phone plan. While it is true that I don't use my cell phone to call loved ones often enough, the job takes up enough of my time to limit my daily adventures. Plus, I've already kind of learned to cook. No, really. I can cook... well. Very well, even. That said, I cannot improvise, but I can follow the most complicated recipe. But let's be honest: reading about my follies in the kitchen was much more interesting than reading about my successes in the same arena. These days, there's more success than folly (though I did use twice the amount of chicken stock in a recipe a few weeks back).

Wait. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Things that limit my blogging.

Facebook is a huge problem. See, excess time spent on the internet (of which there is much) is spent on Facebook. To be more specific, I am mildly obsessed with playing Bejeweled on Facebook. Bejeweled is far more entertaining to me than blogging, so I leave my blog cold and alone for two weeks without a second thought.

Blogging these days just isn't as much fun. I find myself wracking my brain for content. Even though my life is super-exciting, I just doubt that most of it would be exciting to blog about...

As evidence:

This past Saturday, Paul and I headed up to New Haven, CT to visit the Yale campus. While we are both Harvard fans, the Yale campus has some great architecture and history, so we made the trek. The day was gorgeous - 52 degrees, people! While at one of the museums (designed by Lou Kahn - Paul should be so proud that I remember this), we had the surprise and delight of being serenaded by a lovely singer and pianist... I might be 80 years old, but this was a sweet surprise. (I tried to post a video of said musical surprise, but Blogger didn't cooperate.)

We snuck through a door that took us into dorm courtyard - Trumbull College to be exact. Why can't all places be so... uhm, how do I say this eloquently? castle-like. Seriously, I'm a Wildcat - blah, blah, blah, but Yale (and Harvard and Princeton...) has an amazing campus. So European and castle-like. Very Harry Potter, come to think of it. I should've gone to Hogwarts, but I digress. We snuck into Trumbull College only to find the courtyard's mascot - The Potty-er. I do, in fact, wonder what in the world the designer of this "mascot" was thinking... or rather what he was doing while designing said mascot.

We ate lunch at Louis' Lunch (made famous on the Travel Channel's Hamburger Paradise), which takes the honor of inventing the hamburger in 1895. You heard correctly; the hamburger was invented in CT (though this is mildly contested on Wikipedia).

Anyhoo, we waited in line for 45 minutes and ordered 1 Cheese Works (tomato & onion), 1 Cheese Tomato (just tomato), 2 bags of Dirty Potato Chips and 1 order of Potato Salad. The food was delicious, albeit slightly overpriced, and I learned that even I can enjoy a fresh tomato on a burger, which is super exciting and noteworthy for myself but not necessarily for my blog... (Crickets. See, not interesting!) Louis' Lunch is serious about their burgers, though... don't ever ask for ketchup or else you'll be booted. Their burgers are the most delicious plain because they're still cooked in the original grills from 1895. Boo-yah.

Before leaving our CT adventure in the dust, we stopped by the water to check out the LI Sound (body of water between CT and Long Island) and glimpsed a distant Long Island, cattails and a pretty lighthouse that cemented just how awesome the Northeast is.

Anyway, our day was super-fun, but I couldn't think of a way to write about it that would describe just how much fun it was... which led me to think about how I used to be a decent blogger... which led me to our awesome time in Spain...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nerdy Jump Ropers, Hip Hop is for...

... anyone except you, really.

America's Best Dance Crew started back up last week on Mtv, and I'm pumped. As Shanda knows, I love some hip hop dancing. The show hasn't really gotten going yet, as the crews are performing regionally for a chance to make it to the national competition (aka 'the meat and potatoes' of the show).

Last night's performers were pretty rad! Especially Saltare, the jump ropers. Seriously, their skills are incredible. Unfortunately for them, they are nerds who lack any swagger. I don't care how many times Lil' Mama (rapper and judge) calls the crew 'gangsta;' the truth is that they're not. They're dorks, in the non-hip sense of the word. I love their enthusiasm and style; I just wish their cheerleader facial expressions were covered by censorship fuzz and their voices were covered by anything but their voices... How about nails on a chalkboard?

Really, if this weren't a hip hop competition, I'd have no problem with their non-gangster, non-swaggin' demeanors... But c'mon! We're talking about Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew (longest show title in history?). We're talkin' JabbaWockeeZ and Quest Crew...

Anyway, watch the video if you want to lose all self-esteem. These are some talented dweebs.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doppelganger... Schmoppelganger!

At least that's what I say. Someone, somewhere decided that it's Doppelganger Week on Facebook. That is to say that everyone's posting photos of their celebrity look-alikes. Ever since seventh grade when one person likened me to a Gelfling, my doppelganger has been a sore subject. Seriously, why can't I look like a person instead of this non-human, puppet-thing?

So I decided to take matters into my own hands this morning... I present to you my human doppelgangers (according to some strange website)... Well, kind of. None of these ladies resemble me... but I'll take it b/c they're all better looking than that dang thing... even if only b/c they're human (pronounce it without the H for added effect)!

Hmmm... Faith Hill & Anne Hathaway? What a combo, I am!

If I'm honest, though, there is one movie character that many have likened me to. And I say movie character b/c it is not the actress per se, but the actress during the particular timeframe of the movie that I am likened to... Rebecca De Mornay. So-called friends of mine always clarify with, "Not the old, Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rebecca De Mornay. Rather, the young, Risky Business Rebecca De Mornay."* Which is to say, the prostitute Rebecca De Mornay. Thanks guys... but I'll stick to Faith Hill & Anne Hathaway.

*24 years old during RB, 33 years old during HTRTC.