Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Same Ol' Steffa

I wrote this on Christmas in 1998. My friend, Brie, found it recently and knew that I would appreciate it, so she sent it to me... She also sent me a letter that Paul wrote to her that I'm forbidden to publish due to embarrassing handwriting... The handwriting is that funny.

Anyway, this cracks me up for so many reasons. It proves that I've always been the same combination of wacky, dramatic, happy and loving of Paul!

Enjoy... and try not to be too embarrassed for me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Reliving Our Youth - One Punk Rock Show At A Time...

Every now and again, a band from our punk-rock-teenagedom tours through NY. It's always hilarious b/c there's never a soul in the club under the age of 26... and yet we all rock out as though we're still 17.

Last night was one such night. A high school fave of mine, Face to Face, blew through NYC, and we were lucky enough to get tickets. I actually purchased tickets months ago - the day they went on sale to be exact... and Paul and I just knew that we were totally going to forget about the show until after it passed.

Fortunately, we didn't forget. Fortunately, I had my oh-so-lovely point-and-shoot camera, which took some sweet video. Fortunately, neither of us were injured, and the camera was fine too... even though I was elbowed on the top of my head, and my precious camera was accidentally slapped by some girl.

Many funny moments occurred... There's just something about a group of pushing-30s to late-30s and early 40s rockin' out to punk rock that just seems hysterical. I overheard and participated in many a convo about 'back in high school' and 'what was it - 1997 - or something?'.

But three things stood out for me, and I'd like to share...
  1. I was never a mosh-pit-girl per se, but every once in a while I would jump into a more happy-go-lucky pit (as opposed to an angry pit). This really only happened during my most fave bands... Last night, I kept thinking, "Hmmm... It doesn't look so bad during this song." Or, "There's that slower part coming up." I tried to convince myself that it'd be okay, but some things kept popping into my mind that I never had to think about back in '97 (or whenever)... "I'd look pretty bad if I showed up to my meeting with a black eye tomorrow." "Hmm. I have to catch a flight on Saturday, and I have so much work to do tomorrow to get ready for a week off, so I really can't afford to spend time in the ER or in pain with a broken collarbone."
  2. As I walked out of the venue, I heard a fella in a similar vein say, "Yeah, I totally wanted to crowd surf, but I have more expensive things in my pockets than I did when I was younger... Yeah, I didn't have credit cards back then. It was basically, 'Hey, Dad! Can I have some money?' So if I lost something back then, I could just ask my Dad for more money."
  3. Face to Face is playing another show in NYC next week, and Trever Keith (lead singer) asked if anyone in the crowd had enough money to go to that show too... Pretty much everyone in the crowd cheered and raised their hands to which Mr. Keith said, "I love punk rockers with a bank account!"
That pretty much sums it all up. We've (mostly) all (mostly) grown out of the whole punk rock lifestyle - with the late nights, angst and crazy fashion sense, but we're all trying to keep it alive even if just one night a year when a fave band from high school comes to town...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My spare time...

I may be the biggest time-waster ever.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Laborless Labor Day (and then some)

It wasn't a photogenic week for me.

Labor Day Recap

Paul had Thursday through Monday off because of the looooooooong hours worked the previous few weeks. I decided to join him on Friday with a pre-Labor Day vacation day. We enjoyed one of the greatest weekends in existence... it's true. We even celebrated by staying up late on Thursday!

Friday - Coney Island with some friends. You know what that means... Delicious hot dogs and chili-cheese fries. Mmmmm! Pat, Paul's co-workin' bestie, ordered a corn dog with sauerkraut. Didn't work out quite as he had planned (as I'm sure you can imagine).
See what I mean?
The very beginning of our Dorney Park adventure!

Saturday - Dorney Park & Wildwater Kindom in Allentown, PA with a friend. Paul and Brad rode vomit-and-death-inducing rides, while I took photos with my delightful point-and-shoot. I rode the 'kiddie' roller coaster, and I must admit that it was the most terrifying ride of my life... No, really. Anyway,there were 0 lines on the rides, and we figured out that everyone was at the water park... The water park was a blast (x10), but seriously, what fools - they could've ridden every single ride in less than an hour.
They rode this for me b/c I was obsessed with how deadly it looked.
They were literally facing the pavement on this - 90 degree angle for 175 feet. Can I get a "where's the vomit?"!
Seriously, the highest drop ever... Ugh! No thank you!
I was almost convinced to go on this ride. Maybe next time...
Admittedly, this is not my best photo, but c'mon, I had been wave-poolin' it up!

Sunday - A deliciously relaxing picnic in our one and only Prospect Park.

Monday - Fun times in Manhattan spending my b-day gift cards and a deliciously raucous picnic in T&D's 'hood park.

Sadly, the long weekend had to come to an end... soooooooo sad. But you know what follows a long weekend? ... ... ... A short week, of course! Can you believe it's already Thursday?! WOOOT!

Oh, and last night I prepared Chicken Curry for dinner... as in INDIAN food. How astonished are you? PLUS, T&D brought us awesome place mats from their trip to India, so the setting... er, table-scape was uber-authentic.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lil' Frenchie...

Poor lil' guy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Non-Diet

(Aiko, we desperately need to take some new photos.)

Aiko & Corey will be married in 3 short weeks! That's 3 short weeks until Paul and I head to Waikiki - huzzah! The plan was for me to be in tip-top bikini shape by the time our beach vacation arrived, and seeing as how I've had 6 or so months to prepare, this should have been easy.

Too bad a) I'm lazy, b) I eat ice cream for a living and c) I have no willpower.

If I weren't lazy, I would have exercised like I had promised myself. If I did not eat ice cream for a living, I would not have needed to exercise quite as much. If I had willpower, I might know the difference between marketing ice cream and eating ice cream for a living.

Oh well. I'm round, and I've dealt with it. In the short term, though, I created a plan/non-diet to a) punish myself for being so lazy & weak-willed over the last 6 months and b) feel less flabby in 3 short weeks.

My regimen - a) be less lazy (which includes brisk walking a few days each week, crunches & girly push-ups), b) realize that I promote ice cream for a living - not eat it and c) dig deep in the depths of my being to find some willpower.

I am on Day 3 of no ice cream... Day 3 - in those 3 days, I have visited 8 or so ice cream shops - now that is willpower, my friends! Plus, I've done some brisk walking, crunches, push-ups and jumping jacks. Never mind the fact that I had 1.5 donuts on Monday plus 1 delicious mini-marzipan and some delicious chocolate pudding (that tasted like frosting - yum) yesterday... Just forget those because they don't count as ice cream.

3 days down and 18 to go...