Monday, July 27, 2009

Embarrassing x 10!

7.26.09 6:28pm

So I was calling a bank's 1-800 number today when I accidentally misdialed.

The phone rang and then picked up. I expected to hear, "Welcome to XYZ Bank's Telephone Banking System. BlahBlahWahWahBlah."

Instead, I heard not words but sounds. Heavy sounds. Loud sounds.


It took me about two seconds to realize that those sounds were pretty much X-rated, and I must've accidentally called an erotic hotline or something. I about died.

To top it off, I misdialed by 6 numbers...

SIX. Numbers. No, not one, two or three... SIX. How is that possible?

You know how sometimes when you're typing on the keyboard and not paying attention, you start typing gibberish b/c your fingers aren't on the proper ASDFJKL; keys? Well, sometimes I do that with phone numbers.

This time, it was a big oops. Oops times ten, as I like to say.

Now, I think I should call Verizon to ensure that I'm not charged anything for my misdial, but I'm SOOOOOO embarrassed that I'm not sure I can man-up. The conversation will sound something like this:

Verizon: "Thanks for calling Verizon Wireless. How can I pretend to help you today?"
Steffa: "Hi, yes... I accidentally called a porn hotline today, and I want to make sure that I'm not charged for it."
V: Accidentally, 'eh?
S: YES, ACCIDENTALLY. The call was all of 5 seconds.
V: Yeah, I hear that one all the time.

Guess I'll have to get over it and just call... this time ensuring that all of my numbers are correct before pressing 'Send.'

7.26.09 8:13pm

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just some cute photos from my new camera

Sorry for the long delay in posts... I was on a business trip, so boohoo to that.

My birthday was fabulous, as I'm sure you can imagine... Paul and I did some house cleaning, some city-shopping for a camera case and some free-Slurpee-consuming.. Then our friends Donella & Michael took us out to a super delicious dinner where I got a fantastic birthday Banana Tart.

Just as an FYI - my new camera is awesome... It even has some tricks up its sleeves - including stretching and skinny-ing the image... YEAH!

After the birthday festivities, Sunday came quickly... I had scheduled my flight to Chicago to leave a day early, so I could visit my fave Dub clan. Baby Spicy didn't arrive while I was there, but I was lucky to spend time with my fave E!

Sorry for the lack of wit in this post... Maybe next week!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Best "tissue paper" ever. Thanks M&M!

I love my birthday, and today is no exception. My dear hubby bought me the greatest little point & shoot camera ever! So exciting! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Still going through the photos but thought i should share a few!

1 day 'til I'm 27!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 Days...

If you remember, last year I counted down to my big day starting from July 2nd. Do you remember? It seems somewhat inappropriate this year... and yet, I think, somewhat appropriate.

When I see someone dear to me struggling to hold on, I feel a strong desire to celebrate each day and to live each day as though it could be my last... And yet I don't feel like actually celebrating.

Fortunately, Paul and I are headed to my hometown this weekend, so the decision is made for me, and I won't have time to countdown for the next four days, so today will be it... 10 days until my 27th birthday!

But since you're already here reading this, I implore you to live each day to the fullest and celebrate & appreciate each and every day that you are given. It's important. I promise.