Sunday, May 31, 2009

tomorrow - 6/1

two years.

phoenix. cabo. la. rocky point. alicante. basel. zurich. dublin. nyc. dc. san juan. aguadilla. chicago. boston. vegas. paris. philadelphia. 
(give or take a couple.)

lots of laughs. lots of funny faces. lots of kissy faces and kissies. lots of travel. lots of steffa silliness. lots of paul knowledge. 
lots of s&p dance parties.

lots of good stuff.    

good times. best two years yet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wolves? they're boss!

and by 'boss,' i mean 'cool,' 'rad' or 'the most.'

my good friend este posted this link on his facebook, and i am unsure that i've ever laughed so hard at reviews on an item for sale... that is to say that i've never laughed at the reviews on an item for sale.

please, if you know what's good for you, read the reviews. you just might cry from laughter like i have.

and yes, it's true: women flock to men in wolf clothing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

okay... more photos!

i've been told that 3 photos don't cut it... so here are a few more.

p.s. my life is awesome!

the land of baguettes...

the trip was as amazing as you would imagine... but more on that later. here are a few photos to hold you over until i have time to really go through our 900+ pictures. needless to say - there were many a baguette sammy, many a croissant, 2 sunsets in front of the eiffel tower, visits to 3 uber-important museums and so much more.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in less than 24 hours...

we will be on a plane to PARIS!

excuse me while i practice my french...
  • huuh huuh huuh 
  • fromage
  • baguette
  • un, deux, trois, quatre
  • huuh huuh huuh
  • mon cherie
  • toilette
  • enchantĂ©
  • huuh huuh huuh
well, that ought to do it!

next time you see me, i'll be wearing a béret!

(p.s. how funny is it that when i searched photos of paris, one came up from, which just happens to belong to my old boss. ha!)

Monday, May 18, 2009


did you know that i never wanted to go to asu? did you know that when i was just a wee-girl that i wanted to go to notre dame? i never really knew why i hated asu so*, and i never knew why i loved notre dame so... but i know now.

seriously, asu? no. really?! at least president obama has a sense of humor about the honorary degree ("did you know that these honorary degrees are hard to come by? i'm one for two this season."). i can't say so much about asu... asu - you must think so highly of yourself.

but all i gotta say is: why would you have a person - who lacks the experience enough to even get an honorary degree from your school - speak at your graduation ceremony? if you feel that he is unworthy of an HONORARY degree, why would you want his words influencing those kids graduating from your school? 

oh, and how many of your graduates have ever gone on to be leader of the free world... just a thought.

lame, asu... lame. at least we got a hilarious snl skit out of it.

*my sister went to asu west... and while it is associated with asu, the west campus isn't the UA rival like the main campus is, so just in case my sister's reading - asu west is exempt from my hatred.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

what's my deal?

i apologize for the delay... i've been busy and ridiculously unmotivated to blog, so here's a snippet of my life as of late.

  • my mom & my tony visited us. it was a fabulous long weekend with so much awesomeness crammed into a short yet long weekend... from delicious food (bogota, joe's, shake shack) to the botanic garden to coney island and a traumatizing ride on the cylcone (for mom & paul) to times square and the cherry on top - a live taping of david letterman. 
  • running... oh, how should i put this? hmmm. today is the day of the big 5k... and to put it mildly, i did not run the 5k; i didn't even go. i have so many excuses to throw at you to make myself feel better, but the two main reasons are weather and lots of work. don't be angry with me; i'm disappointed in myself (mainly b/c summer is just around the corner, and i jiggle like a bowl full of jelly). anyway, we did run today, just not exactly 3ish miles. paul is in way better shape than me, and he's so nice to go at my speed (ridiculously slow), so that we can run together... what a darling!
  • we're heading to paris in just a few days. on wednesday night, we'll be off to the land of baguettes and cheese... oh man, i'm ready for the deliciousness. oh, and i've realized that i've been lying to everyone; the flight to paris is 7.5 hours. i have no idea where i got that it was 5.5 or 6. i'm just not very smart - oops.
  • i lost my ipod. did i already tell you? i've been really hard on myself about it b/c it was less than a year old, and i lost it on a work trip somehow. my husband is so wonderful and is offering to get me a new one... i may take him up on it, but to make myself feel better, i want to get him an upgrade and take his old one.
  • i finally went to the eye doctor and spent far too much money on new glasses... but they're so cute, and i love them, and i've never had nicer lenses in my life, and i finally see why nice lenses matter.
hopefully i'll get back into the whole blogging thing b/c recently, i just cannot force myself to take the time to share all of my hilariousness with you... b/c i'm really funny, and you're really missing out.

(enjoy all the photos from our trip with the fam!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

unnatural obsessions

to know me is to know that i have two unnatural obsessions... they're not unnatural b/c they're weird or even out of the ordinary. they're unnatural b/c i've never really done either, don't necessarily possess the coordination nor strength to do either, and am just too much of a goofball to be taken seriously most of the time, and these two require much seriousness (you don't want to get hurt)...

have you guessed my obsessions* yet?

1) surfing
2) hip hop dancing/breakdancing 

see, if you know me well, you probably had an idea. i'm not very good at keeping secrets about myself... i'm pretty much an open book, which pretty much makes me a poseur most of the time, since i tend to verbalize my two obsessions to anybody and everybody**... which always makes ppl think that i've really put forth effort to know about and/or participate in these activities... unfortunately, i know very little about both.

mainly, i just know what i like and what looks cool.

so why am i outing myself on my obsessions and poseur tendencies? great question!

i saw this awesome video of beyonce's 'single ladies' dance... maybe 'single ladies' isn't hip hop, but i'm not one who would know, so for me, it counts. i love, love, love the song... so catchy and anthemic for all the single ladies. and the dance?! so fun. so obviously watching 100 girls in leotards perform it is super-duper*** rad!

do you feel a little short-changed? if i were you, i would. i mean - all of the background for a stupid advertising-stunt-video? oooh, steffa... stick to interesting topics!

*maybe i'm over-selling my obsession just a bit. i'm not clinically obsessed with either activity. 
**paul - just think of watching abdc - america's best dance crew, for those not in the 'know' - and my obsession with rewinding and re-watching all the 'best' moves that you simply shrug your shoulders to.
***am i a square b/c i say 'super-duper?'