Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh, what a beautiful day

seriously, high 80s, low 90s in nyc in april?!


in celebration, i'll share some photos from last week. lucky you.

everyone loves the golden arches.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my hips don't lie...

if you've known me fairly well in the last may 8 - 10 years, then you should know these pants. my coveted grey dickies that are cut off just above the ankles - aren't they darling? if you are a parent or family member, i am pretty sure that you hate these pants...

but i love them, and i've had them since '99ish. back when i bought them, i knew i should've bought them with a 34" waist to be able to let them hang freely, but i went against my better judgement and ended up with a 33" waist... clearly this fact hasn't stopped me from wearing them, but i have grown horizontally - specifically in the hip area - in the last decade, which makes wearing ten-year-old pants difficult (and yet i continue to do so... at least with baggy dickies... not so much with fitted pants).

i don't know if you know this, but i'm a relatively small person. i have narrow shoulders, a small chest and a less-than-wide waist... that said, somehow my hips and bootie missed out on the "relatively small" memo b/c they're not relatively small... rather, they're relatively large (relatively speaking, of course). buying clothes is a difficult endeavor... 
  • with swimsuits, tops = small (or extra-small), bottoms = large (always large).  
  • dresses (unless they're fairly loose fitting or a-line) don't typically fit so well since the top dimensions don't even come close to the bottom dimensions.
  • my hips constantly push my t-shirts (no matter the length) up to expose my tummy and/or muffin top. 
  • skirts must be at least one size too big so that the back is not an inch or two shorter than the front (that's what happens when baby's got back)...
  • probably most annoying, though - pants always ride up.

a few times, paul has mentioned that i should let the seam out of my dickies to make the waist wider, so they'll hang better... he's said such things to help me feel more comfortable... not b/c he thinks i'm too fat for my pants, and i swear that we've checked, but my dickies didn't have the extra fabric, which allows for the whole "let the fatter me still wear these pants" routine (aka letting out the seam)

and then miraculously today, i realized that these pants do, in fact, have the extra fabric and stitching... so all by myself, without a seam ripper, having never done it before - i let out the seam in my dickies! boo-yah! now my dickies hang low on my hips and don't ride up. i'm totally realizing that i deserve my oh-so-desired sewing machine now that i've done something involving thread at home... hmm, maybe i'm still getting ahead of myself.

anyway, after my excitement, i realized one small downside to the bigger pants (other than the fact that they're b i g g e r, obviously)... the fabric that was hiding behind the tighter seam is still fresh and dark grey, while the rest of my pants have faded and worn in... so now i have this large, dark grey, 2" line down the crack of my pants.


Friday, April 17, 2009

a new fave!

i just finished gravity vs. the girl.


you really should read it. i may (or may not) know the author... 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

a day of good news!

since doomsday is upon us, we finally sucked it up and decided that today was the day to finish preparing our taxes. now, if you remember, this year we were semi-screwed by my employer who conveniently forgot to automatically deduct nyc (not ny state) taxes from my pay checks. on top of that, paul claimed a 1 on his federal deduction, so we owed a few benjis for that. 

so we put off completing our taxes.

we knew that we'd want to add up our itemized deductions to try and bring the numbers down... from the company car parking that we pay for to the home office to the moving expenses, we figured that we should try. ultimately, we didn't know how to itemize, and that's the real reason we procrastinated finishing.

well, today's a rainy day, so we decided to get our errands out of the way this morning, so we could go see a movie or a show tonight... that included finishing our taxes. we did some research and figured out how to itemize, but unfortunately, we didn't have enough deductions to make a difference. then we figured out how to deduct moving expenses, and voila, we owe 1/2 what we thought we did. we feel like geniuses, for sure! taxes are confusing... and it doesn't help that all explanatory documents are written in german or chinese b/c i certainly cannot decipher them.

the cherry on top of today's ice cream sundae? i checked airfare prices for our upcoming independence day trip to lincoln, and sure enough - we found the tickets MUCH cheaper... and after much confusion and about 50 transfered calls, we were able to use a fare credit from a canceled flight. orbitz had us believing that we would lose the extra value of the $428 ticket b/c the new ticket was only $268... but we would still have to pay a $180 booking fee (even though we lost $160 on the value of the ticket). finally, we called continental*, and they gave us a travel voucher for the extra $160 to put towards paul's plane ticket! SOOOOOO, we ultimately got the full value of the $428 ticket. yay! our flights are booked, and i couldn't be more ecstatic!

other than the cloudy skies, having to pay anything to the irs (even if less than originally thought) and paul's rockin' headache, today's pretty awesome.

*continental really is the best domestic airline... hands down.

Friday, April 10, 2009


this texan is nuts and racist, too. 
did i mention insensitive? 
(but i'm guessing that she thinks she's just misunderstood.)

what's worse is that she's a lawmaker!

oh, betty, betty, betty. how can you be so ridiculous?

rather than asians changing their name to sound more american, i think america should exorcise ppl like betty to cast the demons out. 

sound good?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

noteworthy... kind of.

have you noticed that life is moving at super-sonic-speed these days? seriously, it's already mid-april. my mom's birthday just passed, which means that my sister's birthday is in just two weeks, and my tony's birthday is in just 3 weeks. then comes paris and my dad's birthday... then t&d get married, and before you know it, we'll be in lincoln, and i'll be one week from 27. 

this year is moving far too quickly... and yet somehow summer isn't coming quickly enough.

so as of late, i'm been miss-i'm-too-busy-and-important-to-blog. i can't go back, however, so i'll just attempt an update of noteworthy happenings from the past few weeks...

  1. we finally quit the gym. i'm pretty sure that we have not been to the gym in 8 or so months, so i'm relieved at freeing ourselves from that outrageous monthly bill. why is it that going to the gym sucks so bad? i truly hate going to the gym, and the cost is truly, truly, truly outrageous. (please, someone say that they get the 'jem' theme song reference.)
  2. i'm not naming names or locations, and you wouldn't know them anyway, so don't ask... but the other day, i felt peer-pressured into speeding. ppl mocked me mercilessly for going 3 miles over the speed limit... there was even mention of tortugas passing me. c'mon - you're grown-ups, not 15 year olds. then to top it off, i felt peer-pressured into letting inebriated folks drive. needless to say, i won out on both, as i continued to maintain my 'slow' speed, and i drove the less-than-sober folks home. i just want to say this to those lame-os: i value my life and your lives even if you do not. i value the safety of others even if you do not. y'all are truly jerks... so there!
  3. it snowed today just north of the city. i mean, it actually could've been frozen rain, but it looked like snow, and that's just ridiculous. it's SPRING, and i already alerted the press that spring has sprung, so get with the program, nature!
  4. i walked through dc last week during the cherry blossom festival. it was gorgeous and (as dc always is) historical. you should be jealous.
  5. a measly 5 weeks stands between us and a 5k. eep!

all right. turns out i haven't blogged much recently b/c i have nothing to blog about. who knew? i guess you do now, and i halfway apologize for that. i would all-the-way apologize, but you keep coming back, so it's only half my fault... the other half, my dear friend, is your own.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

spring has sprung!

F - I - N - A - L - L - Y!
(we're not up to the 70s yet, but i'll take 65!)
as promised, we went back to the brooklyn botanic garden. i really love that place; it's so beautiful and green... last week, not much was to be seen, but this week was totally different. it's crazy what one week can do!

you don't even need to say it - we are amazing photographers; we know*. that said, you can see how far i've come with my graphic design skills... ha!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

giggle giggle.

i really am this hilarious ALL the time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

6 weeks to go!

5k training is going well. just look at my toned bod...

(thanks, cinda, for that lovely photoshop job!)