Friday, January 30, 2009

what lv means to me...




obviously, vegas was the bomb and then some. our friends are the best, seriously. somehow shanda dodged the camera the entire time, but she was there, and i heart her.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

your favorite steffa is...

a) a genius

b) a dummy

c) a masochist

d) all of the above

so all of our friends decided to go out of town this weekend... well, except for joanie and ryan, but they went out with us friday night, so they were obviously exempt from hanging with us saturday night due to over-saturation of the friend-al reflex. or something.

back to what i was saying. most of our friends went out of town this weekend... or had birthday dates. but that said, we knew that we would be forced into a 'date night' on saturday. 

'date night?' what's that, you ask? 

well, date night is what married ppl do to make themselves feel like they're just as social, hip and outgoing as they once were... b/c clearly they need a night for just the two of them every once in a while to show just how many crazy nights they've had with their legion of bffs, so 'date night' was created to help with the illusion. (we all know the truth though - getting married is akin to saying 'this is the one person that i will spend 99% of my time with. sorry, single friends, but friday and saturday nights are taken forever... how about lunch on tuesday?')*

anyway, back to what i was saying. saturday all day we were pretty lazy. when i say we, i mean me. hubbs went grocery shopping solo to leave me home to get ready... i was pretty lazy. i 'got ready' by surfing facebook and random blogs. (i found this one. i'm excited for new posts. no, i don't know her, but i found her here... i don't know her either.)

stop sidetracking me... back to what i was saying. so the reason i was getting ready was b/c i had this oh-so-brilliant idea. every once in a while it happens... and by that i mean all the time b/c i'm oh-so-brilliant in general, but you already knew that... which is why you read my blog. (you should comment more, btw.)

ugh, last time - i'm warning you. back to what i was saying. i told hubbs, 'tonight, we should go somewhere like times square and bring the tripod to take awesome photos.' to which hubbs said, 'that's a genius idea.' ... b/c duh, it' was a genius idea.


that is until we got outside.

we started at madison square park - across from the flatiron building, the home of my darling, beloved shake shack. - we were outside for all of 15 minutes before we were both freezing - in all caps. seriously, F R E E Z I N G. okay, so in all caps and spaced out. that's how cold we were. ice cold. did i mention that friday was 4o degrees and beautiful? oh, i didn't? well, trust me, friday was amazing and warm**, so the fact that saturday could be so miserably cold was a shocker... shocker, i say.

anyway, we took some photos and bolted. we made a plan to head to the h&m before arriving in times square for some extra warm essentials - a scarf for me (what was i thinking leaving the house sans scarf?) and a 2nd pair of socks for hubbs (what was he thinking leaving the house in converse?). we warmed up in h&m, purchased our necessities, headed out, stopped for hot cocoa, and we knew that we'd survive.


that is until we arrived at times square. 

a couple of things happened that quickly clued us in on the fact that the 'genius idea' was not so genius after all... a) times square was empty. this never-ever-ever happens. it was that cold. b) the photos sucked. it wasn't us... unfortunately the lights at times square make for some pretty boring / static photos. c) the wind was blowing like none other. seriously, someone recently said to me that he didn't believe in windchill. (hehem, michael) well, i say this to you 'somebody' - not believing in windchill is like not believing in democracy. 

so my idea sucked. we had to pack it in... but alas, i had a better idea - cheap japanese food (udon soup & french fries) and free cotton candy. so all in all, i actually am a genius, and you should award me with tons of praise and money.

*okay, it's not quite that bad... but pretty close.
**relatively speaking.
(only 16 photos were taken in our rendezvous. so sad... more than that - so cold.)
(no, the photo shown was not taken during our freezing photo shoot.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

love is the new hate?

so i just heard on cnn american morning that "love is in style." 

how insightful.

i've been thinking that i should pull back on my open affection, pda and love for my hubbs*... ya know, since most ppl think it's grody and inappropriate. 

well, turns out that prez obama and mrs. prez are already changing the american culture. apparently their inclination for doting affection** is making the whole "in love" thing a good one. 

can i get an AMEN?

seriously, apparently hubbs and i have been quite ahead of our time. and now thanks to the obamas, we can hold hands, hug and make out (ha) anywhere we want.  i mean - if prez obama and mrs. prez can make kissy-kissy during the first dance and during each inaugural ball, then surely we can do so in the line at the shake shack.

thank you, cnn, for enlightening me.

*i wasn't really thinking of pulling back. so there.
**does inclination for doting affection make any sense at all?
***the photo's from new year's eve 3 years ago (i believe). our cuteness is everlasting.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today, steffa is...

a) happy as a clam

b) proud as punch

c) so stoked that she could hug a cherry blossom tree

d) all of the above

today is a special day... and i am stoked to experience it.* i'm with melissa - mr. obama has potential to be the best president in history. unlike melissa, though, i consider myself to be quite a patriotic person - all the time. 

so today, i feel like an american flag in human form. 

*through cnn

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

8 Things!

Melissa tagged me... How popular do I feel?! I'll tell you - I feel so popular that I will use capital letters where appropriate!

Here are the Rules:
1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the six '8' items
3) Let each person know by leaving them a comment

8 Favorite TV shows
1) The Office
2) How I Met Your Mother
3) 30 Rock
4) The Young & The Restless (don't judge)
5) Project Runway
6) Law & Order SVU
7) CSI Miami
8) The Hills / The City (feel free to judge)

8 Things I did yesterday
1) Missed my hubby
2) New Product Training
3) Attended a 3 hour dinner with co-workers
4) Coughed
5) Choked on mucous (you asked)
6) Daydreamed about warm weather in Vegas
7) Daydreamed about London
8) Forgot to say Happy B-day to Aunt Sue even though Dad reminded me

8 Things I look forward to
1) Seeing hubby tonight
2) Warm(er) weather in Vegas
3) Hanging with m&m
4) Seeing Aiko, Shanda & Greg
5) London
6) Seeing Freshwater tomorrow night
7) Photo mania this weekend
8) Harassing the Queen's guards in England

8 Favorite Restaurants
1) Joe's Shanghai (NYC)
2) Bobo's (Tucson)
3) Macayo's (AZ)
4) My mom's kitchen (Phx)
5) Chavella's (Brooklyn)
6) Bumstead's (Tucson)
7) Sale y Pepe (Alicante)
8) Shake Shack (NYC)

8 Things on my wish-list
1) Warm(er) weather
2) Teleportation back to NYC
3) A beach in my backyard
4) A healthier tomorrow (go away, cold!)
5) To be multi-lingual overnight
6) To travel as much as we want
7) A stylist with awesome style
8) Some Ricola cough drops

8 People I Tag (do I know 8 ppl?)
1) The Smith Girls
2) Miss Mary Mack
3) Ginny Ess
4) Leslie
5) Shanda
6) Joanie
7) Gina
8) Madeline

(Angy would've been at the top of my list, but she doesn't blog... sad, so sad!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sad realization...

so i've decided that i need to make a trip back to the allergist... which means that i need to find an allergist. the last one i had was in az, and i had to stop going when my insurance changed b/c my shots were no longer covered and would cost me twenty bucks a pop (twice weekly), so i figured that the shots weren't that important. (and truthfully, they did nothing, and weren't expected to do anything for at least 5 years, so i wasn't too sad. plus, i drove almost 20 miles roundtrip to get there.)

now that i'm living in a place where my allergies are pretty intense-o, i've decided to re-think my allergist-seeing necessity. claritin and zyrtec just don't do the trick, and i have six months of contacts and have a hard time keeping them in my eyes for more than 3 hours thanks to my eyes' incessant need to itch, irritate, leak and dry out. so i need to find an allergist here. hopefully my insurance covers it. (fingers crossed.)

but back to my sad realization... this weekend, i pulled out my skin testing sheet that details my allergies, and i only ever remember that i'm allergic to all weeds, most trees & grasses and most molds (but not cockroach mix!), but i rarely remember anything specific (ie: common sagebrush and fusarium mix)

well, today i noticed "pyrethrum" under the environmentals header, and i thought, "hmmm, what's that?!" so i googled it, and that produced the genus chrysanthemum, so i thought, "hmmm, isn't that a daisy?" so i scrolled down to "common names" (thank you, wikipedia) and saw "pyrethrum daisy." daisies - so sad. they're so cute (like me). on a scale from 0 to 4, pyrethrum ranks a 2, so it's not the worst (like english plantain), and it's not enough to make me sick (like drechslera spicifera), but it is enough to irritate. sad, so sad...

okay, the sadness is relative. i guess it's not that sad... 

but i ask you this - what is "cockroach mix?" and how am i not allergic to it? it definitely sounds like something i would be allergic to. i seriously steer clear of cockroaches. oh, and who knew that you could be allergic to hamsters? i didn't, but i'm just as allergic to hamsters and rabbits as i am to daisies. i guess a widdle-biddy pet is out of the question.*

*(i am equally allergic to kitties, but i pretend otherwise.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a few things...

1) you should see young @ heart. we watched it last night, and to say that it's a fantastically inspirational movie would be an understatement... so i'll just say that i don't know if i've ever cried more during a movie in my life. 

talk about pulling the heart strings.

no, really. there are movies like the bucket list (which i have not seen but definitely would) that tell fictional stories of triumph, over-coming obstacles and really living life... but i can tell you that young @ heart tops 'em all b/c it's real. the movie really makes you want to 'go get 'em' every day up until your very last... definitely a must-see! so go rent it!

if you're still not convinced (even despite the video and my glowing review - sheesh), go here.

2) the university of arizona cheer team was on the new paula abdul show on mtv - rah! to say that they held their own would be an overstatement b/c they were eliminated in round 2... 

but at least they're getting an awesome education.

3) melissa's blog says it all - london IS calling! july 1 - july 5... 

short, but oh will it be sweet!

Monday, January 5, 2009


so a while ago, i mentioned something about runaway trips that hubbs and i took during high school sans parental consent. as promised, here's the story of the two suburban rebel runaways...

when we were in high school, we were too punk rock for our suburban-middle-(to upper-middle)-class-tract-home lives. we found ourselves stuck in the monotony of northeast phoenix (never claiming scottsdale for obvious reasons) while we fancied our future in more "urban," "metropolitan" and "punk rock" cities... cities with culture and music and art... and cool factor.

we dreamed of a life in los angeles (how metropolitan... ha!) or downtown san diego or somewhere abroad... at the very least, though, we pined for downtown phoenix (b/c it doesn't get much more metropolitan than that).

so over a weekend or two, we headed down to phoenix proper and spent days taking photos of train tracks, "tall" buildings and homeless people. we felt mature, urban and punk rock... no suburban boredom for us (though we were usually home in time for dinner at our "boring," suburban homes)! we laughed in the face of the northeast-phoenix-suburban-homogenized life.

after our parent-approved phoenix day trips,  leaving became somewhat of an obsession. we discussed running away to get hitched... i say hitched b/c we knew that only small, southern states would allow two sixteen year old kids to get married sans parental permission thus granting us adulthood status. we planned our escape to kentucky. yep, kentucky was where we would escape to to get married and to start our "metropolitan" lives. no, we were not yet dating.

as i'm sure you can guess, we never made it to kentucky... getting married wasn't the solution, but running away still was - obviously - b/c running away gives you freedom, and adults have freedom, so by extension, running away would transform us into adults. 

so we planned it - our first escape. i had to switch shifts at bahama buck's, so we would both have saturday afternoon off... and that's when we ran... er, drove (in a parent-purchased-and-insured auto) - all the way to the red rocks in sedona. we took my car on that trip - my fab dodge shadow convertible, whose transmission busted within one month of ownership... yes, that was our ride to the mountains. we hung around the town for a few hours, ate some especially delicious mexican food, looked around the shops (crystals, incense and tarot cards - oh my) and then headed back to the cesspool that was our hometown - phoenix... all in time for rebel hubby's shift at bahama buck's. (we could only find one person to cover a shift, so he still had to work... lame. society and its awful constraints.)

a few weeks (or months, i'm not sure) later, we decided to go even bigger... no, we still didn't head to kentucky... but we did break state lines. we decided to head to the bustling city of blythe, california. yes, that blythe. the one with one wendy's and a few gas stations. we grubbed on some food and turned around - we had to make it back before our parents figured out that we had been gone for 6 hours and therefore obviously ran away to another state. not to be too braggy about our cali great escape or anything, but i will tell you this - hubbs may or may not have gotten us from blythe to phoenix in under two hours...

after that, we were seniors in high school, and we knew that our real escape from our overly-cushy, loving homes would end soon enough... so we quit running away.

then we got married... 7 years later.

Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year!

so i totally wish you the happiest of new years. i feel that oh nine will be awesome - even if we all have to battle our way through our economic woes.

why, you ask, do i feel that oh nine will be pleasant and then some? well, that's easy... we started our new year off right - with homemade party hats. it was an exceptional fete, one that was sure to garner jeering and/or judgement from party newcomers. 

but alas, everyone enjoyed the crown-making, which is good b/c it may or may not have been my idea... and i may or may not be easily offended (ha!).

joanie and ryan were (yet again) wonderful party hosts who kept us all warm and toasty while the central park fireworks - all 17 minutes of them. 
we had an amazing time playing twister and some random rhyming game - all while in a heated apartment, which was truly a blessing considering that NYE was definitely the coldest day of the year (even one of the coldest NYEs ever) at a paltry 3 (or so) degrees including the dreadful wind chill. (just why do you think that the times square ball drop was not at all on our list of to-dos this new year's eve?)

i hope that your new year's eve was just as spectacular as ours was. oh nine will be great!

omg - how did i hit "publish post" w/o unveiling my 2009 resolution? well, probably b/c i've never believed in resolutions... mainly b/c it's a rare thing to see ppl follow through with them. if you want to change your life for the better, why not start today (as in the day you think about wanting to change your life)?

so, to that point, i've been thinking of my resolution and how to go about it long before it was a resolution... but out of respect for the tradition of resolutions, it has become my 2009 resolution.

sorry to keep you waiting. i plan to reduce my ecological footprint this year! why, you ask? well, many days, i have 2 bottles of purchased water... do you know how much excess water and oil go into making one 20 oz bottle of water? the amounts are staggering and a little vomit-inducing... so i have purchased a fabulous, eco-friendly water bottle, which i will use instead of filling the earth with more plastic bottles. oh, and i am on my way to getting all cloth bags for my grocery shopping. plastic bags are bad for the environment. so this is something so easy yet so helpful to mamá tierra.

do you have a resolution? 
did you make an awesome homemade party crown on nye?