Wednesday, December 31, 2008

quite a quandary...

oh my. oh my. oh my.

what to do?!

i had no idea.

until we received an empty envelope in holiday card from our superintendent. on the envelope was penned, "super ___ porter ___ handyman ___.'

i had no idea that we needed to tip... er, bonus... these ppl. i totally understand the need to, though... but i have NO IDEA how much to give. the super collects packages for me with some frequency, and (who i think is) the porter is super-duper friendly and hardworking... while (who i think is) the handyman seems weird.

can you help me? puh-lease. we don't know what to do but know we need to do something. ugh, the agony of not knowing how much to tip! 

p.s. it's snowing.
p.p.s happy new year's eve!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

today is an awesome day!

my fave guy is 27 today! it's hubby's birthday...

everyone, gather 'round and let's sing to him...

1 - 2 - 3

"happy birthday to YOOOOOOUUUU! 
happy birthday to YOOOOUUUUUUU!
happy birthday dear PAAAAUUUUUL!
happy birthday to YOOOOUUUUUU!"


you may notice the sleepy face... we decided to go out for bday dinner last night instead of tonight, so we got home later than planned - oops! but it was super delicious. and it was super fun and spontaneous. and we did see the tree at rockefeller. and we played A LOT with our new lens. good times.

as for the bday loot (for those of you who don't know) - we're meeting up with the besties in vegas in 3 short weeks for a weekend of fun and relaxation... warmth was supposed to be there too, but since it snowed in vegas less than 2 weeks ago, i'm guessing that it's not very warm after all! and if that's not enough, i bought him a remote for our camera - he had to have something to open!

anyway, keep the awesome boy in your thoughts today... and maybe in your call list, as well. (he needs more ppl to sing to him... trust me!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

two things...

so there are two things you should know about me that relate to this video:

1) i'm always this awesome.
2) i'm quite modest about how awesome i am.

happy holidays to you and yours.

(please say it makes you laugh. angy just said she'll give you five dollars.)

Monday, December 15, 2008

i should...

... post a blog about something good b/c i've lacked good content lately.
... do laundry.
... eat a truckload of ice cream.
... start packing for my 2 wk cross-country jaunt.
... eat breakfast.
... dance in the rain. 

that last 'i should' just reminded me of something.

i dance and sing everywhere. i do not possess dancing/singing skills... but i possess the rabid need to entertain (myself, mainly). i have no shame, and i blame my mother for this. she used to 'force' my sister and i to perform at the drop of a hat to entertain her friends. we (my sister and i) reveled in it... and somehow, i still do.

i never thought that my actions could be embarrassing other ppl. i thought that sure, i might get a laugh every now and again, but mostly ppl just get used to my off-the-wall antics, so i become somewhat endearing. and this would make complete sense b/c i am endearing - quite endearing, in fact.

the other night, however, i learned the dark truth... the truth is that ppl are embarrassed for me. not all ppl enjoy my antics as much as i do. i am not the 'all-around lovable caricature' i once thought myself to be. a girl actually had to walk away from me, as i demonstrated the fact that i could dance and sing anywhere - and that my hubbs is never surprised or embarrassed b/c he loves that part of me. i was demonstrating this to her at a party of 14 friends (all friends in the room, mind you - no strangers in sight) b/c she was saying that she's easily embarrassed and that she gets embarrassed for ppl easily (and while the latter is true for me, the former is certainly not).

so i proceeded to dance and sing for all of thirty seconds before she shied away with the verbal reasoning, "i'm so embarrassed for you.' 

have i turned into michael scott?*

turns out that i'm not lovable for everyone. oh, the sadness in my heart.

okay, not really. but still. 

fortunately, my hubbs said that he'd be shocked and a little saddened if one day i stopped my random and spontaneous entertaining... and i know this to be true b/c he performs with me when we're at home... and even sometimes on the subway platform or in the grocery store aisle.

so while this girl doesn't love me for being... hmm... well, me - i guess, the person who matters most - the pb to my j or the mac to my cheese - does. so she can leap off a bridge** in her easily embarrassed skin, and i will continue to sing and dance in inopportune places (like subway cars and mcdonald's) b/c i'm happy, and i can keep myself entertained...

p.s. my entertainment factor triples when my sister is around. it's true.

*no, i am not michael scott. i am akin to phoebe. i am eccentric and in-my-own-world but not embarrassing.

**she's a nice girl, and i quite like her even though we could never hang out in public due to my embarrassing nature... so i wouldn't really want her to leap off a bridge.

Friday, December 12, 2008

our holiday cheer!

oh, go elf yourself!

hahaha. that sounds profane... but it's not!
many have asked me to share my holiday cheer, so here i go. i have watched our-elfed-selves about 82 times by now, and i stil LOLlersk8 everytime... really, i've been at the LOLlersk8ing rink for 12 hours... partay!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

so today, i elfed us yet again... and to keep the title of fave aunt and uncle, we elfed our two fave lil' ones too... somehow miss e grew an extra hand, but there are weirder things.

for miss mary mack - a dance w/ no extra arms!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

spread some cheer

so i've always loved natalie portman (even despite her portrayal as the odd-haired lady in star trek*). she's adorable and seems quite smart and conscientious. rashida jones, on the other hand, played miss karen on the office... and i didn't like karen at all. i, like most girls, took issue w/ karen b/c she caused problems in the jim/pam world o' love, and that was no good. now that she's no longer causing problems, and now that i know she's friends w/ miss portman, i like her too. these videos truly crack me up...

so with no further adieu...

*hahaha. yes, i know it's not star trek, but i've never seen either series of crazy-space-age-futuristic-sci-fi movies, so who cares?! oh, and it's all the same.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

the most wonderful time?

hello. i'm steffa, and i'm in the holiday spirit.

who am i? 

where did the scrooge-esque steffa go? 

i'll tell you where - she stayed in anti-christmas land: the desert. for any of you who've never spent the holiday season in a holiday-y locale - you are missing out.

we have snow. we have lights on small streets. we have the smell of wood-burning fires that are actually warming households (for those who have fireplaces). 

we have the holiday spirit here in brooklyn.

this is the 2nd year in a row that i haven't wanted to throw myself off a cliff b/c of the gross commercialization of the holiday season. wow. i'm impressed. i guess i'm not the cold-hearted, spoiled brat i thought i was... (okay, maybe that's pushing it.) 

part of me even wants a christmas tree... but hubbs knows better than to believe me on that b/c deep down, he knows that i'm not there yet. but i skipped through the light snowfall tonight, and i sang christmas carols while doing so. (well, two to be exact... and really only 4 or 5 words of each song b/c that's all i know.)

tonight's snowfall was the tiny tim to my scrooge demeanor. bravo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

turkey day - the aftermath.

turkey day was fun. friends - check (15 of us total, i believe). food - check (can i quadruply check this?). fun - check (2nd annual wii bowling tournament. go joanie! boo-yah!). 

the long weekend was the bomb. too much food - check. random photo shoots with the hubbs - check. online shopping - check. plenty o' sleep - check. second thanksgiving turkey dinner (and the leftovers to match) - check (times one million).

and now...

a photo essay - by steffa-effa s.

i get crazy and stalker-ish around celebrities

he's crazy about the wii bowling championship

'hood skyline per me

'hood wood and concrete per hubbs

new hats bring out the serene in me


warm, fuzzy shoes make my tootsies smile

turkey soup that my mom used to make

the end.