Thursday, November 27, 2008

bird, bird, bird. bird's the word!

happy thanksgiving!
may you all have a radical cornucopia like i have!
remember last year? well, this year we didn't get a frank... 
not yet at least.

thanksgiving ... to be continued.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tagged and then some.

so i was totally tagged. i'm s'posed to post the 4th photo in my 4th photo folder... the problem is that there are too many possible 4s, as we have folders within folders within folders and random photos that don't seem fun to post (like photos of our camera).

so, i'm cheating. i'm choosing the photo i post, so i'm really breaking the rules of the tagging game. sorry, but that's how i roll. and then i went and chose two photos. i'm a renegade... some would say 'a maverick.'

so the photos i chose (folder 9, folder 3, folder 1, photo 29 & photo 32) are awesome. they're of my favorite things - me 'n' my hubbs (though not in that order, obviously)! when the leaves were changing colors, we made a date to visit prospect park... and we walked the entire park, but the leaves were still mostly green...

so then we made another date to walk through central park a couple weeks later, and many leaves were still green, but many more were beautifully colored for fall... so of course, we snapped a few photos of the perty leaves... and then we snapped a few photos of our-perty-selves. and never to be a boring or predictable pair, we took two cute photos and 3 or 4 crazy ones. 

aren't we adorable? 

thanks to melissa for tagging me. if you read my blog and you blog or send out emails, then i tag you. all of you. you should follow the rules. no need for more mavericks in the world.

now, on to some other muy importante news... (drum roll, puh-lease)

our friend JOANIE sent in an audition tape to the food network. believe-you-me: she is one heck of an amazing cook. she's vegan, so i shouldn't like her food (hello, i'm from nebraska - aka beef capital of the u.s.), but it's amazing. she had us over for UH-mazing vegan enchiladas filled with kale and deeelishusness. trust me. 

plus, she's cute as a button and has a FABU* personality. seriously, this girl has got it goin' on. that said, you should watch her video and comment amazing things to match her amazing demeanor. i mean, she has an adorable pup named 'puppers!' 

Friday, November 21, 2008

converse photo shoot.

my 3 sfg wishes...

it's sfg day - hooray! thanks, mrs. dub! 

i get 3 wishes (that will never be realized).
the rules: 1. A winter coat 2. A pair of winter shoes 3. A winter accessory

here are my picks...

1. a winter accessory -
(possibly in heather or charcoal grey)

2. a pair of winter shoes -
(i may own these as of this weekend... please, hubbs!)

(i will admit that this isn't the most functional choice - what with the cropped body and arms, but it is cute...)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the chili debacle / the window paranoia

oh, i'm a chef all right.
i made homemade chili.
 isn't that strange? 
i made homemade chili. 

that just makes me laugh. but to be honest, it's not the best chili i've ever eaten. if i'm honest again, i blame the recipe (and the fact that i had to use all canned green chilis b/c ny isn't a hot spot for chili selection). it's hunk-of-beef style chili. i'm more of a ground beef girl. it's hot sauce style chili (pureed veggies/chilis). while i'm more of a chunky girl (haha). it called for no beans. i prefer beans, so i added them. (i think they help.) it's a bit spicy, but not so spicy that i can't eat it.

i just don't think i want to. the chunks of beef are too huge. one needs a spoon, a fork and a knife to eat this chili... the spoon to spoon up the pureed veggie/chili sauce-y stuff. the fork to get the hunks o' beef, and the knife to cut said hunks o' beef.

just not my kind of chili.

 'eh, i'll see what hubbs thinks when he eats it tomorrow. (it's another late night tonight.)

while making said chili, i had to roast some green peppers. i chose to do this by holding the pepper pieces over an open flame... there were other ways to do it, but this seemed the simplest and the cleanest.

since i was purposely burning the heck out of the peppers, i opened 2 windows. see, our smoke detector tends to be a bit sensitive, and i didn't want the alarm to go off... well, the alarm didn't go off. 


instead one of the windows popped out of the window frame. yes, the whole window came out - well, in technically, as it fell to the inside of the apt, not the outside. (thank goodness!) since hubby wasn't home, and i'm not very strong, i made an 'emergency' call to the super, and he sent someone over immediately... that someone will be back tomorrow to actually fix the window. tonight he just used a window 'band-aid.' (whatever that means. no, he didn't say it... i just did, but i don't really know what i mean.)

anyway, i have been nightmaring (not quite dreaming) over the window popping out since last winter. seriously, when the wind blows, it honestly sounds like our windows are going to cave. i always imagined hubbs and i in a nice slumber when BAM! the window crashes on top of us... well fortunately, the popping window just happens to be the one next to the dresser - not next to the bed. said window has this weird thing where it unhooks at one corner, but hubbs can fix that easily (as shown by the super)... but turns out that the 'fixing' was just 'band-aiding' the problem. (again with this weird band-aid metaphor. where did it come from?) anyway, my nightmares weren't so outlandish after all. 

so to all of you who call me paranoid - ha to you. my paranoia seems more like clairvoyance this time. and my chili... well, it still sucks.

Monday, November 17, 2008

a monday, for sure.

this is from dc in 2004. i was pretending to be sad, so i made it b&w to really bring out the depression in the fake sadness to go with my real emotions today.

i LOVE new beginnings. no, really. new beginnings provide a fresh start to any experience... whether it's a new apartment, a new city, a new job or just a new friend. i love me some change.

so i ask: aren't mondays, in essence, new beginnings? and shouldn't they, therefore, provide a fresh start to the week?

why is it, then, that mondays stink? why is it that mondays try to suck the optimism and hope right out of you? why do mondays try to ruin what should be a perfectly good week? 

dang you, mondays. you should be a better friend to me. after all, i love your cousin (new beginnings).

today, i had one heck of a bad monday. had you already guessed that? if not, maybe you should get your infer-sensor checked b/c i definitely implied that my monday wasn't great.

that said: my car was towed today. and it started off as such a lovely monday...

i had to be in manhattan for a meeting at 9am, and the location of said meeting was mere blocks from hubby's work... so we had the luxury of commuting to work together today. it was joyous to have that extra 45 minutes with him... especially since he's been so busy at work and will continue to through this week (boo!). well, i was right on-time for my meeting, and i parked across the street from the store (score!); i checked the signs (no parking from 4 - 7pm), and i paid my little muni-meter ($2 per hour!). all was well... or so i thought.

when i returned an hour later, my car was gone. 

a store owner helped me, "well, they always tow if you park before 10am." 
to which i replied, "it only says - no parking from 4 - 7pm - though."
to which she pointed to the sign and replied, "it also says from 7 - 10am."

can i just tell you what an idiot i feel like? i once felt like only the truly moronic would get their cars towed... sure, we all get a parking meter ticket every once in a while (only one so far for me - considering how many different meters i park at weekly, this has to be some sort of record.), but who really parks when the sign says "no parking" or "no standing?" well, today, my friends... i am that moron.

it gets worse. i walked 3/4 of the 3/4 of a mile walk from my meeting to the impound lot, when i received that fateful call that one never wants to receive at a moment like this - "you better turn around; you forgot your keys."

did i mention that it was 45 degrees out? did i mention that i was only wearing a light, unzipped coat and no socks or tights to protect my frigid feet? did i mention that i was crying a little bit?

anyway, 2 hours and $300 later, i had my car back. yay? seriously, i love my job, but being required to have a car in nyc suddenly seems like the raw end of the deal. blech.

scratch photography school. anyone want to donate to the steffa's-an-idiot-and-got-towed fund? only $300 to go... then maybe my idiocy won't sting so badly.

Friday, November 14, 2008

a dream...

so today i decided that i want to be a photographer.

will you  pay for me to go back to school to become a photographer? 
if so, i will take photos of you for free for life.

pretty please?

the story of my dream - 

i'm awesome. the end. (ha!)

so in high school, i took a photography class, and i was no good. that didn't stop me from buying an slr camera, though... a pentax 35mm. i still have it. it got some use but certainly not enough. know why? b/c it used to be (not so much anymore) that if i wasn't automatically good at something, i would quit b/c i was intimidated.

and when hubbs and i became bff and then bf/gf, he was always better at 'things' than i was, so i was super-duper intimidated... so i backed off of the whole photography thing b/c he was better than me, and he knew more than me, and clearly i couldn't ever progress enough to be as good or even decent enough to not be thoroughly embarrassed. oh, the mind and emotions of a girl.

well, i'm pretty much over that now... not just the 'not being as good as hubbs' thing, rather the whole 'not doing things b/c i'm not automatically good at them' thing. hence the guitar. hence the graphic design classes. hence the wanting to take photo classes.  and oh how i want to get out that ol' film camera and put it to some use... preferably in b&w today.

who knows? maybe the next thing i'll do is to really (try to) learn to hip hop dance. my good bud, shanda, took a few classes with me back in t-town... and that girl can really dance, while i just held the class up big time, but i had fun... and she didn't make too much fun of me! 

ha. but really... who wants to pay for my photography school?

p.s. these photos were not taken by me. shocker, i know. they were taken by my hubby... when we were 17... and when we took our 'secret,' 'runaway' trips to cali and sedona (i may have to explain those trips at a later date). and in downtown phx. yes, some ppl go there to have fun other than on game days. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

get me a violin...

let me play you a sad tune:

hubbs has worked late every night this week. i have no friends to call up and hang with. i'm a social being. i get lonely.

to top it off, when i get lonely, i sulk. i choose to sit and be miserable (such an over-exaggeration). seriously, though... i sit and stalk friends in other states on myspace and facebook and wish them here. i im with melissa. i don't eat dinner.

poor hubbs. he doesn't want to work late. he wants to come home to hang w/ me... mainly b/c i'm awesome (and partly b/c he doesn't have many friends either).

so while i've been lonely this week, i've had these two big school projects looming over me... and guess what?! i've done none of it. i'm unmotivated. i'm stuck. and that just makes the need for a violin that much greater.

someone, please play me a sweet, sad song... b/c while i've been learning guitar since my birthday and should be able to play my own sad song, i haven't had much time to play in the last month or two... except for this week - in which i haven't played a note.

feel bad for me. or laugh at me, as i am doing. i know that i could do homework. i know that i could go to the gym. i know that i could do the dishies. i know that i could watch sappy, girly, chicky-flickies... but i'm not, and i won't.

instead, i wait. i wait for my hubbs... and the moment he walks through the door, i light up and feel active. suddenly, i want to clean and cook and take photos... none of that happens, though, as i would rather eat something (albeit not a full dinner) and snuggle on the couch with my sleepy, over-worked, lovey hubby! he'll be home in a couple hours... 

my life's not so bad after all... but i still want my sad song!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

she did it!

remember when melissa said that she would send me a cornucopia

welp, she did.

i am now the proud owner of a cornucopia... and a can of sliced carrots... and a couple of fun-size candy bars (note to self - eat those before hubbs is off the diet!)... and a mini, black christmas tree.

we have awesome friends, no doubt. they should move to nyc... 

and if you haven't read melissa's blog yet, you should do so today b/c it's all about yours truly - ME! yeah.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

steffa-ess and the no good, very bad day.

yesterday was a yucky day. just everything was off... everything. the source? well, i don't know exactly. 

but i have an idea - i have two projects this week that i have NO idea how to complete. the more difficult of the two is a tiki bar-restaurant menu that requires a bit of drawing. and a bit of tacky. i'm way better with simpler designs that don't rely too heavily on graphics (sounds like a beginner to me!). have you ever been to a tiki bar-restaurant? (i recommend the pupu platter.) they are designed with the gaudiest, tackiest and cheesiest things imaginable... and i want to go that direction with my menu, but it requires a bit of skill... skill that i don't possess (yet).

some ppl in the class want to go for a more elegant aesthetic, and i could probably do that, but i want to go tacky, tacky, tacky! i want the design to spew bright colors and torches and tiki gods and hula girls and umbrellas... and i have no idea how to do it.

i'm stressing myself over it. i need to come up with something, but nothing's coming. 

so yesterday, was a straight bad day. i don't blame the menu-project completely, but b/c i can't think of anything else, the project takes the blame... you'll be happy to know that i have vowed to make today better. but that would've been impossible had it not been for my awesome hubbs-a-lot. seriously, he came home late (another part of the bad day), but he cheered me up big time... he made me laugh, which made me snort*, to which he said, "it's your snort that really melts me!" what a guy.

*did you not know? oh, yes. i snort. it's accidental. it won't go away. don't blame me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

where for art thou, romeo?

so i know that you've all been wondering what's been going on with my class... don't feel sheepish; i would want the updates too. 

luckily for you (ha!), the election provided plenty blog-fodder, so i lacked need to show you my brilliant artistry... today, no such blog-fodder.

this is my theatre poster for 'romeo & juliet.' yes, it is not a real production. yes, it will never be used. yes, i am amazing at fake poster art.

now, just bask in my brilliance.

Friday, November 7, 2008

comic relief?

i've been in a somber mood over the last few days. so i need to relax. afterall, it is the weekend. so here is some funny... or at least some awesome!

oh, and i super enjoyed our (not so) little debate. i'm with mikey in that i totally learned a lot in all of my research and from all of your comments. from the constitution to religion - i feel enlightened. that topic was definitely a test*, and now i know that when i want to post what's really on my mind, i can! 

will you all still be friends with me? i still love you!
*i guess it was kind of a seriously controversial test, but whatevs, i mos def don't follow societal norms most of the time!

and just some funny that my friend (who dubbed me 'steffa' - miss cinda-block) sent me today, and it made me chuckle...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

teaching acceptance is good.

(since so many of you are still into it, here i go...)

while sometimes the comments can get heated, i'm glad that we can have this open debate. i feel fortunate to know ppl on both sides of the issue. just remember, i don't condone name calling, but i'm all about free speech - on both sides. 

i truly didn't think that the conversation would go quite so religious, but i don't mind that it did... b/c, again, i know some very religious ppl and some very non-religious ppl.

i wonder though: why were propositions 8 and 102 propositions proposing to define marriage as a man and a woman? i'm not sure that i understand... b/c from what i hear, the propositions aren't about taking civil liberties from same-sex couples, but rather about protecting churches and their first amendment rights. none of this was mentioned in any campaigning that hit nyc / the internet - and a lot of it was heard and read here!

so just part of the reason i think that these propositions are bigoted: the campaigning done for them was all about children learning about same-sex marriage in schools... and about homosexuality becoming (gasp!) socially a-okay.

so, again i ask the question: what schools TEACH marriage? i was never taught marriage, but i did have school lessons on diversity...

two i remember most were in 5th grade:

1. a girl in my class had cancer at an advanced level... b/c of this she was going through chemo and losing her hair. she was bald, but she wore bandanas. since children can be cruel (i mean, a GIRL with a bald head - ha) and may not understand what cancer is, the school held an assembly for 5th graders to explain what was happening to this girl, and why she shouldn't have been a target for jokes. truthfully, some parents were upset that the school attempted to explain cancer b/c it's a big topic that hit close to home for some, but had it not been done, this girl may not have made it through elementary school b/c kids are mean.

2. a different girl in my class, named tryphena. she wasn't the coolest kid; her clothes weren't hip; she had red hair; her name was tri - fee - nuh. everyone was mean to her. the girl wasn't even the smartest in the class, so she didn't have that going for her... so my teacher took the class aside one day and explained how hurtful we were being. tryphena's family was poor (this was the west-side of phx), so she couldn't always have the new clothes, and when she would get the free pb&j sandwich at lunch, it may have been her meal for the day... and rather than be mean, we should be compassionate and understanding. 

both stories say the same thing: kids cannot choose their lives. most things are out of their control... and yet regardless of how vanilla or rocky-road things are (red hair vs. cancer vs. single parent vs. poverty vs. same-sex parents), other kids are cruel and don't naturally understand the acceptance of diversity. 

that said - homosexuality is not going away. it is very likely that every child will see another child with two daddies or two mommies. and i think that before johnny with two mommies is mercilessly made fun of, a teacher or principal should step in... and it will happen regardless of whether or not same-sex marriage is legal. and it will happen quickly, which will make it difficult to contact parents beforehand.

while you may teach your children about acceptance at home about gay people (gasp!), many parents will not. just as many parents do not give the sex talk. sorry for you, but schools need to consider the children of the lowest-common-denominator-of-parents. if you want things to be taught along your moral lines, then you should find some way to homeschool or send your child to a private school... public schools are in the public sector and thus don't follow any specific creed's moral laws, so other than the basics (stealing, killing, fighting and biting are bad b/c they infringe on others' rights.), it is not the school's job to teach religious morals (ie: we mustn't criticize or demean another's homosexual persuasion, but it is wrong b/c of x, y & z).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


yes we can.

as for proposition 8 and 102, i cannot say that i am not disappointed... but i'll leave it there*.

*for now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it's a good feeling...

so, i totally voted this morning. 

and it felt good.

at the end of the day, it doesn't even matter who wins. what matters is that i exercised my right to vote. and whether you vote with my guy or with that other guy, voting is important. like mrs. dub commented - at the end of the day, we have to go with the majority. that's the great thing about a democracy... the people get to voice their opinions, and those opinions matter.

(but i still really hope that my guy wins.)

anyway - thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me blog so controversially yesterday. seriously, i have been wanting to post that for weeks, but i just didn't have the courage. i didn't want to come across as judgemental b/c i don't think that proponents of those props are bigots or intolerant, but this is my platform, so i should be able to cast my opinion... though i thank everyone for adding their own... i will continue to hope for comments b/c it's forums like that (ie: debates) in which i learn the most. 

so why did i finally post it, you ask? well, i realized that it was my last chance. today would've been too late. i'm a passionate person, and it's difficult to hold me back when i believe in something. 

anyway, i hope that you ba-rock the vote today... but if you mccain the vote today, we can still be friends, and i will just commend you for exercising your right.

**how could i forget??? my bestie/sister, melissa, started a blog. you should visit. (no worries, angy... she does not take your place, but she is like a sister to me!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

you're in for a doozy.

okay, so i know that it was difficult to tell, but i quit the diet. i came to the realization that i do not need to lose weight. i figured i'd drop some weight with this diet and then bulk back up at the gym... well, i can't do it. i have enough will power to limit sugar (or so i learned), but i cannot force myself to eat omelets sans toast every day for breakfast... nor can i force a hard-boiled egg down my throat b/c it's the 'perfect snack.' so that's it. i quit. ha.


now, as the election is TOMORROW. i need to get something serious of my chest. i am not out to offend, but i just may do so. 

have you heard of prop 8 in cali or prop 102 in az? these are measures attempting to define the meaning of marriage in those states to 'a union b/w a man and a woman.' i believe that both offer the idea of 'civil unions' for gay people.*

while i know that many do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, these propositions and the idea of  'civil unions' reek of 'separate but equal.'

"no, you can't be married like we can be married, but you can have your civil union... and really, it has all of the good stuff that marriage entails, but you can't be married."

so... wait? civil unions are practically the same as marriage, but gay people cannot be married? so... it's 'separate but equal?' 

wait, didn't the civil rights act of 1964 establish that jim crow laws were prejudice and didn't the supreme court determine that segregation was unconstitutional in the brown vs. board of education case in 1954?

how can we say that segregation of color is wrong but say that segregation of sexuality is right? i cannot do it. it is unfair. it is unconstitutional.

if the word 'marriage' is the issue, and it is just too special or sacred to be used for gay people, then tear my marriage license up and hand me a civil union certificate. i'm no better than gay people, so if they cannot have marriage, then why should i?

and while i'm on my high horse - changing state constitutions? really?!?! no, wait. seriously?! these propositions are proposing that we change state constitutions for THIS. not something to BETTER society or to ELIMINATE prejudice... but something to SEGREGATE people. what?!

A R E Y O U K I D D I N G M E ?

do the proponents of these propositions realize that limiting ANYONE'S right to marriage is just plain ol' LIMITING RIGHTS OF CITIZENS? i'm not sure that they do. 

it doesn't matter if their sexuality is different than your own, or if their skin color is different than your own, or if their religious beliefs are different than your own... these people are citizens - american children, taxpayers, soldiers, congressmen. and it is proposed that WE LIMIT THEIR RIGHTS? 

ugh. i'm sorry. this subject gets me heated. i cringe thinking of these things... we have come so far since the country's independence, and i know that this country has done some awful things, but i thought that we learned from our racial-segregation mistakes... know that segregation was more than a  mistake then, and it would be more than a mistake now.

and all of this on the coattails of one of the worst presidents of all times... a president who restricted freedom and all but eliminated constitutional rights... i guess it makes sense that these laws could be passed during his presidency.

please feel free to comment your heart out... even anonymously. i would honestly like to know the rationalization behind this 'separate but equal' ideology. i am well aware that i get around 30 (wow!) unique visitors per day... i would love all 30 comments even if they are all anonymous. though i'm unlikely to get 5 comments... ha!

(just so you know - i do not think that all proponents of civil unions are bad people or even prejudice people... i'm not judging the people who vote for this b/c i highly doubt they are thinking of this as 'separate but equal,' which is why i want to shine a light on it. i have a small voice in my little-read blog, but it's a voice... and i have the RIGHT to use it. which is why i vote. my rights shouldn't be taken away, and i don't believe that anyone's rights should be taken away... especially the right to equality.)

*if they do not offer the right to civil unions, then it is just plain segregation and prejudice and eliminating the rights of citizens... which is just as bad as pretending to be equal with the 'separate but equal' civil union.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

late-breaking news...

i quit.