Friday, October 31, 2008

a (controversial) halloween tale...

did you know that hubbs and i have 'dated' for (almost) 10 years? well, it's true... which means that we dated in high school. which means that he knew me at my best... er, most immature.

so that's where my halloween story comes from... high school.

on halloween during my senior year (a mere 8 months into our l o n g courtship), some girlfriends and i went out to have some fun (er, to look for trouble). we stopped at a friend's house to watch scary movies and ended up seeing a dude-from-school-who-had-a-crush-on-leann deliver us pizza with a big shiny-new shiner... all lame, so we left. since those were our only plans, and it was too late to trick-or-treat anywhere, we had to find something to do.

we were all dressed up, and we had a few hours to kill before our dreaded curfews... hubbs has always been a mainstay with all of my girlfriends. what can i say? he's just very likable... which is to say that i wasn't the only one missing his presence.

so someone (not me) came up with the idea of leaving halloween at his doorstep... or on his driveway and in his yard as it turned out. someone (not me) came up with the idea of doing a good neighborhood deed - cleaning up the old, now-useless pumpkins from random neighborhood houses... to leave on the driveway of our dear friend.

no worries... we had adult supervision. when we told my mom and my tony about this 'thoughtful' idea, they were floored. they insisted that we must bring our loot back to show them before decorating our friend's yard. there's even proof - just check the picture.
so after stopping by my home to take some photos and pick up another friend (a boy!), we were off to the ess family home. to this day, i have no idea how we weren't caught in the act. 5 high school kids dancing and hollering in the street at 10pm... you would figure that someone would hate on us, but no one did.

we lined the pumpkins across the driveway. we added heart and lip ornaments to the lawn. we took some photos. we laughed a lot. we bolted.

fast forward to the next morning - we were all so excited to hear our friend's grateful reaction when he arrived at school... sadly for katy, she was the first to see him, and he was downright MAD. turns out, the punkies caused a huge inconvenience for him and his fam... you try running late then realizing that you cannot leave the house until you move 15 stolen punkies from your driveway.

oops! we had not thought of that part. we had not gotten past the hilarity of the punkie driveway. we had not gotten past the idea of bringing halloween to the ess household late at night.

oh, the mind of 16 and 17 year olds.

it only got worse for my then-boyfriend. turns out that the garbage man came a week later, so in the hot az air, the punkies rotted in the dumpster... which meant an awful stench and an even more awful chore for my then-boyfriend.

i swear to you that we apologized profusely... and had nothing but good intentions.

oh, but how i love halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

actor? check. political activist? check.

i swear that i'm totally over this election. i'm not exactly sure how i was ever under it... but that's not the point. the point is that election season lasts far too long, which allows candidates to be mean to each other for far too long, which allows regular peeps to be mean to each other for far too long, which makes me super over the election season.

know what i'm not over? miss anne hathaway. seriously, she is awesome. ever since the princess diaries, ella enchanted, the princess diaries 2, devil wears prada... she's the new julia roberts (who just happened to start her career in cheesy teen romance movies)... and now she's even more awesome.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

already? seriously? no, really?


it is 43 degrees out. 

it is rainy. 

it is windy. 

it is grey.

when i woke up at 730am, it still seemed dark out, though not pitch black. 

it has not lightened up all day.

while driving around today, my car said the outside temperature was 39 degrees. this was around 1pm. it is october. it is not quite halloween. we're in for a  l o n g winter, apparently.

plus, i was warned that last year was a super-super-super-mild winter. when winters are really bad, it can get to the negatives... it's not common, but it can happen. i deluded myself into thinking that global warming wouldn't affect my nyc dream of 'mild winters.' it was once a reality, but now with the whole climate change junk, every season is up in the air... blech.

i must thank my hubby times a million, though. he spotted this new coat a month or so ago at marshall's. it's kushy (sp?) and warm, and it will treat me nicely this winter... 

which apparently started today. 

(did i mention that yesterday was pretty dang sunny? not warm, but not ice-cold like today.)

(did i also mention that eliminating carbs - even for only 1 day - is super hard? did i mention that protein and veggies are far less satisfying than bread and ice cream? did i mention that i was around bagels, donuts, ice cream and waffle cones for hours today, and i didn't touch a thing? did i mention that i think my mom and my tony have willpower of steel since they will stay on atkins for months at a time? did i mention that somehow i dropped 3lbs since yesterday? did i also mention that i know it's a fluke, so i'm not excited about the loss yet?)

(oh, and please give me your hip hop names from 2 blogs ago... i was so excited to hear them. then i went and ruined my chances of comments by posting a new blog.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

should i tell you?

i don't know if i should tell you... but against my better judgement, i am going to tell you.

first, you must promise not to judge.
hey, i see those fingers crossed. promise for reals.

okay, now i can tell you.

we're going on a diet. yes, a diet. a real, bona-fide diet... as in, cutting foods out and exercising. as in, reading all about the diet and sticking to it. as in, no sugar for two weeks... T W O W E E K S!

what diet you ask? south beach.

mom, don't try to tell me it's the same thing as atkins b/c it's totally not... it's the (more) heart-healthy version... the (more) moderate version. we only have to eliminate fruits and carbs (gasp and double gasp!) for 2 weeks then we can reintroduce the deliciousness back into our diet (just not to the extent that we're used to - ie. overloading ourselves). it actually seems do-able.

we went to the grocery store and stocked up on eggs, veggies and lean meats. (just one difference b/w atkins and south beach - SB does not require one to eat bacon everyday for two weeks like atkins does.) our fridge looks so leafy and green. 

i'm actually really excited about this.

ever since i took a job eating ice cream, my belly, legs, hips, chin and arms have all grown out of control. surprisingly, my weight's not up there too much, but i really need a good, solid sugar cleanse. i need to completely eliminate sugars just long enough for me to gain some will-power (hopefully two weeks).

what this really means for us is getting a handle on eating right. we're not that bad, but we tend to over-portion... especially on the carb-ed, the processed and the sugared. this is our chance to work it out. we're heading back to the gym, so watch out summer 2009.

you should totally comment... but before doing so, remember - you promised not to judge.

steffa's note - so i weighed myself for the first time today - 130.2, not too bad. let's see about heading to 120 - yeah! i'm not posting hubby's weight unless he gives me the green light.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

let's rap.

can i tell you how much i L O V E this? 
kids are so darn smart. seriously.

why can't adults be so involved as to 'flow' about the election?
maybe that would help us to get our peers involved...

... wait. did i just refer to myself as an adult? hmmm.

my rap name will be - s.lo

who wants to join my flow crew? (or is it cru?)
if you want to join, what's your rap name?

(do you get the title - let's rap? like, let's chat... get it? oh, i'm so funny.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cabo - Take 2!

so we totally went to cabo, and it was as beautiful as we remember.
the weather did not let us down... 
it was 95 with 900% humidity the entire time.
seriously, we sweat our way through the vacation. 
a bit like bikram yoga...
which makes me think that we went on a 4 day body cleanse.
(let's not talk about all of the delicious food we consumed, as it was surely canceled out by all of the sweating... as were the 42lbs* i've gained since i took a job eating ice cream.)
the wedding was whimsical, and i may have teared up multiple times.
the music was magical and perfectly chosen.
the bride and groom looked amazingly happy - just the way they should.
seriously, this one goes down in history. things just aligned.
the hurricane hit a week early and 50 miles north.
the clouds parted. everyone arrived on time. 
sadly, we took very few photos... i'm talking very few.
i'm hoping that some of the other guests share b/c i mistakenly thought, "oh, there will be so many photos, i don't need to take any..." 
i'm just not that smart.

hopefully i'll have the energy to give you some deets sometime soon...

*42lbs is a gross exaggeration.
**if you think our lives are just too good to be true... well, you're right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

we're back...

... and i like puppies.

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a (jazzier?) tale

jazzier or jazzier?

when i'm in the car, i tend to 'scan' radio stations. i like to scan and scan and scan through static and junky music until i find a gem of a guilty pleasure.

yesterday, while driving to d.c., i spent 4.5 hours scanning... and, man, did i find a gem. it (felt like it) had been years since i heard this song all the way through. (though angy and i sang it together while she was here, but that's beside the point, which is why i didn't mention it.) and it's a good song... a song with a story (spory, if you will).

so when i was super young (maybe 6 or 7), we lived in a townhouse. this townhouse complex was full of kids, which led to many a good story (angy, remember singing 'sing-a-song' in front of the stranger's 100 or so party guests and teaching those same 50+ year old guests the running man and roger rabbit? or what about signing up to play soccer before the 'coach' split with all the kids' money? or worse yet, the dirty ice cream man? or 'my knee popped out!'? -- all different posts) well, this story is priceless. (price is clearly relative.)

angy and i had these two friends. they were bro & sis and significantly younger than our (i'll say) 7 and 8 years... they were probably 5 and 4. the little girl, iforgethername, was the youngest, and we used to 'babysit' her... and by that, i mean that we hung out with her and bossed her around. totally not the actual story but funny none the less - one night we 'babysat' her (and by that, i mean that she spent the night), and we asked her to be a big girl and tell us a story. so she sat in our very-big-girl-seeming big bird chair to tell us a tale.

she began, "once upon a spory..." poor girl couldn't go on, as we were laughing so hard at her begging, "say it again!" so she began again, "once upon a SPORY..." and again, she couldn't go on... this went on for a good 5 or 10 minutes while angy and i were rolling on the ground with tears streaming down our faces. obviously, she bawled and asked to go home.

but back to the story. er, spory. so derek was iforgethername's brother, and he was a hottie. seriously, all the girls in the neighborhood had crushes on him despite the H U G E age difference... none of which were quite as devoted as mine and angy's crushes... well, the song 'eternal flame' by the bangles was a mega-hit at the time... like mega-to-the-infinity (at least in our complex)... and we had a little shed in our backyard that served as our fort where we came up with many a dance and song routine.

well, our eternal flame of devotion for derek was immortalized in that shed (for angy and me, anyway), as we added his name to the song. seriously, that was 20+ years ago, and EVERY SINGLE TIME that song is talked about, heard or sung, it is done so as follows:

close your eyes.
give me your hand, DEREK. (with big emphasis on derek)
do you feel my heart beating.
do you understand?
do you feel the same?

e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. t.i.m.e.

so while driving to d.c., this musical masterpiece came on... as a good sister would do, i quickly called angy, so we could belt out our own lyrics together... and it was a moment, i tell you.

(wow, it's a really funny story to me, but really not all that funny once typed out... lo siento! so just forget about all of the time you just lost and will never get back and tell me which image seems jazzier.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my work...

so in class 3a*, we were asked to make cd artwork for this jazz compilation. the goal was to target non-jazz lovers...

here's what i came up with:

i actually came up with the entire design on my own. go me. hubbs helped me make a couple of decisions, but the concept was mine and mine alone.

and the teach dug it... a lot, i would say. he really liked the concept. the two things he wants me to think about (which i will play around with this week): maybe incorporating more jazzy colors and somehow saying 'jazz,' so the consumer would know right away that it was a jazz album. apparently, jazz is known for more vibrant colors. i really went for a more indie color look.

for the color, that will take me some time. color's not my strong suit. for the 'jazz' thing, i'm thinking about hanging a rock with a sign that says 'a jazz collection' to the right of the plane and below the level of the tree.

i'll show you the next draft when i'm done. be patient.

*i call it class 3a b/c it was the 3rd class, but i have 2 sessions... this assignment is for session a.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

a first...

i think that at some point in time i swore that i would never decorate my home for any holiday. 

uh oh. i think i lied.

remember how i bought that decorative bowl? i never thought i'd buy a decorative bowl... and now i'm on to halloween decorations. this could be fatal. what's next ... a cornucopia for thanksgiving? a wreath? certainly not a christmas tree... i can only hope that it hasn't gone that far.

fortunately, our apartment is far too small to have any real decorations. dish towels will just have to suffice. 

hopefully hubbs can stand it... i'm pretty sure that our relationship was founded on our lack of love for holiday decorations (real punkies are my one decorative love... but only for halloween).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

fattiest meal ever?

dinner last night?

-large baked potatoes topped with
        .sour cream
         .bacon (not bacos... blech, bacos)
        .cheddar cheese

-trader joe's chili (i have yet to make chili homemade, but i will...) topped with
         .sour cream
         .cheddar cheese

oh yeah... i take care of my hubbs. 

now, can someone flush out my arteries?

Monday, October 6, 2008

already? really?!

in july, i noticed that the leaves had started changing colors.

in august, i started kicking the few leaves on the ground while chanting, "NO! it's still summer!"

on september 21st, i thought, 
"now, i can no longer say that it's still summer."

well, today when hubby's alarm went off, it was still dark out... 
like night-time dark... it was only after 7am. 

are you kidding me? 

the temperatures have dropped insanely (60s throughout the day, 50s throughout the night). the leaves are turning and falling at a rapid rate. the sun now sets way too early...

to top it off, we're closer to the end of daylight savings than to the presidential election... and the presidential election seems so very close. 

maybe mccain would be willing to suspend his campaign for a fellow-arizonan (from nebraska) who needs to eliminate the end of daylight savings to maintain her mental health. he really seems to be a fan of suspending his campaign to make it look like he's doing something greater... don't get me started (go'bama!).

currently looking forward to re-creating our honeymoon in cabo...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

V - O - T - E

es muy importante = it's very important.

i won't name names, but i know that some of you aren't registered to vote. listen to your fave celebs... just think of them as your political besties.

p.s. everyone in this psa seems super smarty pants... except jonah hill. c'mon, brother. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm a rambling (wo)man...

it's been a busy, little week here at the ess-brooklyn home. here's a short recap (short b/c i'm too lazy to be detailed)...

my sista came to town, and we had a jolly ol' time. did you know that my sista is one of the funniest ppl ever? no, really... ever. she's awesome, too. even though we don't always have the same interests or taste in clothing (though she loves my pirate sweatshirt and my b.i. blazer), we always rock the laughs together! seriously, we're a fun pair... throw in that awesome mom of ours, and we'll have you rolling for hours. i don't have any photos of the adventures b/c they're on my sister's camera... oh, and we only took like 15 or so... and 12 of those may be of hubbs and me (since we like to take photos of our cute selves).

i also had class... i used mrs. dub's creative title (turnip the volume - veggie dishes with flavor), and my professor thought the title was "cute" - yes, in a good way. is it weird that i find it weird when older, professor-y men call things "cute" (except for babies, puppies or their wife's new outfit/hairdo/shoes)? well, whatev - i'll take the compliment - so thanks, mrs. dub. to top it off, he even liked my work. yeah, that's right... i was pretty much one of his favorites of the day. and yes, i will hold on to that moment for years to come, as it most certainly will not repeat itself.

then miss erica, my phx hairdresser extraordinaire, came into town for a few days. she even gave me a trim - my hair feels happier already! i can't wait to make a bona-fide appointment with her over the holidays when we're back in a-state. 

to top all of the goodness that is having my sista and friend in town, they gifted us treats! that's right - my sista picked up dinner at our fave of faves - joe's shanghai. (best soup dumplings ever... we will take you there. you are more than welcome to pay. j/k. kind of. no, really. no, j/k.*) if that wasn't amazing-surpriseness enough, miss erica took us to our favorite chocolate shop where we shared the most amazing banana split and chocolate ice cream & mint soda float ever. oh, we love having guests!

but alas, all good things must come to an end... and while the weather has more than smelled the last week or so, it powerfully reminded me last night that miss e was leaving - with the most outrageous thunder/lightning storm EVER. seriously, i was woken up by the show, and i gripped onto my sweet, slumbering hubby... until he awoke "because of the storm" surely not b/c of me. i now remember why i was (in my not-so-young youth) afraid of storms... that fear may have returned.

then again, my life flashed before my eyes as i drove through manhattan today... why, oh why, would anyone choose to drive in manhattan? no, nothing crazy happened to make me freak... no almost- or would-be accidents, but there's really no need. driving in manhattan is life-threatening all by itself.

and now, i await my hubby's return from work. adios.

*did you watch snl's weekend update from this past weekend? our fave girl on it, kristen wiig, was the funniest ever... EVER. watch here to understand my multiple j/k line...