Thursday, September 25, 2008

a first...

did you know that i'm taking a graphic design class at parsons - the new school for design?

yes, me... un-artistic me.

well, hubbs realized it, but i did not... what, you ask? oh, part of my class is hand-drawing. did you know that i am not an artist in any way? not even in the stick-figure artist sort of way.

my first homework assignments are both hand-drawing exercises. the first - taking our sketches of veggies (yes, veggies... as in - onions, turnips and squash) and turning them into well-designed book covers. can you develop a generic title for me? ... please.

the second assignment is to draw 3 things from home - actual size with very, very limited detail... in 2.5" boxes. if you're confused - basically i can only draw 2.5" of 3 - somethings from home... then my classmates have to figure out what those 3 things are with just the limited detail given.

so here's what i give you... my homework assignment (the most entertaining and less boring of the two). 

can you guess what they are? 
the winner gets an imaginary gold star!

oh, and about that book title... if you develop my book title (something generic that a turnip could represent in some odd way), you will have my undying devotion for-ev-er.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


okay, i'm not lazy... it's just that i'm preparing my abode for my super-awesome-tastic sister's visit this weekend! 

so, you get a myspace survey.

Fill this out about​ your SENIO​R year of high schoo​l!​ The longe​r ago it was, the more fun the answe​rs will be!! REPOS​T with name of high schoo​l and gradu​ating​ year

Did you marry​ someo​ne from your high schoo​l?​
yes, i did!

Did you car pool to schoo​l?​
yep, with my sister... then with some neighborhood brats.

What kind of car did you have?​
an awesome, red '92 dodge shadow convertible!

What kind of car do you have now?
a charcoal grey '08 prius... it's nice, but the memories of that shadow are unforgettable. 

It's Frida​y night​.​.​.​ most likel​y youre​.​.​.​
at the nile with my bf, mikey and leann.

What kind of job did you have in high schoo​l?​
hmmm - first halmark... then bahama buck's (where i met my love)... then shasta pool supplies... then total juice (while still at shasta)...​

What do you do now?
push ice cream out of the trunk of my car. it's delicious.

Were you a party​ anima​l?​
i was a 'show-going' animal... seriously, we went to 2 - 3 shows per week... yes, even on school nights.

Were you consi​dered​ a flirt​?​
i don't think so... i typically had a bf.

Were you in band,​ orche​stra,​ or choir​?​
no, i asked my mom if i could join the school band in elementary school... she told me no b/c only geeks were in the school band. (thank you for reminding me of that, angy!) oh, and i can't sing.​ 

Did you get suspe​nded/​expel​led?​
nope, but i may or may not have skipped class quite a few times to go purchase peter piper pizza and dunkin' donuts for my 5th hour calculus class senior year.​ 

Can you sing the fight​ song?​
we had a fight song?

Who was/​were your favor​ite teach​er(​s)​?​
mrs. wheatcroft, senior year for sure... she was my calculus teacher, and she ALWAYS let us have pizza and donut parties. she hearted us, too.

What was your longe​st relat​ionsh​ip in High Schoo​l?​
hahaha, it's still going. almost 10 years.

Who was your bestf​riend​?​
mikey, leann and hubbs... with a few others along the way, but those three were my rocks.

Are they still​?​
to a certain extent, yeah. it's tough b/c we all live in different places (except for the hubbs!), but they're amazing peeps.

Do you think​ they will repos​t this?​
not even close. they're all too cool... much too cool for me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

out our window...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the performance of a lifetime

i'm pretty awesome, right?! 

this one goes out to my aunt barb b/c she loves her some nirvana. 
my hubbs taught me everything i know... one day we'll get a metronome and then i may play with some rhythm.

but really, who needs rhythm with a smile and hairdo like mine?

Monday, September 8, 2008

dancing queen...

or dancing fool...

you decide.