Thursday, August 28, 2008

stylist, please!

is it sad that i want a 15 year old to work as my stylist?

she may be a bit too williamsburg/boho for me, but she's super put together... did i mention that she's only 15? and she makes dr. martens look cool?

and the cigarette in the header of her blog? please, don't get me started... i want to tell her that smoking's definitely un-cool, but i promise that she is pretty dang cute. 

oh, to have the budget of a high school student again! remember the days of spending every penny of your money frivolously? yum.

Monday, August 25, 2008

one for pdaddy and aunt brenda...

so tomorrow's the big day. our dear pdaddy, aka my F.I.L., will undergo an intenso surgery (which you can read about here or here). i have no doubt that it will go well. pdaddy is a fighter with a cheerful demeanor.

keep him in your thoughts, prayers, shooting star and 11:11 wishes. 

did you know that i really hate the big C? cancer is cruel, and it impacts anyone and everyone. there's no one thing anyone can do to prevent it. and i don't like that... sure, we can eat better and live more active lives, but that's not a sure-fire way to live cancer-free. ugh. 

my sweetest, most giving and compassionate aunt brenda is going through a similar struggle. she is strong and courageous. while there is no imminent surgery planned, she is going through some serious treatments, and i ask that you offer some of your thoughts, prayers, shooting star and 11:11 wishes for her, too. 

there are never too many prayers and happy thoughts...

as for me, i will continue to keep them in my thoughts and prayers... while eating better and living a more active life. something that both, pdaddy and aunt brenda, have inspired me to do. but if need be, i will give my esophagus and/or lung. just throwing it out there.
just a little extra love for pdaddy and aunt brenda from hubbs and me

Friday, August 22, 2008

another one off the list...

so we went to see rent on broadway last night.


it's been on my list of must-dos since i was 15... when i was a sophomore in high school, my drama club went to see a production of rent in los angeles. i was smitten. neil patrick harris (doogie howser, m.d.)played mark, and wilson cruz (rickie from my so-called life) played angel. to this day, nph was the best mark ever... and i've seen the show a few times (maybe 6 or 7 times now).

i remember reading an article about jonathan larson (creator of rent) just after seeing the show in l.a., and my love grew. his is a sad yet somehow poetic story.

anyway, i always dreamt of seeing it in its hometown of nyc... and now i have. what's even more remarkable is that i was able to see it just a few weeks before it leaves broadway (september 7th... oh, what a dark day)... according to wikipedia, it's the longest running show in broadway history. niiiice. which made me think -- who decides to take a show off broadway? and why? i figure that it's run its course -- since it's been a staple since '96. plus, it is super '90s... what with the grunge and rave costumes and the heavy aids theme.... but really, the '90s thing makes it cool and ... vintage? no, the '90s can't be vintage yet, but you know what i mean (i hope).

hubbs is only so-so on the rent bandwagon... this is difficult for me to accept, but i love him none the less and appreciate that he can be honest with me. and in his defense, my mom took me to see rent in high school, and she wasn't blown away... i blame their lack of taste for extraordinary things, though.

anyway, if you ever get the chance, it really is uh-mazing. love it. love it lots.

no day but today.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the final word on twilight.

does this photo make you think that i'm not lame for obsessing over twilight? 
i was 17 once...

so i finished... finally. it might not seem like it has taken that long to you, but for me, the twilight series has taken f a r  t o o  l o n g. yes, less than two weeks have passed, and i've completed 4 - 500+ page books. i think i may have been mildly obsessed.

my hubbs may think that i was more than mildly obsessed.

the books are decent... totally not well-written, engaging story line... and yet, all i can really say about the series is, "eh." i can understand why ppl compare twilight to the ever-favorite harry potter series, but really, there's just no comparison. hp is filled with good vs. evil, strong females and importance of education... oh, and far less gratuitous lovey-dovey crud... seriously, the last two books seemed more like romance novels than teen fiction. 

not that i don't like romance... but if i have to read one more time about edward's porcelain-smooth lips, i might just tear apart and burn a vampire myself.

oh, and the first half of the last book was just needlessly ridiculous. a 1/2 vampire, 1/2 human pregnancy that will kill everyone so now there needs to be a werewolf - vampire battle that will tear apart the should-be alpha wolf so he'll join the vamps, his enemies, to further crush his poor, mangled heart while protecting the mutant spawn and woe-is-me, boy-crazy, might-as-well-cut-myself-b/c-i'm-so-emo-and-depressed mommy? (did i mention that the mom is all of 18?) spare me the over-written details... stephenie meyer could've gone a whole lot simpler, and i would've been much happier. 

alas, the series was never meant for me... my mid-twenties, holding-onto-youth-by-watching-teen-tv-and-reading-teen-fiction self. oh no, twilight was not made for me at all. and yet, somehow i'm glad that i've read the books now. all of the facebook 'flair' pieces more than intrigued me (mainly those claiming that twi was better than hp... ha!)

believe it or not, i did enjoy most of the series... though there were parts that were clearly a stretch. and at the end of the day, all i was looking for was cheap entertainment, and that's exactly what i got... so, thanks stephenie meyer for creating a ridiculously addictive, so-so series!

now, i can hold my own w/ any 13 year old girl... what, with knowing hp, twilight, miley, the jonas bros, hsm crew, demi lovato and selena gomez. 

i may or may not be pathetic to the Nth degree. you decide.

(oh, and to mrs. gee, mrs. ess and mrs. dub -- i hope that we can still be sisters. i'm sorry for the so-so review, but i must be honest. mrs. gee, we'll always have dc. mrs. ess, you made my wedding dress, so clearly my tastes are above average. and mrs. dub, i'm not so sure that you don't agree with me!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

stop being so needy!

i am now deep into the third book of the twilight series, eclipse... seriously, i'm actually getting kind of mad at stephenie meyer. she created a teenage "heroine" who is the neediest, most dependent person... ever.

it gets worse... she needs a boy to make her complete. lame, lame, lame. miss bella swan is the most depressing and worst-female-role-model in teen book history. even the girls of sweet valley high were less needy (albeit more superficial) than bella. i understand that bella probably resonates with most teenage girls (insecure and awkward), but those attributes should have been addressed and tied-up in the first book... not painfully dragged out for (at least) 3 books. i will be super disappointed in mrs. meyer if when i get to the 4th installment, i'm forced to read the same thing.

the sad thing is that i'm still annoyingly enthralled by the series. dang you, stephenie meyer, for a) not writing so well and b) for sharing my name and spelling it weirdly. i almost stopped reading during the second book, new moon, but seeing as how it took me about 2 days to read it, i didn't have much time to quit... i barely had enough time to brood.

unfortunately, the books are incredibly addictive... and yet they're making me angry. grrr.


other than that, we had a fab-tastic weekend. seriously, i love living near the beach. hubbs and i went on saturday just the two of us, and we had a most relaxing time. we were in an area sans lifeguards, so swimming was not permitted, but we were able to cool off as needed. most fun though, we finally succumbed to my desire of purchasing a paddle ball set for the beach. it's the best... i have wanted this game for-ev-er. when i was 10ish, i saw some kids (read: cute boys) on the beach playing paddle ball... i have wanted one since. while in spain, we talked about getting one but somehow always forgot (except on t-giving, we gave one away as the grand prize for our wii bowling tourney). now we have one, and it enhanced our beach experience... though, somehow i am now sore. (note to self: go back to the gym.)

there was far more to this weekend than just the beach and reading, though... oh, i wasn't going to tell you any of it, but there is one hilarious story - start laughing now.

so hubbs and i arrived home around 8ish on saturday night, and we were hungry and exhausted with no intention of cooking. we always get a gajillion menus at our doorstep from local restaurants that deliver. well, i had been wanting mexican, and the latest menu was from a mexican food place... we should have just gone to our favorite mexican place across the street, but we like to try new things.

hubbs called up to order, and the first sign that this was a bad plan was when the restaurant phone-answerer said, "is this mexican or chinese?" apparently, the offer both. the next moment of "what were we thinking" comes when hubbs asked for a cheese enchilada... no, it wasn't on the menu, but they had other enchiladas, so i knew they could make a cheese one... the phone person said, "what kind of enchirada?" oh, and she repeated the word "enchirada" multiple times... the food came, and as you can imagine, it was unpleasant... the enchirada was the funniest, though. it was the fattest cheese quesadilla that i've ever seen. really, it was just a hunk of melted (though not recently so less melty than fresh-melted) cheese contained by a thin tortilla that was bursting at the seams b/c there was just far too much cheese.

oh, and the restaurant's name? "the original new fresco tortillas II taco (tex-mexican express)"

anyway, i love the beach, and i love strong, independent female characters... oh, and good mexican food.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

... and vampires, oh my!

have you read twilight? somehow, i avoided reading it for years... it's a book about vampires for teenagers. i'm not really into vampires, and i'm not really a teenager (not that this fact has stopped me from obsessing over harry potter, hannah montana or unfabulous). only a few ppl mentioned the book to me promising that i would love it. i didn't believe them, as (again) i am not super into vampires, and i'm not a teenager. yeah, yeah, yeah - i like harry potter, but that's different. plus, i started reading that when i was practically a teenager... maybe i was 20?

i've matured since then (except the love for all things disney channel or abc family).

well, last week, i was in ft. lauderdale... all week. i purchased dear john by nicholas sparks on monday morning, but the book was short and engrossing, so i easily finished it by thursday evening, which left me sadly book-less facing a l o n g (3 hour, anyway) flight back to new york on friday morning. i figured that i could pick up yet another nicholas sparks book at the airport that would keep me entertained for a few days... unfortunately i forgot that i was flying from the ft. lauderdale airport, which isn't all that large... this meant that their book selection was sparse to put it mildly. apparently all visitors of the ft. lauderdale airport are super-depressed and money-hungry b/c the only books available were self-help and money-scheme books. i like novels.

that's when i saw it... a pair of white, stone-like arms holding a yummy-looking apple - by far the most interesting book cover in the shop. then i saw the title, twilight... ugh, teenage vampires.

what other choice did i have? 

i just want to tell you this... i have been reading every possible moment (when not working, cooking, cleaning, guitar-ing or hanging w/ my hubbs) since i purchased the book. twilight is fabulous. completely absorbing. 

if i have groaned at you for mentioning twilight in my presence, i apologize. clearly, you know me too well. i try to pretend that i love grown-up and educational things, but really i love a good teen drama more!

if you have read twilight, then you know that stephenie meyer based the lead, bella, on me. the overly clutzy, easily embarrassed, uncomfortably awkward and boyish girl -- seriously, shouldn't mrs. meyer pay me royalties for using my likeness? miss bella even embarrasses when receiving gifts. are you kidding me?! when i explain my little issue (with being the center of attention encircled by watchful, hopeful eyes just hoping that i'll love their gift the most) to people, they think i'm a crazy person... which isn't totally off base normally, but in this case, it totally is!

anyway, the book entranced me, and it will get you too. the great news is that there are already 3 sequels (can that be used as a plural? or is it tri-quel or quadru-quel?) for me to find at the library (the latest of which came out this week). if you have read the entire series, don't spoil it for me... i'll catch up within a couple of weeks.

oh, how awesome.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die 

had you seen this yet? it is the funniest thing ever, and it's the first time that i have almost enjoyed anything 'paris hilton.' and i straight up think it is 

way to go, paris. if you haven't seen the lame mccain ad comparing obama 
to paris and britney, find it on your own... even though i quite respect mccain, i 
am not going to advertise for him.

that said, GOOOOO'OBAMA!
oh, and look how cute we are... oh, and look how close we are to the red sox (those may actually be a's behind us, but it is fenway)... who just murdered the a's. it made me sad for the a's. like, seriously sad for them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

oh, the difficulties

so i've decided that my life is simply too awesome and adventurous and amazing to blog. seriously, the whole moving to ny thing gave me a gajillion things to post about, but the problem is that the gajillion things are activities and travels which prevent me from posting.

i'll tell you this much... i had some serious apprehensions about moving to nyc. mainly, i was afeared that i wouldn't fit in (which i don't) or that i wouldn't find friends (which i haven't really... though we have a few friends from high school and college here) or that the city would be too big (which it is) or that i would always feel overwhelmed (which i do). but really, it is true that nyc is the raddest city in the world. it is also true that there are prettier, cleaner, safer, more spacious cities, but not one of them offers what nyc offers. 

don't get me wrong, i wanted to move here... but i am a chicken. to be honest, i am the most chicken-y chicken around. i'm afraid of everything. something about nyc, despite all my scared-y cat-ness, puts me at ease... no, that's not right... i'm not so much at ease as i am just always super excited. i love this city. i am excited by the possibilities in everything (travel, culture, education, rooftops).

so while i have a million-to-the-Nth-degree things to blog about, i can't seem to find the time or energy to post them. i'm not giving up, though. i shall persevere and hopefully, one day, succeed at the blog writing challenge. i shall hopefully, one day, be as witty as my ess-fam sisters with their blogs (musings and misadventures & la dolce vespa)*. i shall hopefully, one day, convince all of you that nyc really is the place to be, and you will move here to be closer to me, which would omit the need to find other friends... oh, that will be a good day.

anyway, if you're wondering what brought this on, i shall tell you (i'm "shall"ing a lot in this post)... i travel for work... a lot. well, maybe not a lot-a lot, but enough-a lot. i would say maybe 35-45% of my time is traveling to different parts of the country (boston, chicago, florida, philly, baltimore, wisconsin). while i won't always travel this much, i have been lately. though it is somewhat fun to go traipsing around the east and midwest, i don't have my hubbs with me. it's more fun to see new places with him and less fun when all you do in the new place is work.

sooooo, this weekend, i was able to take my hubbs with me on a short excursion to boston! i was way-far-away in ft. lauderdale last week, so it was nice to have a weekend of "us." plus, the super awesome red sox tickets didn't hurt. oh, and boston is suh-weet! seriously, i've been there 3 other times since february, but i really hadn't been there if you know what i mean.

and now, hubbs and i are heading to chicago to see our precious niece (hey, gee clan*... why don't you send our precious nephew to join us?!) in just a few short weeks for a 4 day weekend (how delicious does that sound?!). so again, i've been to chicago three or four times in 6 months, this will really be my first visit.

that's all for today. i will try to get around to posting some pics of our boston adventure this
 week... but for now, you should just thank your lucky stars that i posted something b/c really, i know that you have been holding your breath for some steffa-dventures!

*do youlike my ridiculously obvious adverts for my s-i-ls' blogs and clothing company?

**oh, and these are just the first attempts at making boston photos look cool... more than likely, i will have more installments of the same pictures.