Saturday, July 26, 2008

BIG news!

this is aiko. she's wonderful, nice, intelligent and loyal. i am lucky to have her as my friend.

this is corey. he's from nebraska... is there anything better?

corey proposed to aiko last night, and i am beyond thrilled. they are in chicago, and aiko called me at 1142pm. i had a really hard time falling back asleep b/c i was too excited, and i wanted to call her back to get a gajillion details... i'm super stoked for them! yay!

congratulations to corey and aiko! 
may it be 'corey and aiko' forever!

and a photo of aiko and me for good measure!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

like, tote-ally!

i'm pretty sure that you've just been dying to hear how my sewing class went... well, as evidenced by the photos, the class was tote-ally awesome! 

thanks for such a rad-tastic bday present (one that i didn't even have to unwrap... yeah!), miss mary mack and pdaddy! 

for reals, if you live in the nyc area and want to learn to sew, go here

but back to me.

when i arrived, i was sent to choose my fabric... what sounds like an easy task was truly difficult. there were some awesome funky, bright, punky and even hipster-cute fabrics to choose from... and while i like all of that, really, i have pretty low-key style (which is to say none at all), which is why i went for the deep blue/grey pattern with a solid grey lining... yes, i lined the bag. wait, did you comprehend and fully digest what you just read? not only did i sew a tote bag with invisible seams (mostly anyway), but i lined it too!!! 

now, to say that i was at the head of the class would be a gross over-exaggeration, but to say that i held my own would be completely accurate! considering the fact that before going to this class, i couldn't sew a button (and still can't) or mend a hem*, i think that i did a pretty fantastic job. 99% of my seams are hidden... we don't need to talk about the 1% that are actually showing.

to say that i'm proud of myself is a gross under-exaggeration. i'm over the moon. i really want to take another class and then maybe hit up some of the open sewing sessions before i think about buying a sewing machine... since my hobbies can be fleeting, but for now, i'm stoked on the whole sewing thing. and i hope to sew some super cute skirts one day, and maybe some tote bags with zippers and pockets... oh, the possibilities! 

now, you can tote-ally congratulate me on my tote-ally awesome sewing skills!

*if you want the real low-down on my previous sewing experience, i'll tell you... and you are allowed (maybe even encouraged) to make fun of me.

when i was living with my sister, i had a cloth tote bag (similar to this one but less cool and sans lining) that needed some fixing. i figured that anyone could mend a hem even if it didn't look pretty... so i started by threading the needle. the thread went through the needle fairly easy, so i knew that i could make it happen. then i tied a tight knot in the thread... the knot was tightly affixed to the needle.

that's when my sister (who took home-ec, while i opted out) said, "what are you doing? you're not supposed to knot the thread to the needle... idiot. here, let me do it!" she proceeded to school me with her mending abilities.

if you've never sewn before, this might be news to you, as it was to me. you knot the thread to the thread, so you just make a big loop around the needle.


now, i can sew tote bags, so in your face!

Monday, July 21, 2008

the aftermath

so i haven't blogged in over a week, and a lot has happened. rather than take days explaining everything, i am going to give you some highlights to give me the ability to start anew tomorrow (or whenever i so choose).

so here it goes...
  • my birthday more than lived up to the high expectations that i set for it. dinner at the shake shack with some friends followed by some apples to apples playing at our apartment (no need to tell you just how badly i lost)... all with the coolest cake ever.
  • i realized that i really am spoiled beyond belief. seriously, the birthday loot is awesome!
  • we went to the beach with some friends and bought a boogie board. good times!
  • we went to an event at mccarren pool in brooklyn... just another good reason to live in nyc.
  • i flew to edgerton, wisconsin for 4 full days for work. 
  • i found yet another reason to say, 'i'll never fly delta again.'
  • i drove to toms river, new jersey for an ice cream festival.
  • i bought an acoustic guitar with birthday money.
  • i can almost play 'come as you are' by nirvana. (taught to me by my wonderful hubbs.)
  • i know the 'e' chord. (and again, hubbs taught me!)
  • i'm going to an awesome sewing class tonight (courtesy of mary mack and pdaddy).
  • somehow i got a wicked sunburn.
  • this morning, i tried to put away the iron and burned myself... oops.
those are the awesome highlights. needless to say, my life is amazing. 
next post could be better... sorry for the long lull in posting; i know how you long for my witty writing. j/k. (oh, that's rich. i'm funny. ha.)

Friday, July 11, 2008


yay! it's my birthday! woOoHoO!

i want to say thank you to everyone for continuing to read my blog despite the birthday countdown and the narcissism. 

i'm humbled at how many people care.

here's to a great day for everyone!

while it's my birthday (and a few others...), we can all receive an amazing gift today... don't forget to stop by your local 

oh, and happy birthday to my twin-date-of-birth sisters... miss lisa and miss theresa! i love sharing the coolest bday ever with both of you!

steffa's note -- how did i forget to mention the best news of today?! hubbs is feeling better! he went to work feeling 95% with no fever... i am so relieved!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

1 day...

disneyland a year-and-a-half ago...

no more (s) at the end of 'day' b/c my birthday is tomorrow... and guess what, the sky has looked pretty icky the last few days, but the sun'll come out tomorrow! yay! that just means that my birthday celebration will be doubly... no, triply fun! 

oh, and i will not admit to whether or not i have opened a single present yet.

on a sad note, my hubby's super sick in bed... he thinks lunch from yesterday didn't sit so well. big bummer! pray for his speedy recovery!

1 day to go!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2 days...

no photo today b/c i'm still basking in yesterday's photos... 
scroll down to view them.

i went to the dr's office today... not even 26 - i shouldn't be falling apart!

well, as it always is when going to the doctor for some ailment, my tingly arm wasn't all that tingly today. sure, it's a little off, but it's not nearly as tingly. still, the doctor said to give it another week or two, and if doesn't go away, then i'll get some x-rays done... but not until then. apparently 3 weeks of tingly isn't quite enough.

instead, she made me donate blood and urine... i would rather have posed for some pictures of my bones and the like. seriously, blood tests FREAK ME OUT. if they think they need to test my blood, then they probably do, which obviously means something's wrong with me... oh no!

so now i'm patiently (ha!) awaiting my test results... she said something about thyroid and sugar, so i'm pretty sure that's what she's testing for, but what in the heck do either of those things have to do with my potential pinched nerve (her guess)?!?!

2 days to go! i ordered my ice cream cake... 

yes, i chose the disney princess cake (don't worry, i'll take photos)!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 days...

i slept well last night, which puts me in a great mood, which makes me want to share the love and happiness with all of my faithful readers (all 4 of you)!

please let me introduce you to pretty mikey. 

mikey is hubby's bff since 3rd grade. i have known mikey since 7th grade, but he wouldn't be friends w/ me until hubbs introduced us... and trust me, i tried hard to befriend my dear mikey. 

well, he and his wonderful wife visited us over memorial day weekend, and needless to say, the trip was amazing. their vacation somehow morphed into a vacation for hubbs and i, and it was one of the best ever.
unfortunately for mikey, hubbs had to work friday night until 1 am (and saturday until 6pm). this wasn't really a problem except that mikey and hubbs always need a little male-bonding time, but friday night, mikey was forced to hang w/ the wifeys. during a ridiculous marathon of law and order, poor mikey fell asleep and man, is he a hard sleeper! 
poor guy.

3 days to go.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4 days...

do you think that my awesome dance moves have something to do w/ my tingly arm?

i'm going to let you in on a little secret... 

in my old age, i am falling apart. 
(kind of... sort of... not really).

for the last 2 - 3 weeks, my left arm has been tingly. sometimes the tingles originate in my elbow... other times, in my hand... very rarely, in my shoulder. needless to say, i'm pretty sure that this ailment is abnormal.

after the first few days, i just figured that i had slept wrong... after a week or so, i mentioned my tingly-ness to hubbs. i think that we both thought it would go away. then we went to phx for a weekend, and somehow the trip did not cure my arm tingles. (aren't vacations supposed to be the cure-all for... well... all? i would totally think tingly arm would be included in 'all.')

last week, i quietly mentioned my weird-arm-feeling a couple times, but last night, i started thinking that maybe i should make a dr's appt... so that is what i did this morning.

before i made the appt, however, i googled 'tingly arm' or something similar to see if there were any obvious home remedies... unfortunately, it looks like a dr's appt is needed... and then maybe a chiropractor or some other specialists that i don't want to think about. turns out, while tingly-arm isn't all that uncommon, it is generally a symptom of a pinched or trapped nerve. sounds worse than it is (or sounds worse than googling it made it seem)

i'll update you after my dr's appt... whatever you do, don't worry -- i do enough of that!

4 days to go!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

5 days...

photo of brooklyn - courtesy of my handsome hubbs
i saw this on the subway yesterday... i think that it rings true, and i quite like it.
"there are roughly three new yorks. there is, first, the new york of the man or woman who was born there, who takes it for granted and accepts its size, its turbulence as natural and inevitable. second, there is the new york of the commuter - the city that is devoured by locusts each day and spat out each night. third, there is the new york of the person who was born somewhere else and came to new york in quest of something... 

commuters give the city its tidal restlessness, natives give it solidity and continuity, but the settlers give it passion."

e.b. white here is new york
5 days to go until i turn 26!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

6 days...

we have come to a consensus... ny fireworks are far superior to az fireworks. we watched the macy's fireworks on the east river... every once in a while, macy's looked as if it might blow up. the fireworks were ridici-dope, amazing... increíble. there were four sets of identical amazingness (three of which we could see)... we hung out on trev-dog's roof and had the most amazing view. good times... good times.

the one thing -- the finale seemed less like a finale and more like just another part of a spectacular show. there was no bigger bang than the rest... it was all just equally big and beautiful. despite the lack of a big finale, i left satisfied.

on that note, 6 days until my birthday... yeah!

Friday, July 4, 2008

7 days...

my forehead is super bright. i think that speaks to my intelligence.

yep, my birthday has always been exactly one week from the 4th of july... i don't know why, but it's always been a source of pride, as if i get two celebrations or something (even though independence day isn't exactly for me).

regardless, i love the 4th of july. bbqs, fireworks, family and friends... definitely a good day. most of my independence days were spent in lincoln, ne where the majority of my family lives. it was always one of my fave days of the summer. my dad would ALWAYS buy SO MANY fireworks -- seriously, enough for the entire block to enjoy three days of fireworks non-stop... and he would let my sister, my cousins and me go crrrazy with the fireworks. he was always one of the only grown-ups who was having just as much fun as the kids were (maybe even more sometimes)

this is probably a shocker for those of you in az, but in the great state of nebraska (in lincoln, specifically...), it is legal to light fireworks for the 4th of july... not just to watch fireworks. sorry, az, but you are too dry, so you could burn down. ne just doesn't pose the same risk... but not only that, one can light fireworks on july 3rd and 4th! i apologize, yet again, to the az folks b/c you don't get to light fireworks legally... ever.

anyway, independence day, in my mind, always began the real countdown to my birthday... since it was only one short week away. and yet, i never even thought about my birthday on the 4th of july b/c i was too busy having fun almost blowing my hands off!

unfortunately, the nyc sky turned super grey today... and the grey will not recess for a day of bbq fun... sadly, there is a 60 - 70% chance for rain the entire day... qué triste.

and totally off-subject (but important nonetheless) -- have you seen wall-e? our friends trev-dog and d-girl really wanted to see it last night... and while it is not normally a flick i'd pay $12 to see, they're always so agreeable, so i figured that i should be too... trev-dog pumped it up, big time. i really didn't believe in the film (even though i had planned on renting it), but w/ his constant ego-pumping of the movie, i figured that i'd walk out super impressed... and then i saw the movie, and nope -- it was kind of lame. there's no dialogue, which makes me think, "how is this for kids?!" there are cutesy undertones, but overall... it just doesn't strike me as a 5-year-old's new favorite movie. and i totally don't understand how the reviews were all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips b/c seriously, the flick was just ok... nothing more, sometimes less. even trev-dog seemed disappointed, as he was not as blown-away by it as he had expected. long story short -- save your $12 and rent it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

8 days...

we're fierce, and don't you deny it.

so while i love my birthday, and i'm very excited that it is in 8 days ... 8 days, yeah!, i'm still so weird about presents. i mean, i love me some presents and all. and from my blog, you'd think that i love all attention on me all the time, but the truth is that i'm no good at being the center of attention when it's actually time for me to be... only when it's not time for me to be... when it's awkward for me to be... like during awkward silence b/c man, i cannot take awkward silence.

anyway, sitting in the middle of a group of ppl with everyone's expectant eyes (talk about alliteration!) on me waiting to see how much more i LOVE their gift more than the others, it's all just a lot of pressure. i can't just be silly and make my way through it (which is my normal 'work through it' mechanism).

now that i live in nyc with just my hubbs, though... bring on the presents! hahahaha. i am just so funny. seriously, the funniest funny bone around... okay, a slight exaggeration.

really, though, the presents are awesome, but the best part of the birthday is getting together with family and friends... so in that sense, i never REALLY mind that awkward ring-around-the-steffa watching the un-wrapping... b/c truth be told, i love you all, and i'm comfortable enough to be embarrassed around you (which is a good thing b/c -like my momma once said- it's embarrassing to be me).

anyway, birthdays are the best... especially mine. yayer!

p.s. i had the WORST dream last night. it made me not want to get up. it almost made me cry. hubbs left me for my sister... my sister... and they were cruel about it. they rubbed it in my face, and i was all hysterical, and all they could do was shrug their shoulders... i need to know how to have good dreams.

p.p.s. can you believe how jerky paul and i are? m&m still don't have the photos we took when they were here. it's been over a month... i gotsta get working on that.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

9 days...

and so it begins.

the countdown.

the countdown to the greatest day of the year... 

MY birthday! 


now that we're in the single digits, i can openly count down and brag about myself. some ppl say that they don't care about their birthdays and that their birthday is just another ordinary day. i used to be one of those ppl. i used to not care... but not anymore... okay, probably not for the last 5 - 7 years.

i love my birthday. 7/11 is the coolest day out of all 365 days. 7/11 is also free slurpee day at 7-eleven convenient stores... sadly enough, i have yet to partake (no idea how i have forgotten every single year, but i have!).

my email address ends in 711. my phone number ends in 711. my favorite numbers are 7 and 11. i say happy birthday to myself every single time i see the clock strike 7:11... sometimes i'll voice it aloud if someone is with me. seriously, i'm slightly obsessed with the date of my birth... but really, isn't that the way it should be? shouldn't i be thrilled with the day that i graced the earth's presence? i love living, so shouldn't i really appreciate the day that brought me into the world?

anyway, i'm excited. i'm already planning. i know that it's not really my job to plan my birthday, but i have a couple ideas in mind, and i would like to share them:
  1. go see rent in nyc. i've seen rent 5 or so times, and i love, love, love it... but sadly, it's leaving broadway in september, so i must catch it now before it's gone. plus, it's not like i need front row seats; i have seen the musical a few times, so the 20spot tickets are fine with me!
  2. go to dinner at the melting pot. i know it's a chain. i know it's nothing new and spontaneous... but what can i say? i'm just a sucker for the fondue... plus, the melting pot sends me a birthday coupon for free chocolate fondue (with purchase, obviously). i'm a sucker for coupons.
who's to say that either of these things will happen? truthfully, i change my mind as quickly as i make a decision... that is to say that i'm quite indecisive, so you'll just have to wait in anticipation for new ideas and then the finale... 

needless to say, i'm only ever 1/2 joking when i say how awesome i am... b/c really, i do like me, and i'm glad that i came into the world, and i'm pretty proud of the way my parents raised me b/c i turned out a-ok. 

fyi: sometimes i'm humble too.