Monday, June 30, 2008

estoy cansada

so i'm tired.

we returned from phx last night... wait, you didn't know we went to phx? neither did i until the very last minute b/c it was a totally last minute trip. sorry if we didn't see you, but the trip was very focused... some would say that it was laser-like. anyway. we decided on tuesday that we were going to head to phx on friday. my hubbs and i are just so spontaneous.

don't fly delta. they make you sleepy.

but i digress.

sometimes i really think that i'm a bit too rigid... it's as if i need rules and regulations to live life... as if i sometimes choose to live in a constraining box.

then i realize that i'm a bit off-beat. i'm kind of kooky... so my box can't be too constrained.

and yet i get antsy, as if i am constrained. i constantly need to move around and find new places and things and people. kind of like moving to spain or even nyc. in college, i moved almost every year... not that i like packing & unpacking. it's just that i really enjoy changing things up. oh, and i'm always hopping and dancing around... on the subway platform, in the movie theatre aisle, in the grocery store check-out line...

which makes me remember how sometimes i think that i don't like change.

how am i such walking contradiction? (someone, please cue greenday music.)

but back to spontaneity. just when i think that i'm not go-with-the-flow enough, i jump a long plane ride to phx with little notice for a quickie visit... i'd say that's pretty spontaneous and quick-changin'.

(now, for the finale... i couldn't finish last night. my hubbs arrived home, and i prefer him to blogging.)

then i remember how much i love living. and i love being zany, kooky and a little off-my-rocker. i'm sure that i get annoying sometimes, but i doubt there's anyone else like me, so i can't be too constrained in the aforementioned box. 

on a totally related note (...not), then i remember how much i miss doing these dumb quizzes*... and how much i hope that in the comments section, you fill it out for you... why? b/c we're all 14 somewhere inside.
  1. last person to text you? my buddy christian... he's in town. i MUST see him.
  2. who is your last missed call? my dear hubbs
  3. when was the last time you cried? hmm, i truly cannot remember... but probably at some sappy movie or hallmark commercial.
  4. what song could you listen to over and over and never get sick of it? oooh, so many good choices -- pork and beans by weezer, come sail away by styx, don't take me for granted by social distortion ... a gajillion others
  5. have you ever been caught in a lie? probably when i was younger. it didn't take me much at all to give into my mom when she would say, 'stephanie' in her shrillest voice!
  6. is there anybody that you trust 100%? my hubbs, of course. 
  7. are you satisfied with your life right now? yes, things are absolutely amazing. i'm a lucky, lucky girl.
  8. what did you do last night? cooked dinner and baked cookies for my hubbs... then lounged around watching tv b/c we were soooo sleepy.
  9. where did you get the shirt you're wearing? hubbs bought it for me for christmas.
  10. what is the background on your phone? on my personal cell phone -- the front cover photo is my nephew, mr t and the photo on the inside is my niece, miss dub. on my work phone, the background is our 'just married' shoes wedding photo.
  11. how many months until your birthday? oooooh, how appropriate that i make this question #11... my bday is 2 weeks from friday. 7/11 -- booyah! 
*okay, so i totally don't miss doing these (maybe b/c i never really stopped filling them out), but i thought it might be fun today.

Monday, June 23, 2008

our tablescape...

holla! we bought a kitchen table this weekend!!! yayer!

it's so cute in its green-ness... yes, we have folding chairs, but they're sweet, and they can be easily stored. 

ikea just opened up 3 miles from us. can i get a 'heck yeah!'? 

so to commemorate the occasion that is owning a kitchen table, we made a feast of a meal -- complete w/ my fave ess-family juice drink (frozen cran-rasp mixed with 1/2 h2o & 1/2 7-up).

if you haven't already, keep reading to learn that my hubbs is ... and then some.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

good news!

so things have been a little crrrazy around here... but with positive attitudes and a firm grip on the secret (haha), things worked out. now that things have figured themselves out, i'll tell you about them.

1. we're a hairy couple... so there is always, always, always hair on the floor, and it always, always, always mixes with dust in hiding and then sneaks out at the wrong time (ie: when we have guests over). i sweep pretty frequently, and i hate sweeping, so this is mos def a concession on my part. unfortunately, having hairy hardwood floors is not "my thing," so i try to devise methods to fix the problem. the one that has worked the best is taking a swiffer duster-thingy and wetting it slightly... the wet duster-thingy works like a lint brush, so the hair/dust combo sticks to it. the problem with this is that it doesn't pick up everything, so i'm always left dissatisfied.

so for a while, i've had a hankering to get a hand-vac. ya know, a hand-held, battery-operated vacuum cleaner. our target is always out of everything, though, so one has never been available when i remembered to look... until this friday. target had not 1, but 3 varieties! so hubbs and i picked up a dust buster and voila -- my hairy hardwood floor problem is gone! yay for me! 

i don't know how much i'll be saying YAY! one-week in when i'm "vacuuming" the floors by hand 3x per day... but for now, it's the best ever!

2. in other (better) news, hubbs got a job! yayer! some of you may not know that my hubbs was downsized from his architecture office... this happened 2 weeks ago on friday, but he is still working until next friday. i guess that we were kind of fortunate that he wasn't just laid off and told to go home. needless to say, we panicked for a minute, but hubbs is a hard-worker, so our panic didn't last for long b/c he had interviews before we could say the word... 

one interview was the lamest of lame. very sad, really... and it kinda' bummed out my dear hubbs. not to worry, though, he had 2 awesome interviews a couple days later, and he loved the first so much, that he cancelled his third (and his fourth, too!).

so now he's working for a bigger firm, and he gets benefits, 401k, free metro cards, tuition reimbursement, and i couldn't be prouder... i am beaming, really! he's the, no doubt!! oh, and the best news is? he ends his job this coming friday, and he starts his new one the following monday. he's a rockstar. word.

clearly, my #2 news trumps my #1 news by like a 1,000,000x, but both are good... and one is super incredible and pride-inducing (the new job, obviously!).

Saturday, June 14, 2008

dream a little dream

i have this thing with dreaming... i NEVER have good dreams. i mean, i rarely remember my dreams, but when i do, they're always bad. i always kind of think that i just don't dream, but considering i'm a sleep talker, i'm pretty sure that i dream.

the other night, my friend robyn was in town for a couple nights. she and i used to live together in t-town... and she used to tell me that she could hear me talking through the bedroom wall. well, since she was in town, she was sleeping in our office/guest room on our awesome inflatable mattress (which totally didn't stay inflated for her... who wants to visit next?!)... one morning, i woke up super sleepy, and i surmised that i hadn't slept well the previous night. then robyn told me, "yeah, i totally heard you scream in your sleep last night."

weird... especially since i had no recollection of screaming or dreaming for that matter. weirder still, hubbs didn't hear me scream, and he was right next to me (ooh la la). i had had a rough night's sleep though... so maybe my dream was nightmarish or something.

well, this brings me to last night... or this morning, i guess b/c i totally only remember my dreams that i have as i'm waking up.

this dream was awful... as in terrible. my sister, my hubbs, my mom -- they were all mean to me. my sister sprayed me down with water and melty, hot parmesan cheese (g-to-the-ross... gross!). my hubbs... well, i can't remember what he did, but he was super mean to me. and my mom... again, i don't really remember...

mainly i remember the hot, disgusting cheese... but they were all so mean.

i woke up kind of mad at my sister, my hubbs and my mom... so i went back to sleep b/c it's totally unfair to hubbs to be mad at him in the morning for something that he didn't actually do. (and trust me, i have been mad upon waking before... hubbs does not appreciate it!)

the problem was that i couldn't fall back asleep and therefore correct my bad dream... and force the people (that i love so dearly) to be nice to me and tell me how awesome and beautiful and smart and talented i am... 

somehow i got over it though b/c i totally re-woke up on the right side of the bed... not mad at my hubbs (sister and mom, too!).

hubbs likes to say that he is NOT the man of my dreams b/c that guy's a jerk... 

am i the only one who has this problem? 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

slacker steph.

i'm totally sorry that i have not blogged consistently lately... i truly am. the thing is that i'm a pretty important person (pip) and am therefore busy much of the time. i have obligations to my great legion of fans, to my job, to my home and to my husband.

that said, i will try to be better about giving you what you need... more of me. i am sorry that i moved so far away from most of you b/c i know how hard it must be to go without daily, wonderful doses of the one, the only, STEFFA.

fear not, i am not that great... i mean, i'm great, but i'm not that great. you can fill the hole left in your heart and the hole left in your fave celeb spot by thinking you're as great as me... and my mom always told me, "if you believe it, you'll achieve it. if you doubt it, you'll go without it." so believe that you're as awesome, fantastic and radical as me, and maybe (just maybe) one day you will be... maybe.

now on to some real news... did you see the lead story today? i will be out buying a people mag today. elizabeth smart -- the girl, who was kidnapped and held hostage for 9 months, is talking... that is one strong girl, and i hope they paid her big bucks for that story. yay for elizabeth! i'm glad that she made it through, and i'm glad that she has strength beyond her years.

and second, you should buy the new weezer album... amazing.

that is all.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

you probably like us more than obama...

yes, i know... we are quite the beautiful couple. don't be jealous... it's just in our genes. but don't worry. you're not ugly or anything; it's just hard to compete with our amazing, model-like good looks. separately, we're hot, but together... watch out.

i'm sorry that you can't be us. it's pretty fun... but i'm glad that i get to be me and 1/2 of us b/c who wouldn't want to look that good?!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

P . R . O . U . D .


it's a good day, and he fought a good fight... and now he's on his way to be the prez of the u.s.of.a.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

one year.

the best yet.
love my hubbs.