Monday, May 26, 2008

just a preview...

so m&m are here, and they are huge today show watchers, so melissa (one of the Ms) wanted to go see the show this morning... i'm always down for a live tv opp, so we went...

oh, and the b52s were playing live, so that's a double bonus.

the purpose of this story: melissa and i are now celebrities. so at 4mins and 52secs of this video, you will see melissa in her brown shirt... and directly behind her, you'll see my sweater dancing to the music. 

clearly, i'm the more famous one.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

a tale and some photos.


before the coolest two arrived

puerto rican sunset from the roof

cemetery - rip

titi aida

tio pincho

hubbs, angelou, mom, pincho, titi alicia, aida

moo and angelou

moooooo. on top of the beach house roof.

windswept and gorgeous

strike a pose - vogue

going to the chapel

pretty girl


the green atlantic

our hidden beach

handsome hubbs

so i haven't been* at my workout regime lately... truth be told, i haven't been to the gym in a few weeks. a few things got in the way of my gym bomb-ness -- chicago, puerto rico, chicago. plus, our buds m&m are coming tomorrow, so we've been cleaning at night (and lazing around watching csi: miami and law&order). oh, and let's not forget the weather -- it's been straight miserable for the last few weeks (lots of rain, little sunshine), and cold weather makes me want to curl up all cozy-like, not workout. so needless to say, i'm feeling a bit sloth-like. 


so today, after the morning and afternoon rain, the clouds parted and the sun came out of hiding, and i decided to go on a jog after work. i am not the jogging kind b/c i get bored easily, my lungs hurt... plus, i'm weak and lazy. 


anyway, so i did it. i went on a jog, and though it was short, and though i jog slower than anyone ever, i actually jogged the majority of my jog... as opposed to walking most of it, like my usual jogs. so of the 1.66mi, i swear that i jogged at least 1.3 of those! i only slowed or stopped due to red lights / don't walk signs. holy moly. go me. 


well, anyway, the point of this tale was to tell you how awesome i am... for two reasons: 1) i received the best cat-call ever on my jog: "i don't think you need to workout!" and 2) a little boy started jogging with me and chatting a little while his mom or nanny tried to keep up. clearly,  i am the bomb-diggity since everyone wants to talk to me.


so that's that. i have no other tales to tell. hope you enjoyed the photos.

* comes from a friend of my witty s-i-l and her hubbs... i'm really trying to work it into my vocab b/c it's so, totally awesome.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

puerto rico... round 1

lizard, el yunque tropical rainforest
angy, mom, me, el yunque  
mom, tony, el yunque
steffa, hubbs, el yunque
steffa, hubbs, aunt barb (with an awesome poof hair-do courtesy of angelou!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

not pr...

i know that i promised pics from puerto rico... and i promise that they're coming.

but isn't she the cutest ever?! that's my baby niece -- miss dub (daughter of mrs. dub).

love her!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

feeling sheepish.

so i have a hole in my jeans... two to be exact, but one is much smaller than the other. the big one is like an inch long and definitely shows a little bit of booty... the other is like a small dot, but if you really look, you can definitely see some skin.

boo... or should i say, "baaaahhhh!"
(ya know? since i'm feeling sheepish.)

not only did i wear these jeans in my late afternoon meeting with my boss and co-worker... but i wore them all night with my fab sil, bil and coolest niece ever...

no doubt that one of them peeped my problem... and no one said anything.

boo to growing wide and ripping holes in jeans... this is my 2nd pair in a month that have mysteriously ripped near the pockets, and while the jeans are not brand new, they're both only like 2 years old and definitely not at the pocket-ripping stage.


bloggers unite, yo!

just in case you didn't know -- i totally believe in human rights... and equality. as in, i think everyone deserves the same basic rights -- life, liberty, pursuit of happiness... oh, and food, shelter, water... shoes (if they want them).

i am sad to admit that i didn't hear about the gigantor cyclone until a week after it happened. i can't blame my ignorance on my work travel, but that's what i'm doing b/c i feel so dumb. i swear that traveling throws me off in ridiculous ways... my eating schedule, my sleeping schedule, and most importantly (at least in this case) my cnn watching schedule.

so i'm sorry for being a bit behind, but i'm all for human rights... and the myanmar government not allowing in aid just b/c it feels threatened by other governments is a violation of human rights. thousands and thousands of people are dying... get over yourself, myanmar government! i understand wanting to be a self-sufficient place, but c'mon... without citizens, you won't be much of a nation anyway! (oh, and i totally know that i've really stripped down the reasoning to super basic, but that doesn't matter... i really don't have time or energy to delve into that b/c what i really care about here is the folks need some help! so just bear with me... deal?)

so i am glad to hear that the government is now allowing some foreign aid... but just like with hurricane katrina, the aid is coming a little late... and that's just not okay.

i'm just here to say that we should all fight for human rights... for america. for china. for chile. for tibet. for mexico. for czech republic. for iran...

for people.
(aka humans... just in case you didn't get the connection b/w people and human rights)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ode to e-rock

my bud e-rock (he prefers e-money... i like e-rock.) had to present on a super boring (to me) subject at his jobby-job (which just happens to be where i used to worky-work).

he supposedly used this awesome-rific flow chart in his class.

you must understand why i love this kid!

p.s. photos of puerto rico will come this weekend (i hope).

Friday, May 2, 2008

two in one day? unheard of.

so when i drive i get introspective... i write amazing blogs detailing my crazy, confused mind.

unfortunately, if i ever tried to actually write said mind-blogs, they would be far less meaningful and cool than they were in my head... hence the junk you are always subjected to. for this, i apologize. (but only b/c i really want you to read this... the fact that you actually read this junk is something that i'm totally not sorry for b/c though i want you to read it, it's up to you... so i'm only sorry for wanting you to read it.)

anywho. today, i drove to and from long island... to bay shore to be exact. the drive is just over an hour, and i enjoyed it each way b/c it gave me a chance to rock out.

on the way there, i rocked out to the bouncing souls... i've loved the bouncing souls since i was 15. to be honest, most of the things i like now are from when i was 15 or 17. i really haven't grown from that (except that i've gotten older, rotund-er, crotchety-er, tired-er and less cool-er). all of this is totally normal (i'm 95% sure), as one's high school years are his (or her) most formative... plus, you never have as much free time to explore life and music and art... and to explore the mall and (most importantly) to blow all earned (and parent-given) money on music, concerts and failed attempts at fashion.

but back to the 'souls. my first taste of punk rock was when i was in 3rd grade. i had a babysitter who lived a few houses down who had "sex pistols" written HUGE on her bedroom wall. i asked her what it was, and she told me that it was a punk band... and i knew right away that i loved them b/c the name was totally a bad word that i (felt like i) would totally get away with saying. while i never fell in love with the 'pistols, i started really listening to music in 5th grade with pearl jam (whom i still lovey-love). between my 5th and 6th grade years, my sister and her friends were older, so i would love anything they loved (except for the counting crows and their awful, but now nostalgic, mr. jones), which included (but wasn't limited to) sublime, bad religion, wall of voodoo (well, mexican radio, anyway), and sonic youth... then somehow i got into the ramones in middle school, and my love for the rock that is punk spiraled out of control... even though i was never quite cool or with-it enough to be super punk steph.

anyway, back to the 'souls. when i got to high school, i was awkward and uncomfortable and different b/c i had no idea how to be girly and comfortable and popular... so armed with my punk rock (the descendents, the ramones, the suicide machines, social distortion), i made friends with other awkwardly uncomfortable girls that needed some musical enlightenment. well, one of these girls took to my style (levi's baggy jeans, skate shoes or converse and punk rock), and we became bff... well, she met a punk rock boy, and she had the biggest crush ever... and may have even dated him for a while, but we were 15, so what does that even mean? well, this punk rock boy loved the bouncing souls... he introduced us, and the love affair began.

hubbs and i have seen them in concert quite a few times... but the 'souls are from new jersey / new york, so seeing the 'souls in the southwest must be different than seeing them in the northeast where they reign supreme... well, tomorrow night, hubbs and i will get the glorious chance to see the 'souls in brooklyn... woot. maybe we'll even get in the front and get shoved, beaten and bruised... who knows? there might even be some stage diving and moshing! (okay, i'm totally exaggerating... i will probably stand in back with the other "too old to be in front" kids.)

anyway, while in the car on the way home i got to thinking about the east coast / west coast differences, and it struck me.

i am a west coast surfer girl.

never mind that i totally grew up in the desert and can barely stand on a skateboard (even though i have always had a skate board since i was like 5 -- remember the banana board, mom? remember the tony hawk board, dad?)... but i'm still totally west coast (not southwest)... i crave sunshine and the beach (this is not an and/or thing). i don't love coyotes and kokopelli.

while hubbs would love me to see myself as a new yorker one day, i know that so-cal has my heart... even if we never live there, ever, i will identify more with those peeps than i ever will with new yorkers. i'm kooky and zany and friendly. i prefer west coast punk (no offense to the bouncing souls) and west coast mexican food and west coast surfing and candor and laid back attitude and brotherly love.

don't get me wrong... i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE new york city. living here is amazing and insane and wonderful and cool and eternally hip... even if i'm not eternally hip. new york city is everything you'd imagine it to be and more... but i still love me some sunshine and hippy peace. 

i want everyone to get along. i want to smile at people as i walk down the street and start up friendly chats on the subway... in new york, people are just more closed and cold... i'm open and warm. 

what it comes down to is that i'm more of a gilmore girl than a gossip girl*... think: more slow-paced and friendly and less fast-paced and angry. 

so i live here, and i love it, but i'm a west coast surfer girl at heart!

all of that was thought of (in a much, much cooler and more well-written way) on my drive today. lucky you that i finally attempted capturing it all on lavidasteffa... 

haha, lucky? is that really what i meant? no, no... that's right. i meant unlucky.

*for the record, i have never watched gossip girl.

a link to the stars...

well, one star anyway.
gwenyth and i are so alike. 
  • she speaks spanish and loves paella. i "speak" spanish and love paella.
  • she has pretty blonde hair. i have blonde hair (not as pretty as hers though... if only i had her stylist... or my erica!). 
i guess there a few other minor differences too.
  • she's a multi-millionaire, while i'm trying for a thousand-aire... 
  • she's married to a rockstar, while i'm married to a soon-to-be star-chitect. 
  • she's a wonderful actor, while i am not... but maybe i'm more witty... okay, maybe not.
  • she's poised most of the time, while i care too much about being goofy and having fun.
but the main difference? 
  • when she runs into things, she injures herself much more seriously than i do... she breaks bones, while when i run into coffee tables, walls and pianos, i merely get large bruises.