Saturday, March 29, 2008

puerto rico... my heart's devotion!

billetes are bought... hasta pronto!

Friday, March 28, 2008

best ever...

this is the best commercial... ever.


and, a special shout out to mrs m.g. happy birthday, sista!

Monday, March 24, 2008

dumplings and a living room.

sooooooooo. i decided that i'm sick of not cooking. hubbs and i just haven't had time to really cook since we moved, so i've eaten a lot of hot pockets, tuna sammies and the like in the past month and a half. if spain did anything for me, it created a new (albeit small) love for cooking, so i decided phooey with tuna sammies for dinner every night.

over the weekend, i went through the wonderful cookbook that my dear mommy bought me while i was in spain (b/c she was so ashamed at my lack of cooking knowledge -- in case you're new: i didn't know how to slice mushrooms). i decided that i need to cook at least two meals every week... i know that two sounds like a measly number, but i travel for work, so i'm not always home seven nights every week (sorry hubbs!).

i went through some recipes, and hubbs and i decided that we'd make chicken and dumplings for our easter feast (aka - sunday's dinner) and that later in the week, i'd make beef stroganoff.

i was SO excited! on saturday, we went to the grocery store and stocked up on everything we needed... hubbs opted for the whole chicken, as it's more cost effective, and we got his oh-so-coveted-boning-knife as a wedding gift, so he couldn't wait to use it.
then sunday came, and i talked to my mom, my dad and my sister... all three of them told me the same thing, "chicken and dumplings?! gross!" (in my their defense: my dad backed it up with the fact that he's never actually had chicken and dumplings, and my mom hasn't had them since i was a little, little girl, and my sister is crazy.) my step-dad was the nicest by saying (at least somewhat believably), "that sounds good." thanks tony!

i was SO scared. what cruel people! seriously, here i am continuing my sad attempt at being a domestic goddess, and they all turn their noses up at my meal of choice! to be honest, i rethought my chicken and dumplings meal multiple times... fortunately, my hubbs wouldn't hear of it. so we went through with it. hubbs did a great job dismembering the chicken, and i prepared all of the veggies and the pool-of-goodness that our chicken would swim in... together, we made the dumplings, which are just buttermilk biscuits. lastly, hubbs made the gravy.

what is there not to like about chicken and dumplings?!

chicken? good. veggies? good. biscuits? very good. gravy? extremely good.

my sister mentioned that she doesn't like soggy bread, but our biscuits weren't soggy at all. they were perfect... the biscuit gets wet when you put the gravy on... but you can opt to go gravy-less (who would even think such a thing?!).

moral of the story: don't listen to everything your parents (or older siblings) tell you... oh, and... i'm a domestic goddess.

oh, and here's some shots of my cute living room. the horizontal photo is taken from the doorway of our bedroom... just to the left of that doorway is the office/guest room doorway. the vertical photo is taken from the far window, which is basically in the far right, bottom corner of the horizontal photo. oooh la la!

Friday, March 21, 2008

are you kidding me?!

so tonight, hubby brought home a friend. we hang out w/ this dude almost every friday (and normally his gf, too... but not this week), and he's an interesting fella to say the least -- mismatched socks (almost always), super cool glasses for his bad vision (that's way worse than mine), tendency to point out other ppl's pimples in public (including his own gf's)... seriously, though, he's cool and quirky, so he's my kind of fella to hang out with.

so back to tonight -- i sent the boys out to get some mexican food from our neighborhood restaurant, and i told hubbs to get me something good. so hubbs said, "okay, so something really spicy?"

... to which i crooned, "don't be cruel... to a heart that's true!" if you know me at all, you know that i can't handle spice too well.
so friend (we'll call him t.r.) says, "is that a song or something?!"

can i tell you something?! i don't know if i can be friends with someone who doesn't know one of elvis's best songs... seriously, how does one not know don't be cruel?

so then i said, "that's WAY weirder than me never seeing any star wars movies!"

to which he said, "WHAT?!?! you've never seen a star wars movie?! that's WAY weirder!"

i'm sorry, t.r., but it's WAY weirder to not know such a huge elvis hit than it is to not watch star wars. i mean, i know what star wars is... i just have no desire to see a single film. how can a person not even know that don't be cruel exists?! plus, don't be cruel came out in 1953, and the first star wars movie came out in 1977. both are HUGE pop culture icons, but elvis has lasted much longer, and his fans are MUCH cooler than those of star wars (there's no competition!).

so which do you think is weirder?
quirky little tidbit about me -- in high school, i was all but obsessed with elvis. i love, love, loved him. the funny thing is that i never, ever loved the old elvis. so now you know a little more about me... another tidbit -- i start half of my sentences with "so."
not to muscle you or anything, but this is my blog.

Monday, March 17, 2008

find your pot o' gold!

happy st. patty's day!
and happy birthday to my s-i-l, mrs. gee... and happy belated bday to my one and only mom!

just so you know, i'm 99.9% sure that no pink eye graced my pretty peepers this weekend. i guess that i've just never had such intense allergies before. yikes!

anyway, guess what?! it's st. patty's day, and i'm going to boston. people of irish descent form the largest single ethnic group in the city, making up 15.8% of the population... i don't know that i own a single piece of work-appropriate green clothing. will they murder me?!

'eh. no need to worry about me... remember?! i'm scrappy.

on that note, i need to pack for my short (but thoroughly packed-tastic) trip.

slán agaibh
aka - goodbye... in irish gaelic

Saturday, March 15, 2008

tea drops fallin' on my face...

no, the title is not a misprint. drops of tea keep fallin' on my face. weird, i know.

i woke up this morning with some crusty eyes... not glued shut (thankfully) but definitely crustier than the norm. i quickly ran to the mirror to see if my eyes were pink and if they had that depressed/sunken-in look of pink eye.

well, they weren't that pink at all (okay, actually they weren't pink at all), but they were a bit sunken/depressed looking, so i hopped on google and searched "pink eye home remedies," as i have yet to find a dr. here, and my eye dr. in az isn't open on saturdays. sure enough, i found a gajillion home remedies -- some that sounded weird and others that sounded weirder.

the one that sounded the best and had the most postings and had the most 'thank-yous' was black tea. what to do: steep black tea bags (or any kind of tea bags, really... i read that those who didn't have black tea used chamomile or others), let them cool enough so they don't scald your eyelids, then set them on your eyelids for 5-10 minutes... then every so often put a couple of tea drops in each eye.

sounds weird, but it seems to dry my eyes every time i do it. definitely took any itch away, so i really think that it's brilliant! so, it's really funny b/c when i put tea drops in my eye, the tea runs down my eye looking like tea-colored tears... hubbs thinks it's gross; i think it's rad! but hubbs also thinks that it looks like i have poop on my eyes -- way to kick me while i'm down!

so... tea is way, way, way cheaper than pink eye medicine. trust me; i know. this may sound weird, but i get pink eye more than anyone... ever. seriously, if someone in a five-mile radius of me has pink eye, then i will get it. i read that there are a gajillion ways to get pink eye (including allergies), and ppl with contact lenses are far more susceptible to pink eye than ppl without contact lenses...

anyway, the point is: i know how much that prescription costs, so if a home remedy will cure me, then i'll take it. again, my pink eye isn't bad... in fact, i half think that it's just really bad allergies b/c my allergies are really, really, really, really bad right now (that's a different blog post), but i just can't take any chances... i'll be on a plane on monday to boston, and i don't want to infect my fellow passengers (or coworkers once i'm in boston).

that's my story. if you ever get pink eye, try the tea remedy... i'll let you know if it really works (assuming that it is pink eye and not just allergies).

now, to make this post interesting at all... here are some more apt photos. i present to you the bathroom. oooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i give the people what they want

okay, okay... i kind of give the people what they want...

i can't give you pics of the whole place yet, but i just cleaned the bedroom, so i thought i could share. hubbs went to dinner with some friends tonight (typically our friday-night-dinner-crowd, but they're not in town tomorrow night, so they went out tonight, but since i went out to dinner the last two nights for work, i didn't feel like going out at all.), so i cleaned the bedroom.

what that actually means is that i stuffed stuff a ton o' stuff (clothes, tools, shoes...) in drawers and closets or left things on the coffee table.

but the bedroom looks lovely (fortunately, the camera can't take super close photos b/c the floor really needs swept)... it just needs some wall hangings, and we have plenty of things to hang... but as of yet, we lack a hammer and nails (and to be quite honest, i'm nervous to bang holes in the freshly painted walls... even if the paint is annoying matte finish which can never be cleaned.). oh, and i'm sure you can tell, that we need one more curtain on the window behind the bed... hubbs is on it; i promise.

so there it is... i hope that you relish these photos b/c you may not have new apt photos for quite some time.

that's all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

please donate...

we found our dream home.

who can donate $500k to the cause?

if you can only donate $300k, that's okay too b/c we're sure that someone else could donate the other $200k. we're not even getting greedy... we're only asking for enough to keep our monthly payments around what they are now.

whadaya say?

this should take care of seeing a new york apartment for miss melissa... sorry that it's not ours, but it could be with some generosity.

i might be growing up...

no, really... i think i'm gettin' big (and not just b/c hubbs and i have yet to make it to the gym).

so for your enjoyment, here is evidence of my new maturation:

1) my favorite cereal is all bran... yes, all bran. full of fiber, all bran. no more lucky charms. adios cocoa puffs. hello all bran strawberry medley... try it. you'll love it (if you're grown, like me).

2) hubbs and i bought real, grown-up furniture. seriously, we have non-thrift store furniture... and it matches... and we're concerned about ruining it. like, "no shoes on the coffee table." and "coasters on the coffee table and on the bedside table." plus, our tv stand has frosted glass that you can use remotes through... that's right -- we don't have to open the doors to use our components. did i mention that we didn't buy any of it at a thrift store?! (yes, i know that we purchased it all at ikea, and that's not quite the nicest of all furniture stores, but it's a few steps above the thrift stores that i'm used to... plus, we spent quite a bit of moolah on the stuff, so give me a break for choosing hip-ikea over boring-jennifer.)

3) i have a company car... that's just weird.

4) i'm living far away from my parents and my sister... and this time it's not just for 3 months.

5) i'm married...

6) i'm looking into a subscription to the new york times... (will we have time to read it if we get it 7 days a week? should we rock the weekender? would we even have a chance to look at it on friday? maybe just saturday and sunday?)

that's all for now... but next time you look, i may have dentures.