Friday, February 29, 2008

the gym is making me sick.

so hubbs and i are taking the plunge...

we're joining a gym.

we're both ready to get rid of our winter coats in exchange for svelte bikini bodies (okay, hubbs doesn't exactly wear a bikini... or even a speedo for that matter). we want to stay healthy. we want for me not to balloon up with all of the ice cream that my job is making me eat. we want the ability to have pizza and ice cream whenever we desire (okay, so this is really my biggest reason for ever caring to work out).

so... we're joining a gym.

i started my gym search yesterday. fortunately for me, it's the end of the month, so there are "two-days only specials!" what this really means is, "please help us reach our quota for the month... we'll only charge you slightly more than a ridiculous amount... instead of our normal 'extremely ridiculous' amount."

seriously, i checked three gyms (all within close proximity to hubby's work and our home)... 1) crunch, 2) bally total fitness, 3) new york sports clubs.

did you know that i paid just $19 per month in phoenix at pure fitness? it wasn't the nicest gym ever, but it did the job...

do you know how much gyms charge in new york city?

since you're not guessing fast enough, i'll just tell you: 1) crunch costs $99/person/month, 2) nysc costs $70/person/month and 3) bally costs $45/person/month...

did i mention that these are "special" prices? and that each "fitness consultant" (aka: one stoner circa the days of the grateful dead who's still living the dream while not working out, one girl who clearly doesn't work out but says she does and one girl who was actually obviously into working out) worked with me to get such great deals (no, really... it's true)?


did i mention that i paid $19 dollars per month in phoenix?!

one hundred dollars per month?!?!?! are these people crazy?! no, really... like loco en la cabeza?! obviously, bally was the winner from price... the problem with bally? it's a bit farther from hubby's work than nysc. nysc is on the same street, which means that when i show up at his work ready to hit the gym, we'll have no excuses... plus, the brooklyn nysc is way closer to our home... whereas bally is a bit further (like 20 minutes further).


obviously, crunch is out. it's a toss up b/w bally and nysc, though... i mean, really, we don't want to pay $70 each every month, but we need a gym, and we feel that we'd force ourselves to go way more if it were convenient...

oh, and... bally total fitness requires a 3 year contract... let me spell and italicize that out for you in case you didn't catch it -- bally requires a three year contract. what a scam.


yesterday, i started looking for gyms.

this morning, i woke up with a sore throat and a headache.

coincidence? i think not.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the windy city...

on the best note -- mrs. dub is the best! she braved awful weather to bring my most precious niece, miss dub, to see me before i started my day yesterday! it was a glorious and memorable hour. miss dub was quite shy at first, but after a bit, she warmed up to me, and we had fun romping around my hotel room and jumping on the bed. i hadn't seen the dubs (sorry i missed you, mr. dub!) since my wedding in june, and since miss dub is now sixteen months (ish), she's grown a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot!)... and learned so many new skills (most notable? her nunchuk skills)... she wears big girl clothes and runs around like the big girl she is. love her!

anyhoo, our lil' rendezvous was, indeed, the best part of my trip, though the rest wasn't so bad... and let the boring story begin!

so on monday, i left bright and early (to stop by target to purchase mini-toiletries to ensure carry-on only baggage... i needed a mini face moisturizer, which target didn't have, so i had to improvise w/ sunscreen... odd.), but i ended up being more than early... try 3.5 hours. oh, yes. my flight was quite delayed, so i sat and waited a lot. once i was on the plane and ready to go, however, delta tricked me by keeping us on the tarmac for an additional 45 minutes (thanks, delta!). once in mid-air, the girl behind me was asleep w/ her music SO LOUD that i was forced to bump along with her for a good hour or so... then the man across from me began snoring... oh, the joys of traveling.

fortunately, i arrived in my-precious-miss-dub-land safely, and i caught a cab to the hotel (the airport hotel, mind you). the cabbie got lost... did i mention that it was an airport hotel?!?! this means that it was right next to the airport. he drove around (and increased the fare a bit) before blaming his poor mapquest skills on me... the nerve!

then i checked in to my hotel. i was chatting w/ mrs. dub when i entered my hotel room... when to my surprise, i walked into my boss's room. or at least, i thought it was my boss's room. there was an open suitcase (with *gasp* visible underwear chillin' in the hotel room breeze). i quickly got off of the phone w/ mrs. dub (who was on her way to visit me -- which didn't happen this night due to bad weather and traffic) to call the hotel desk to check and see if they gave me the wrong room key... nope, no mistake. my boss only booked one room... well, there was only one bed. there was also a sleeper couch, but this was just an odd scenario. my boss (whom i've never met) and i are supposed to share a room?!?! seriously, just get us two rooms at motel 8 if you're trying to cut travel costs (not only would i not have to share a room w/ a strange man, but it'd be cheaper... ha!).

eventually, after calling my mom and laughing hysterically about the odd situation, my boss called from the front desk to let me know that there had been an error. he promplty came to the room to remove his belongings and leave me to my evening... yes, this was my first real-life meeting with my boss -- mr. larry removing his luggage from my hotel room... awkward?!

so if you're wondering -- i had NO idea what to do! i didn't know larry very well, so i didn't want to confront the situation... i mean, what if it was normal for my company to have employees share rooms?! would i offend him by denying him the luxury of my constant presence?! i just couldn't take the chance, so i waited... and ended up not having to confront the situation at all -- yay!

so anyway, back to chicago. i ate too much food. i devoured too much delicious ice cream (when softserve comes to your market, i highly recommend trying the strawberry fruit creme... seriously, decadent and delicious!). i hung out w/ my chicago-land counterpart a lot, and we got along great! we're definitely going to have fun together.

and that's really the skinny. if you only read the first paragraph, i don't blame you... b/c that truly was the best part of my trip. now, if only mr. t and miss dub could visit hubbs and i in new york! cousins trip to nyc -- great idea!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

nine years tomorrow.

hubbs is my high school sweetheart, and we're the most adorable. tomorrow, 2/25, is our nine year anniversary (and i'm off to chicago). so in honor of hubbs, i stole this from a super cute blog of a girl whom i've met only a couple times (gotta love the interweb)...

What is his name?
paul... but i call him a gajillion other things. i'm very creative with the whole nickname thing.

How long have you been together? we've been married for almost nine months, but we've been together for nine years... junior year in high school. (can i get a hoo-ah?)

Who eats more? he does... but i definitely hold my own. actually, if i'm honest, half the time i eat just as much as he does (which is why i need to drop 10lbs).

Who said I love you first? i did! ha! we weren't even boyfriend/girlfriend yet... just bff. we were sitting outside of a show at tempe bowl... must've been in the fall of '98.

Who is taller? hubbs... and by a lot, too. good thing b/c for every inch over the national average, one makes a % higher in salary. he's four-ish inches over the male average, while i'm 1/2 inch under the female average.

Who sings better? i'd say that he does... namely b/c i'm awful. now, if you were to ask, "who sings more," or "who's more confident singing?," the answer would definitely be me.

Who is smarter? hubbs, obviously. i'm no dummy, but that guy has the greatest memory and the biggest thirst for knowledge of anyone i've ever met.

Who does the laundry? we do it together.

Who does the dishes? most of the time, i do.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? i do... no rhyme or reason.

Who pays the bills? i do. i do.

Who mows the lawn? we don't have a lawn, but if we did... hubbs would!

Who cooks dinner? me... normally, but he's a way better cook than i am...

Who drives when you are together? now, i do since i'm the one w/ a ride.

Who is more stubborn? i don't think that either of us are that stubborn... but i would say that i'm more stubborn b/c he's the most even-tempered boy in the world.

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? uhm... me, but that's b/c he's rarely wrong... it's annoying, but i love having a smart boy.

Whose parents do you see the most? whoever visits us most... we're for them battling for the title of 'most seen parents.' let's get ready to rumble!

Who kissed whom first? i kissed him first! ha! sitting outside my house after seeing the h.s. production of west side story.

Who proposed? hubbs! at bahama buck's. it was awesome.

Who is more sensitive? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Who has more friends? in nyc, he does, fo shizzle. overall, i do.

Who has more siblings? the boy does.

Who wears the pants in the family? ME! ha. kidding. we share the pantalones.

Friday, February 22, 2008


so in preparation for my trip to chicago (where i prolly won't see my sil... boo!), i decided that it should snow today... like, really snow.

and so, it is really snowing. it's beautiful... just don't ask me to drive in it b/c going out of the house seems like a large task.

in other news, how should i prepare for chicago?! considering it's always around the 30s here, i think i might need a little more warm-stuff in chicago (where it gets down to the -s... that's the negatives, ppl!). any suggestions?!

p.s. oh, and congrats to j-lo!

Monday, February 18, 2008

new job

so i went to boston... err, canton / quincy. just like i didn't grow up in phoenix per se, i didn't go to boston. i went to the suburbs. and while i have a friend in boston, i was too chicken to drive into the city to visit her.

don't judge me. i was super busy. between class all day and random "homework" at night, things were hectic (in a positive way). plus, tuesday night it snowed more than i've ever seen -- 3 to 4 inches. obviously, i didn't want to drive in that! then all day wednesday it rained -- buckets and buckets.

despite the rain and my exhaustion, i had to go out to dinner on wednesday night, as three people from my team (kind of) invited me, and i couldn't turn them down, as i don't have much of a team. seriously -- there are two other people in nyc (one of whom does what i do, kind of); my boss is in florida; my counterpart is in chicago. so obviously, getting to know any pseudo team members was important!

needless to say, i'm thrilled to have this opportunity. ridiculously thrilled. hubby's friend said it best, "it's like you work for willy wonka." it's so true. my job has ridiculous perks (a prius, included), and there's opportunity for growth. can i get a hoo-ah?!

anyway. i'm heading to chicago next week for a couple of days (where i really, really, really hope i have time to see my s-i-l and fam). this will be the first time that i'll meet my boss and my counterpart. needless to say, i'm ready for that.

oh, chicago in february isn't all that tempting, but my boss also promised that he wants to fly me down to florida in march or so to see how the franchisees work there... yes, florida and its warm weather.

oh, and don't forget that i'm heading to burbank for four weeks come june (get ready, m&m). yes, i'll be gone for four weeks. yes, it's sad. yes, i'll miss my hubby, but i've heard that i can fly back weekly as needed (or maybe hubbs can fly out to see me). ten hours of flying every week, though... we'll see.

anyway, thanks to prez's day, hubbs and i are just chillin' today... and it's nice.

Monday, February 11, 2008

always an adventure

so my hubby had to work on saturday... on SATURDAY! fortunately, i was around all through arch school, so i have been well prepared. but what's awesome is that b/c he worked saturday, his bosses told him to come in at 11 today, which meant that we were able to hang a bit this morning!

so since we're all business, we decided to go to the dmv this morning to get our new licenses. as we walked across the street to the train, the train was arriving... so we ran. running in 19 degree weather is tough; somehow the cold takes all of the air out of one's lungs, which makes breathing somewhat difficult. the good news is that we totally made it into the station with plenty of time. the bad news is that my metrocard did not want to work. i swiped the sucker 42 gazillion times, and it kept telling me to swipe again... ugh. then the train left -- without us!

fortunately, it was early enough to still be considered rush hour, so another train was just 5 minutes away, and we made it to the dmv... which is conveniently located in the shopping center w/ the target and the old navy.

the dmv line wasn't that crazy, but it still took awhile... my photo turned out quite nice, thankyouverymuch. unfortunately, we won't receive the official licenses for 2 weeks. until then, we have paper stating our ability to drive legally -- sans photos.

this worried me.

i about panicked (shocking, i know). i'm flying to bean town tonight, as i start work orientation tomorrow -- as the ice cream queen (yeah!). well, with work orientation comes a ton o' paperwork, and that means that i owe some identification to my employer... which is why i about panicked -- my old az id is no longer. the panicky feeling didn't last too long, thankfully, as i remembered that a passport would not only work at the airport but also as my work id -- ya know, to make sure i'm me and legal and all that stuff.

when i arrived home -- quick aside: HOME. seriously, HOME! wow! --, i checked my paperwork, and sure enough, my passport is enough. phew.

seriously, my life is an adventure.

off to boston.

Friday, February 8, 2008

muy importante.

good news.
we were rejected from spain.

paul's dad received our rejection letters yesterday. how awesome is that?! that means that we totally weren't foolish to go to spain for 3 months without visas. that means that moving to nyc without knowing either way (yes or no from the consulate) wasn't a big risk.

that means that we're supposed to be here, and that's pretty awesome... and yet, if we didn't take the chance of going to spain sans visas, we wouldn't have had any time there.

life is good.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

who am i?!

this weekend, we went to target... twice. i've already told you this. the first trip was a "necessity-only" trip, while the second was a "load up on everything" trip.

so during the "necessity-only" trip, we were in a huge hurry since the cable guy was coming... he was the whole reason we had to go to target b/c our modem is on a truck somewhere, which is not in our apartment... turns out that we didn't need the modem anyway, but that's beside the point.

while the trip ended up being unnecessary after all, one good thing came out of it... we bought our very first decorative-something. and guess what -- i actually spotted it and wanted it. I wanted something decorative... it doesn't hold flowers even... it's just decorative.

i must be growing up... or this is a scary case of the body snatchers!


the best part is that the beautiful bowl was on clearance for $7.50 from $30... just b/c i'm growing up doesn't mean that i'm no longer a sale-only kinda' girl!

**don't worry -- i'm not discounting any decorative items that we received as wedding gifts... it's just that those are still on the truck, and the bowl is in the apartment...

Monday, February 4, 2008

i've learned.

so i've learned a few things about new york while living here, so i thought that i should share.
#1 - shopping in new york is like shopping anywhere else on christmas eve at 8pm... actually, it's more like shopping at walmart on christmas eve at 8pm. lines are the longest ever. finding a shopping cart is never a reality. selection is always limited due to an overwhelming number of fellow shoppers.

i'm just talking about target and the grocery store. i haven't been actually shopping-shopping yet, but i'm sure that i'll fear for my life when a stranger and i go for the last size six at the same time...

#2 - the stereotype is kind of true about new yorkers... they're ruder than other city folk. okay, so maybe it's not rude, but they never smile; they never exchange pleasantries; they never look anyone in the eye.

in said target shopping experience, i asked the two ppl i dealt with how their day was going... both of them seemed shocked and taken aback. apparently, i have to give up pleasantries if i want to become a new yorker. (fortunately for me, i've never cared to be authentic.) while in the packed subway, a short senior citizen was standing on her tiptoes to reach the hand bar thingy overhead. to my knowledge, senior citizens always take priority in terms of public transportation, and even if that weren't true, i thought the lady might fall and hit her head or something, so i asked if she would like my seat... she declined, but i've never seen anyone more appreciative in my life. apparently, common courtesy isn't always the norm.

i will give new yorkers the benefit of the doubt, though. there are a ton of ppl here. if you don't stand up for yourself to get your subway seat or the last size six on the rack, you'll never get anything b/c someone else will surely take it... every man for himself.

#3 - this city is amazing. seriously, mind-blowing amazing. incredible. fantastic. surreal.

i've decided that if any new yorker doesn't feel this way about the city, they should leave it b/c there are downsides to living in such a densely populated city with a gajillion tourists (not that i mind), so if one is not enamored with the city, then there's no real point to being here.

#4 - i am truly, 100% enamored with this city.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

did you hear?

we live in brooklyn.

word to the beastie boys.

we have an air mattress and some suitcases. can't wait for the movers to bring our stuff. hubbs starts work on monday. i start work one week from monday.

we love our life. we're stoked to be here.

who's visiting first?!