Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why do you read this?

so it's been a few days... how have you coped?

anyway, enough of the patting myself on the back... instead, i am going to pat myself on the back.

i had another GREAT job interview, and i am really (no, like REALLY) excited about the opportunity. i'm hoping for the offer to come through tomorrow (please, please, please!). i can't wait to get back into career mode. i love working just as much as i love learning... and if you know me at all, i love, love, love school... if only i had a terrific memory.

in other news, the movers came today. they took all of our expertly-packed (ha!) boxes and shoved and stacked them into a gigantor truck. i really, really, really hope that everything makes it to brooklyn (represent!) in one piece. can you believe it? we were married eight months ago on friday, and we haven't been able to use 98% of our wedding gifts! what a travesty! now, we get to play 'house' and decorate and all that crazy stuff that i never thought i'd ever want to do... oh, how things change (like, man. when did i get so chunky? is it really still called a muffin top??? b/c i'm pretty sure that now it's just a big belly and a lot of lower back fat...).

so our stuff is on its way to nyc, and we'll follow shortly. friday, to be exact... (ya know, just in case you haven't heard.)

okay, so i'm all over the place today. deal with it.

on to important news. an nkotb reunion?!?! omg, i cannot wait. i want to be personally serenaded by nkotb. cover girl was totally written for me; don't try and tell me otherwise. and i'm all for taking it step by step and hangin' tough... oh, and don't get me starting on i'll be lovin' you forever. i could cry just thinking of how much i love, love, loved nkotb back in the day. my gma even bought me an awesome sweater that said the name of the group four hundred times on it. tragedy #1 of my life: never seeing nkotb live. i got to see paula abdul, color me badd, tiffany, pink floyd and even motley crue as a child, but i never got to see jordan knight in person... how depressing.

but now i have a shot. you can laugh at me, but i will buy tickets to see one of the greatest boy bands of all time. i have no interest in jt or even the backstreet boys, but you better believe that i'll hit up ticketmaster like white on rice as soon as the nkotb dates are announced. i'm sure that hubbs can't wait. maybe he won't read this... then it could be a 'surprise.' ha.

last but not least. miss erica cut my hair again, and she's magnificent. i wish that i could move her to nyc with me where she could be my fabulously hip stylist (is 'fabulously hip' a lame way to say it?). i really do need help with my overall look (the innertube around my waist isn't helping), but alas, i am just a normal girl without a fabulously hip stylist... tragedy #2 of my life. oh, and the photo of me is super-awesome, i know. i'll take the credit, but i'll tell you that miss erica's work looks better in person b/c i'm cuter in person... unfortunately, photos don't catch my energy or effervescence (not in the 'emitting small bubbles of gas' kind of way, but in the 'lively, vivacious' kind of way) (am i effervescent?).

anyway, i'm off to do nothing... just long enough to make the last couple of days ridiculously hectic instead of easing into things like a normal person.

**i hope that you see that the 'tragedies' of my life are not quite tragedies at all... i'm a lucky, lucky, lucky girl, so don't let my random, passing complaints lead you to believe that my life is hard...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

an admission...

we're really moving to brooklyn.

it's no longer just a far-fetched dream. we found and rented an apartment. we booked movers. we have flights scheduled...

for one week from yesterday. CRAZY.

i have to be honest, though, b/c i talk really BIG. i'm nervous. i'm intimidated. i feel like a country bumpkin who's lost her way in the big city. i've always, always, always claimed phx over scottsdale, but let's be real: i did not grow up in phx or in an urban/bustling downtown environment. when i was in elementary school, there was plenty of diversity in my school. there were gangs, and there was crime, and that was definitely phx... and not the best area either, but i was a kid and had no sense of anything but normalcy. moving northeast in middle school eliminated all of that (and to be honest, in high school, i really missed the diversity!). i grew up in the 82nd safest city in the country. i walked the streets at night with my friends sans the need to look over my shoulder (i did look over my shoulder, but that's b/c i'm paranoid and anxious).

i moved to tucson to go to college... and i'll tell you something that i'm somewhat embarrassed to admit: even though i love-love-loved tucson when i moved there, i did think that i was in over my head. i did think that tucson was a little ghetto-er than phx (er, scottsdale) b/c it was more urban... less suburban (at least around the u of a). and what's more: i was homesick for phx (er, scottsdale). after a tumultuous beginning to college, however, i realized that tucson really was cooler (better, even) than phx (er, scottsdale), and i no longer just said those things to be cool, but i really believed it.

so then after 6 rad years in a way cool environment, i moved home to phx (er, scottsdale), and my love for tucson and all things urban grew. i missed the downtown environment, so as soon as hubby graduated, i said, "move us!"

hubbs moved us to spain. i'll be honest: i was ridiculously intimidated for the first 10 days or so... then i was only partially intimidated for a couple of weeks more. we were living the dream, and i was scared out of my mind. after a month, i was down with the alicante way of life, and i was living the dream happily without fear (most of the time... remember, i'm paranoid and panicky).

so then spain didn't work out... and we decided to realize our dreams of nyc.

and i am scared. i am intimidated. i am nervous.
i look over my shoulder. i grip my purse tightly. i check my surroundings carefully.

i know that the nervousness shall pass, but i figured that i should out myself b/c i'm sick of leading everyone on -- i know that you think i'm supergirl (okay, maybe that's a lil' exaggerated, but whatevs), but i am not.

i just want to live life. i want to do crazy and spontaneous things. even if i'm neither crazy nor spontaneous. even if that means stepping out of my comfort zone.

oh, i don't think it'd be very nice of you to tell me, "i told you so," b/c i know that each and every one of you has at some point told me that i'd be scared out of my mind to move to nyc... i knew you were right when you said it. i knew you were right before you said it...

but i also knew that i wanted more. i know that i want to live in nyc. even if that means that i have to face my fears... no, especially if that means that i have to face my fears... b/c i'm an irrationally fearful individual, and by doing things that scare me (except roller coasters -- let's not get crazy), i grow, and i prove my strength... to myself.

Friday, January 25, 2008

food and tragedy

so heath ledger died in manhattan. that's sad. now, obviously heath and i weren't bff or anything, but i liked his movies, and my sister thought he was 'pretty,' and he was too young to go, and he's a dad... c'mon, cruel fate!

anyway, i shouldn't show my obsession for people.com on my blog, but you already know that i'm not super-cool, so what have i got to lose.

it's freezing here. no, like omg, who knew that a person's cheeks (both sets) could go numb? i didn't, but i do now. so last night while walking through ridiculous wind and 25ish degree weather, i thought, "so this is why people move to arizona!"

then i thought back to the most delicious chinese food we had the other night. seriously, the dumplings would change your life, and the chive pancake -- yum-o. then i thought back to the bagels we've had a couple of times. then i thought back to the yummy polish food... and then the rockin' italian... and that's when i thought, "so this is why people move to new york!"

and so let it be said that even though it is ungodly cold and sometimes too windy for my cheeks to bear, the food makes me want to stay... oh, and i like the trains; they're fun. oh, and i like the ppl; ppl watching is the bomb-diggity here. oh, and i like the food, and trust me, you would too.

farewell heath. we'll keep matilda and michelle safe.

p.s. we totally found an apt, and it is the cutest. fyi.
p.p.s. hubbs now has 2 offers with 1 on the way. he's the man.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

you should know...

a) hubbs is at interview #5. day 1 went super-awesome for him, so i'm as proud as a peach.

b) hubbs has 4 more interviews. he's a machine.

c) it's supposed to SNOW today.

d) i saw an apartment yesterday. it's small, but the view is AMAZING... from the balcony. the photo doesn't really do it justice, but thanks camera phone! hubbs will see it today. it might be our new home.

e) i had 2 interviews yesterday. the second one was not so good. the first one = job offer... i have 2 more exciting interviews to go, so we'll see how it goes.

did you know that my life is the best?

Monday, January 21, 2008

you should know...

i just thought that you should know a few things:

a) it is COLD. no, not just cold, but FRIGID... like, omg, i've never been so cold ever in my life.

b) it's supposed to snow on tuesday.

c) hubbs slipped in ice last night... ice?! what's that?! no worries, though. he's a-okay, and now we know to look for ice.

d) it's supposed to snow on thursday.

e) even with the weather, I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!

wish us luck on interviews and job hunting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i shouldn't tell you.

i'm ashamed. i haven't been following the presidential race.

i can't believe i just said it out loud. please don't judge me. i know it's hard considering this is the biggest presidential race in a long-time... most important, and i've been ignoring it.

fortunately, i have a hubby who cares about politics. he and i see eye-to-eye on most subjects (get us out of iraq, no tax cuts just b/c you make 250k annually...), and then we don't agree on other things (as liberal as i am, he's still more liberal... that anarchist ;) ha!). anyway, last night he really wanted to watch the debates, and i really didn't feel like it. we had already watched the 2 hour season premier of american idol and a 1 hour law and order. i felt that i couldn't take more tv.

...but then i felt bad for not taking my opportunity to follow the presidential race, so i headed to the internet (the internet is better for your brain than tv... right?! RIGHT?!). i read all of the candidates' views on all the subjects that matter -- immigration, iraq, taxes, abortion, same-sex marriage...

i've decided. kucinich is the man for me. sorry, i know that since i'm a lady, a lot of ppl think i should support the old first-lady to make her the first lady-president... that reason's just not good enough for me, and i don't like her views as much as i like kucinich's.

well, unfortunately, kucinich isn't going to win the democratic ticket -- thanks, at least in part, to ppl like me who didn't follow along early enough... so then i like edwards, and he's not going to win either -- thanks, at least in part, to his old presidential running-mate, john kerry, backing obama... so then next on my list is obama, and he's looking pretty solid right now, but, really, it's still early. sorry, ladies, clinton just isn't my cup of tea right now. thanks to her views on iraq and immigration, she doesn't have my vote.
here's what i want: out of iraq, a better immigration policy that doesn't involve a) deporting a zillion ppl or b) a 700 mile wall, abortion rights, same-sex marriage, reinstated taxes for those who make over 200k annually, stem cell research and some sort of national health care that ensures health care for all americans.

have i turned you against me? can we still be friends?

just in case you hate politics: did you hear that brad renfro died?! how sad is that?! i mean, he was on heroin and all, so it was somewhat expected, but still... he was just 25... 25, like me. like a few of my buds. dying so young makes me soOo sad, and as much as i love billy joel, i just don't believe that only the good die young b/c i know a lot of ppl who didn't die young... and i'm good, and i don't plan on dying young. anyway, that's your people.com update for today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

last name change

so i've been married for awhile now... 7 months and two weeks to be specific, and i still haven't changed my name. at first, i couldn't change my name, since hubbs and i had turned in our spanish visa paperwork, and i had this sneaking suspicion that changing my name would further slow the process... seriously, could the process get any slower? i don't really know, but i can only imagine that a name change might confuse the consulate and/or the country of spain, so i went to spain as a mrs, but as a mrs b instead of a mrs s.

well, now we're moving to nyc. (woot!) i can finally change my name. did you know that it bugs me not to have the same last name? when we buy airline tickets, for some reason not having the same last name makes the whole situation complicated (only in my mind, not in reality). so i need to get this situation taken care of.

i have my social security card and my birth certificate ready to go, but the hubbs and i keep forgetting to head to the social security office... and i'll admit that i'm a little wary since i've applied to all of these jobs as mrs b, not mrs s, but i'm ready, dangit! plus, changing my name isn't really changing anything... more like adding a name, since i'll be keeping the b and adding the s, but not hyphenated b/c i'm not that modern. i mean, i'm definitely modern and all (don't think that i'm not modern... b/c i am), but i don't want to be called mrs b-s. sure, i might be full of it 90% of the time, but i don't need that nickname looming overhead.

so don't call me that. you understand?

anyway, i need to get it done. maybe today will be the magical day that the social security office is graced with hubbs and my presence... and then again maybe not.

but one day, i will legally be mrs s... one day.

Monday, January 14, 2008

the beach and the first

so rocky point was tons o' fun. hubbs and i had a great time, and my anxiety of being in rocky point was limited -- which is a plus. the sun was shining, and the weather was beautiful... maybe not quite beachy enough, but it's still january, so cut the sun some slack please!

without knowing it, we just happened to be in town for the roger clyne show, which is super-rific and awesome to me. i was a huge fan of the refreshments back in the day ("everybody knows that the world is full of stupid ppl, so meet me at the mission at midnight. we'll divvy up there... but i got the pistol, so i'll keep the pesos. yeah, and that seems fair!"), so roger clyne is somewhat of a cool rockstar to me (even though i don't know much of his solo stuff... i mean, really... it all sounds the same but different enough to make it all cool and not redundant). i have seen him in concert quite a few times, but the best time was in rocky point a few years ago, so i was excited to see him on the beach again! of course, the show was sold out, so we took the 4x4 thingy off-road and parked by the beach where we had a way better view than most of the people in the venue. good times for sure!

of course, after a rocky point weekend, we came home exhausted beyond belief... but i had to prepare for monday (today)...
and on to the first.

this morning i had my first interview with a pretty big company for a super-rad job (thanks, heather!). i think that it went well, but phone interviews are far more nerve-wracking for me than in-person interviews... it must be that i rely on my freakishly good looks. oh, i'm hilarious.

anyway... of course, i stumbled on my words (thanks, nerves), but i think that i did all right... my fingers are crossed b/c the position seems like a great next step! so wish me luck (i ask for your shooting star and 11:11 wishes too much, but please, i need a job)!

we're off to nyc all next week, so things are stoke-tastic!

Friday, January 11, 2008

can't sleep...


not sleeping = not fun.

seriously, it's ten 'til two... hubbs is sleeping and has been for quite a while. c'mon sleeping fairy -- hit me with your wand, make my eyes crusty and fluttery, replenish my brain battery.

i do not have insomnia. i typically fall asleep just fine, but tonight, i'm just not having any luck with the whole falling asleep thing. i know that if i could just fall asleep that i would ace the whole 'staying asleep' part... and that's the biggest part of being asleep. i mean, falling asleep and waking up should take AT MOST an hour combined, while the staying asleep part lasts six to seven (eight on a great night... like for the past four months).

the rant ends here. i need some ZZZs.

fyi: we're heading to rocky point this weekend. oh boy. the beach and 70 degree weather (okay, highs of 68 and 69, but a girl can dream!).

hasta la byebye.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

hubby / wifey fitness club

that's right. my hubbs joined my fitness team. we're the only members.

we have gone walking/running 3 times now, and we'll surely go today. we also do our crunches and push-ups. you all should be proud... oh, and you should take a page out of our book. we are so healthy.

i guess we're just trying to get in shape enough for all of the soon-to-be city walking in nyc. i can't wait to walk everywhere again... it'll be a bit different than alicante, though. ya know, since nyc is waaaaaaaaay colder than alicante. the good news: it was 67 the other day... today, the high is 51, but that's waaaaaaaaaay better than chicago's high of 41 (and then 31 in a couple of days). (don't burst my bubble -- i see the nyc day this week with a high of 44, but i'm ignoring it. why deal with it so soon?)

the great thing about us joining a "fitness club" is that it pushes each of us... seriously, i go waaaaaaaay faster with hubbs than without him. i don't know if it's b/c i'm afraid to disappoint or if it's just b/c hubbs has way longer legs, so my little legs have to work harder to go the same speed. i guess that i don't really care... just as long as our heart rates are up and our weights are down.
anyway, we're workout machines. it's amazing what motivation and dedication we have. seriously, we should be an inspiration to all mankind.

or maybe not.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

interviewing requires shopping.

it's true. in order to interview, one must shop.

it's a fact. it's science.
so. if you didn't know, we're going to nyc in a couple of weeks in hopes of interviewing with some awesome potential employers. hubbs already has one lined up and another two on the way... i've applied to a million jobs, but they're all corporate... but i have had two replies, and we still have two weeks, so we're hopeful.

so, when i go to nyc for (hopeful) interviews, i need to look my best.
i already have two suits... though i'm wondering if that will be enough.
i mean, what if i have 15 interviews in 5 days. i will certainly need another suit... maybe.
okay, so i guess i should just worry about getting two or three interviews, but i can dream... and don't you be a dream killer. thanks.

so last night, hubbs and i went shopping. i already had my suits...
but i needed boots to keep my legs warm.
and i needed a warm, professional overcoat (my lumberjack one will not do).

we did a lot of shopping.
and in the last few minutes... voila.
thanks nordrom rack.
thanks aiko for giving me the location.

here are my wonderful, super cute, funky and darling (and even professional under pants) new boots... in black, of course.

the brand name is fly, and they're from london.
i feel cultured and professional already.

oh, and i did get a coat, and it's perfect and professional, but that's for another post... maybe.

Friday, January 4, 2008

i was running...

did you know that i'm ridiculously out of shape?

i know what you are thinking, "of course i knew, but i couldn't tell you and hurt your feelings... so how are you fixing it?"

well, thank you for sparing my feelings, but i decided to get my health back on track today... well, last night to be exact.

yep, before going to bed i did 100 crunches and 10 push-ups (the girly kind, of course).

i know what you are thinking, "right before you went to bed? seriously, only 100 / 10? pathetic, but i guess it's better than nothing... except that - is it really? doesn't it take at least 30 minutes of activity a day to burn calories / fat?"

okay, stop being so honest.

at least i tried! and i upped the ante this morning. yep, i went on a mile-long walk/run... and really, it's almost 1.5 miles, but i'm learning modesty. okay, okay. i'll admit it. i did a whole lot more walking than running, but that's still better than nothing!

but listen here - my eyes were watering, and my nose was running the entire time. that's what it's like to be allergic to arizona.

running (and walking) with one's eyes closed. ridiculous.

anyway, yay to trying to get in shape... and not even b/c of a new year's resolution or anything... just b/c i feel wide and heavy.

p.s. i really hope someone gets my title quote. it's genius... okay, maybe not genius.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy new year... and an answer to your question

so happy new year! i'm stoked on 2008 so far. hubbs and i were able to ring in the new year with two of our bffs in burbank -- always a good time. i even (somehow, not even sneaky, i swear!) was able to get the boys to watch an episode of zoey 101 and unfabulous on nickelodeon... if you don't know zoey, you need to keep up with people.com better b/c it's jamie lynn spear's show... yes, jamie lynn -- pregnant sister of britney spears who is only sixteen years old and still somehow a teen role model?! the boys ended up loving unfabulous (which stars the loveable and endearing niece of julia roberts --emma roberts) b/c the episode revolved around miss emma "tooting" while giving a class presentation... hilarious.

btw -- did you know that i LOVE all things that are "tween-cool?" and by that, i mean anything that tweens will think is cool, i will too... think: cheetah girls, high school musical, hannah montana...

i digress.

before burbank, we spent a couple of days with hubby's sis and fam... namely the baby boy, T. he's the cutest baby boy in the world. don't contest this otherwise we may have to fight. watch out, too, b/c i'm pretty scrappy.

oh, and! my mister celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday two days ago, and he's the best, so yay to that.

now on to the answer to your question... i've realized that maybe two of my friends read this blog. in a way, that's sad b/c they don't get to read my inspired, witty and fun words. in a way, that's great b/c they don't have to read my pathetic attempt at blogging.

well, so how i came to this realization is that very few people knew that hubbs and i returned from a three month stint in spain. some of my friends (i won't name names) forgot that i existed and planned on writing me off for a year... until we returned from spain... well, we returned early. NOW REMEMBER ME. thanks.

which brings me to the answer -- why we came home... our visas were only supposed to take somewhere b/w six weeks and three months to process, so we went to spain about six weeks after we turned in our paperwork... the rationale was that the visas would come before our "tourist visas" would expire, so we would just remain (every american gets 90 days every 180 days in europe... it's actually more complicated than that, but i'll simplify it here) once our work visas came.

unfortunately, the visas were never processed, and our 90 days in europe ended, so we had to escort ourselves out of spain.

no courts, lawyers, cops or guns involved.

the visas still have not been processed. some governments are just slow when it comes to immigration, i guess. seems odd; doesn't it? ... especially when we live in the u.s.a. where the immigration process is easy to understand and quick, and the country itself is so willing to welcome in new people. (please, read my sarcasm)

now that this story has been immortalized, any time someone asks me, "why did you come back so early?," i will send them to my ever-so-popular blog... that way they'll read it, and i won't feel so badly about myself.

happy new year!