Friday, December 21, 2007

a pain in the...

HEAD.seriously. what's with this whole having headaches four out of five days thing?

it's not fair.

even if it's more than likely allergy related, it's annoying and bothersome... not to mention that it makes me think of arnold, "it's not a tuma!" i understand that i am allergic to most of arizona, but that's not my fault, so stop taking it out on me.

headaches: if you're reading this... leave me alone. find some other poor, unsuspecting head to bother. you left me alone in spain, so leave me alone in the usa. it's america. where we have freedom... yes, even from headaches, so please stop taking away my freedom.

oh, except, please don't go find some other poor, unsuspecting head b/c that's just not very nice.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

some bangs.

erica's masterpiece.

sorry, erica... it'll never look this good again. except for today b/c i'm not washing it just so i can keep your stylin'.

she's awesome, and if you're in phx, you should go to her. well, she's in scottsdale, but still, phx metro area peeps should go.

she reads my blog. she told me that she's addicted... b/c it's like reading a children's book.

what does that mean?!

i don't know, but i'm taking it as a compliment.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a day of two firsts...

yesterday was a BIG day for me.

1) it was the first day in 3, yes - three, months that i blew dry... er, blowed dry... uhm, used a blow dryer on my hair!

sorry, erica... your last masterpiece hasn't been treated so well. erica is my hairdresser, and she's the best around. unfortunately, the last time i visited her was before hubbs and i left for spain, so it's been awhile. and in spain, i didn't have a blow dryer, and i wanted to wait until we got our visas to buy one. stupid, i know. today, i won't even wash my hair - all in preparation of my big date with erica. it's like a reunion. at 430pm, my hair will be shampoo'd and cut by the best around. woot. and then, erica, i promise - i'll treat my hair better: i'll use product, i'll blow dry, i'll tease. (i understand that to some of you this sounds like i'm preparing to treat my hair worse, but trust me, it looks SO much better once erica fixes it, so i try to keep it up... for a few days at least!)

2) it was the first time i ever made cookies on my own... i even used the kitchenaid stand-mixer by myself. !

don't get me wrong: when hubbs and i lived with his 'rents before we moved to spain, the m.i.l., hubbs and i made cookies probably once a week, but i was always in the background just following orders. last night, however, hubbs went to rent the bourne ultimatum, and i made the cookie dough while he was gone. m.i.l. was there for kitchen emergencies (like, "what's 1/2 of 3/4." okay, sounds more like a math emergency.), but i really made the cookies pretty much solo... and they were delicious.

p.s. today was a day of firsts, too... it was the first day in our marriage that i allowed hubbs and i to eat cookies and milk for breakfast. they were that delicious, and now they're gone. don't worry though: i insisted that we have a piece of fruit too!

Monday, December 17, 2007

the last european installment...

except i'm in phoenix.
deal with it.

so we arrived in dublin on friday, december 7th, with "all" of our luggage. fortunately we had booked a hostel the week before (since i had been to dublin once prior and knew that it was a tough place to find somewhere last minute... especially with as much luggage as we were hauling!)... we booked at globetrotters / the townhouse of dublin through (through much painstaking effort, as we needed security and a private room for all of our baggage), but we didn't know if we were on the townhouse side or the hostel side... the price would indicate the former, but the website didn't say, which would indicate the latter. when we arrived, we entered through the hostel side, which had some serious security. to enter, one had to be buzzed in only after being peeped by the reception-desk-fella through a security camera.

we passed the concierge test (apparently, that means not pointing a gun at the camera), and we were greeted by the nicest reception-desk-fella (receptionist sounds too feminine to me) ever. no, really. ever. trust me. he even sang to us, "oh, i wish, i wish i was a fish / 'cuz then i'd swim away." irish ppl really are the coolest. no joke. on a side note, he also told the guest before us that if he didn't show his hostel card upon arrival, he'd be murdered... what a jokester.

turns out, we were on the townhouse side, and we received an upgrade to a room with a bathroom (we paid for a private room w/ shared bathroom)... what a bonus! except that unfortunately one of the hot water heaters was broken, so we had no hot water, which meant asking for a key to a different room when we wanted to shower. still, this place was awesome. we loved our hotel. we loved having english on the television. we were exhausted... so we watched some tv before grabbing late-night grub (friends to be exact). when we finally decided to find food, it was late, and ireland is not like spain (where dinner can begin as late as 1130pm), but somehow we found abra-kebab-ra (thanks to the recommendation of two irish girls who originally thought we were irish). we saw some interesting things that night including (but not limited to) half-naked girls without jackets in 40 degree weather and a drunk guy playing a prank on a cop who could've arrested him. good times.

we were tired, so we went to bed. seriously, the whole trip is somewhat of a blur b/c i was just so exhausted from the previous week. we definitely had fun, but we were tired. we took the hop on/hop off bus tour to stay out of the rain on saturday, which i had done five years ago, but i have zero memory, so it was fun. we visited the kilmainham jail, which was super rad b/c it once housed some seriously important political prisoners who had big parts in the irish independence. i forget what it's called, but the form of the newest part of the jail (photo right) was the inspiration of the modern shopping mall... creepy. oh, and the old part of the jail (photo left) had no windows... which made it ridiculously cold... all in hopes of not spreading diseases. instead, let's just freeze the prisoners to death!

what else (sorry, but it's been a while, and i have a really bad memory)? we ate delicious fish and chips at a couple of different places. our hotel offered a delicious full irish breakfast every single morning, and we indulged happily (of course, i didn't eat the baked beans, but hubbs sure did!)... and if you go on, the only thing past guests talk about in the million reviews is the breakfast... it's that good. no, really. trust me.

unfortunately, sunday night came, and we had to get ready for our flight on monday morning. at 10pm, i looked at our flight info to confirm the 11am flight time... only to realize that we had a 9am flight time, not a 11am flight time. ugh. seriously, that meant that we had to be on the bus to the airport at 6am, which means our wake up call came at 5am, which means we missed out on our last delicious irish breakfast of the trip (breakfast starts at 7am).

fortunately, we made it to our plane on-time, and all was well... especially since we went through u.s. customs in dublin. no, really. it's true. we have u.s.a. stamps in our visa from the dublin international airport. random.

we had a 7.5 hour layover in new york city, so we decided to take advantage of it. it only took us 1 hour to stow our backpacks and 2.5 hours to travel to and from times square... but we were able to see the bright lights, enjoy the invigorating cold and mist of manhattan in december, and most importantly see the tree and ice skating rink at rockefeller center. did you know that my life is the coolest ever? no, really. ever. trust me. oh, and we got some new york slices just in time to be back at the airport so our flight could be late and a lady could yell at me for standing in her way in front of the magazine selection in the airport store...

even with the late flight, we arrived in phx early where my lovely mom and tony picked us up... at 1130pm. goodnight!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

interesting luck.

my body woke me up at 630am with no hopes of going back to sleep... what a cruel joke. i guess that's what happens when you turn your sleep schedule upside-down by traveling half-way across the earth. on that note, hubby's still asleep.

anyway. so much time has gone by, so i have stories.

can i get a "woot, woot?"

okay, so last thursday was a BIG day... hubbs and i had to pack everything and clean everything and still find time to say "hasta luego" to our buds. early in the afternoon (after most of the packing was done but little of the cleaning), we headed out for some tostada (toast -- mine with jam and butter, hubby's with chopped tomato, olive oil and salt). on our way, the cathedral bells were going mad, so we had to investigate... we knew that it was a holiday (something about the three kings), but we had no idea what it meant (other than that hubbs didn't have to work). anyway, when we found the cathedral, there were tons o' people outside surrounding a platform carried by ten or fifteen people that carried a statue (or mannequin) of (what we think was) saint nicholas (the actual catholic saint). it was pretty gnarly b/c the ppl holding the platform were moving it back and forth (i think to make st. nick dance?). what's more is that there were like ten or fifteen women and girls dressed in traditional valenciano dress and then three gigantic statues (paper mache, i think) of the three kings (i think). of course, we didn't have our camera, so you just have to take my word for it that it looked like a big deal.

and we never did really investigate b/c we still have no idea what was going on.

anyway, we passed most of the afternoon away at the port with our tostadas and our bud ingvild. we headed home with just enough time to clean the floors before heading out to the big parade (which, luckily for us, passed by the end of our street!). it was pretty crazy, and we had no idea what was going on -- we only figured out that it had something to do with the christians and the moors. the parade was the s l o w e s t moving parade in the history of slow-moving-parades. no, really. take my word on this. while at the parade, we said bye to our beach bud, ingvild, which was sad...

moment of silence (ya know? in remembrance of our bud who's still in alicante).

afterwards, we headed to jose and cecilia's piso where they quickly invited us to stay for dinner... we accepted. then i asked to use the internet. this is when the fun came crashing down. no, really. trust me.

so the reason i had to use the internet was to check on the luggage rules/restrictions/limits on ryanair (which i praised in my last swiss post)... someone had warned us that the limits were less than that of a non-budget airline (which tends to be 50lbs/23kilos per bag, and each person gets two checked bags). she thought that their limit was 15kilos per bag, so we would have been 16 kilos over each... well, i checked... and the actual limits were 15 kilos per person. yes, per person, not per bag... which means that each of us were over the weight restriction by about 31 kilos... it only costs 8€ ($12) extra per kilo over the limit...

let's do the math: 62 kilos over x 8€ per kilo = 496€ or $750.

seven hundred and fifty dollars.

we paid five hundred dollars for our tickets home (from alicante to dublin and from dublin to phoenix).

let's just say that finding this out at 10pm the night before the flight was a bad idea. to top it off, we were at the house of friends... we were invited guests... in a hectic situation... where steffa needed some time to freak out. oh.boy.

fortunately our buds are totally cool, and they totally understood our pain... they gave me some time (to pace outside in the cold) and held off on serving dinner until i came back in like a mad woman laughing about our ridiculous situation. hubbs and i tried to think of new method after new method of how to get to dublin sans $700 in excess flight costs... at the end, our solution seemed simple: dump as much as you can and pay for the rest.

once this was decided upon, dinner was FANTASTIC. and seeing as how it was already 1am, we were starving. we enjoyed the rest of our stay, which stupidly lasted until 230am...

friday, we woke up early, as we had to dump half of our belongings (which though seems a little sad, it's just stuff, and we have way too much stuff as it is), finish cleaning the house, meet jose and cecilia for breakfy to give them some of our stuff (that shouldn't be thrown away) and then meet with our landlord to exchange keys for a returned deposit... all before noon.

we were rushed to say the least, but we made it back to our lil' piso just in time to meet our landlady... everything was great, since we're not crazy hooligans who trashed the place. juany asked us how we were getting to the airport (assuming by taxi); we told her that we would take the bus; she was shocked b/c we had SOOO many BIG bags; she offered to take us to the airport out of the kindness of her heart; we accepted times ten; we gave her a delicious swiss chocolate bar as compensation; we arrived at the airport five hours early... check-in starts two hours before the flight leaves... hubbs weighed our bags anyway; we were still 40 kilos (over 80 pounds) over, but that means we dropped 20 kilos, so we were happy.

when we were finally allowed to check-in, we played DUMB. "but we thought it was 15 kilos per bag!" the lady felt for us... she only said that we were 25 kilos over... we only had to pay 200€ ($300), which basically meant that we had paid to fly on a regular airline (ie: british airways) instead of a budget airline (ie: ryanair).

has anyone ever felt so lucky and relieved? i don't know.

off to dublin.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

yes, ppl as ridiculous as me exist..

is the first week of december really almost over? will i really only have two weeks in phx in which to do all of my holiday shopping?

well, okay, the second question doesn’t really matter b/c i always do all of my holiday shopping in the last couple of weeks…

it’s not that i love adding to the holiday stress by waiting or anything crazy like that. i'm just a really bad gift buyer/giver, so i procrastinate and stress over what-in-the-heck i am going to get everyone on my list before ever hitting the mall or gift shop. i want to get ppl something that they want… not something that i want. and b/c of this, i am awful at finding thoughtful gifts, which is why it is even more pressing that i know exactly what everyone wants/needs. i love thoughtful gifts b/c of their thoughtfulness, but i'm just not all that thoughtful. no, really. it’s true.

to top it all off: i am an awful gift receiver. that's right: i'm bad at the gift giving and receiving. how is that possible? you would think that the lack of gift-giving-forte would stem from an overwhelming sense of entitlement or selfishness or me-me-me attitude… that’s just not the case (well, it is sometimes but definitely not around the holidays). when it comes to gift receiving, i am ridiculously insecure about my gift opening abilities. will my enjoyment of this gift register with the gift giver? will they comprehend my appreciation? will i be able to handle standing in the spotlight for all forty-five seconds of opening one gift?!

this problem has caused me some embarrassment at my in-laws… well before they were my in-laws. since hubbs and i weren’t married, we would spend christmas with our own families and then meet up later for our gift exchange… for the first year (maybe two), it was our own personal gift exchange, but after a couple of years, the parents wanted to get in on the gift-giving action (we have incredibly giving parents), so all of the sudden, i would head to his house to do our personal gift exchange when suddenly i would be expected to sit opening gifts with six eager faces staring back at me… the pressure, i tell you! it became somewhat of a joke, as they would wrap presents forty-two times and then put them in bigger boxes… ya know, to extend the hilarity… or the embarrassment.

i do feel that i've gotten better over the years, though, so that’s good, but i still haven’t progressed in the gift buying/giving arena… maybe one day, i guess.

so where did thsi come from? well, i'll tell you. last night, my bud ingvild and i were doing some christmas shopping for her fam (sorry my fam, but i just don't have room in my suitcases -- boo!) when i passed by a storefront with an awesome thing in it that i thought would be just perfect for my dear, dear, dear sister… seriously, i love, love, love it, but will she? it'd definitely make for a difficult gift exchange if she didn’t, but i really think she will.

have you ever had this moment? what did you do? what would you do? b/c i'm gonna go check it out again, and if it’s as perfect as i remember it, i'm buying it…

throwing caution to the wind, that’s my style (yeah right!).

update: so before i posted this, i went and checked on said item, and the store doesn't even have it... well, other than the one in the window... maybe i can find it in dublin?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

new coats and a beachy day

oh man. today is awesome… no, really, like the most awesome around. gnarly, wicked, ridici-dope (thank hubbs for that one). i decided this morning that i needed a little walk… it looked nice enough outside, but we can barely see the sky from our piso, so you just never know when clouds are coming… i went anyway, and i am so glad that i did. the day was glorious, magnificent, beautiful. the most perfect december weather ever (very similar to phx, really, but alicante boasts a beach!), so i walked down to the beach. apparently, i was not alone in my sentiment b/c the beach was pretty busy for an early afternoon tuesday in december. now, the beach wasn’t as packed as a summer day, but there were at least thirty people sunning (a lil’ chilly for me to wear a bathing suit, but kudos to them for rockin’ bathing suits in december).

while walking and taking random photos, a thought came to my mind: picnic on the beach. i had some grand ideas of surprising hubbs at work (come lunch time) with some empanadas, cokes and a blanket… but then i got to thinking that maybe a lunchtime surprise on the day before his last work day wasn’t such a great idea. i have no idea why it wouldn’t have been a great idea, but forty-two reasons came to mind, so instead, i went home and let hubbs make the decision when he arrived.

what can i say? he love-love-loved the idea, so we grabbed some to-go lunch and ate on the boardwalk in the glorious, oh-glorious sun… then we took a nice stroll on the boardwalk.

yes, today was the kind of day that made me wish we could never leave.

we leave for dublin on friday and then for phx on monday (like how i pretty much stole a line from hubby’s blog?). so since we’re leaving, and we have no idea when we’ll be back again, we decided a couple weeks ago that we’d each get a shopping “allowance” before heading to the u.s. i guess it’s kind of like a consolation prize or something. well, this past weekend, we rocked our allowances… well, hubbs did. i still have quite a bit left of mine (ha!)! as you can see from the photos, we both bought new coats (just in time for dublin!) – hubbs went for the professional, grown-up look, and i opted for the lumberjack look… i think our new coats fit us quite well.

anyway, my ax is waiting. see you soon!

Monday, December 3, 2007

a swiss ending...

oh, how sad i will be when this post is over… well, kind of anyway. once it’s over, i actually have to start thinking of something to post. weird. not for long, though, b/c we’re headed to dublin over the weekend and then to phx come next monday. that’s right, just one more week… more on that later in the week.

so, now we’re back to switzerland… to the end.

i have togo back to sunday in basel... just before hopping the train to zürich, we checked our email at the ymca hostel; hubbs received an email from his sista, mrs. dub, with some awesome news (10a).

now, back to monday... hubbs and i allowed ourselves to sleep in on monday morning… seeing as how we were both kind of sick, it seemed like a good idea. we were out of the zic zac by noon and lacked an agenda. i love vacations without five-million things to do (but then i love an agenda too, so really, i just love all vacations).

zürich was freezing. we were both cold, which was amazing b/c hubbs is never-ever-ever cold. first thing we decided to do was walk by the water (a river flowing into lake zürich… i think). saw the craziest things – swans and ducks on the water. don't birdies fly south for the winter?! i know that the calendar doesn’t say that it’s winter yet, but the weather definitely does… the water must’ve been freezing, but the little guys (& gals) were swimming along just swimmingly… and they were cute.

we randomly found a radicool train station that i know nothing about, but hubbs does, so maybe he’ll post some photos and tell you about it… all i know is that it looked like a spaceship, but in a cool way, not in a trek-y sort of way. after our super swiss lunch (mcdonald’s), hubbs and i saw a chocolatier from heaven, so we had to go in… and buy some chocolate, obviously. fortunately, the girl spoke english, so we were able to pick out delicious chocolates based on our faves (except they don’t make mint – holy cow, that’s strange!)… so we got a mixture of nougats and truffles and milks and darks. yuuummy!

we found ourselves out of the chocolatier and into a park where hubbs looked at his watch and said, “phew, we’re right on-time! it’s zurich’s married-couple-chocolate-picnic-in-the-park time!” (obviously, i knew well before this, but this statement just re-emphasized how perfect that boy is for this girl!) so we sat on a park bench, laid out our chocolates and indulged. wow, there has never been a more delicious chocolate… ever! hubby really wants to see who knows us best, so here’s a pop quiz: which chocolates were our favorites? we went to the same chocolatier in basel on our way to the airport and picked up some little pieces of heaven for the plane ride… can you guess which ones made the cut?!

anyway, after our chocolate picnic, we wandered through the park and beyond the park… and beyond the main city… and beyond the museum that would’ve been perfect for us had it been open (darn mondays – photography, architecture and media?!)… all in search of one neighborhood with some funky architecture… well, mainly in search of the freitag store. if you have never heard of freitag, do yourself a favor, and check it out. freitag is a messenger bag company (also purses, wallets, mac book sleeves) that makes their bags out of tarps from shipping containers, seat belts and air bags. the bags are unbelievable, and if i don’t ask for one for christmas, it’s only b/c i'm waiting until i find the perfect design of hawaii five-o for me (there are some awesome ones, but not the one for me… yet)! the building is phenomenal – it’s a bunch of train shipping containers stacked up. if you’re brave, you can climb through four additional containers and end up on the top lookout… obviously, i didn’t make it, but hubby did, so he might tell you about it. anyway, like i said, i didn’t end up with a bag, but hubbs ended up with a wallet (at the urging of me). anyway, next to the chocolates, freitag was the highlight of zürich for me, and i am now obsessed.

after freitag, we walked back towards the center of the city… through the funky architecture neighborhood… through the train station… where we decided to hang out and have dinner. seriously, christmas markets are the bomb-diggity. we had some delish brats. plus, we were able to check out the booths and the beautiful swarovski tree (which reminded me of my dear aikey)… just in time to make holiday time seem like the holidays (all of our swiss adventure did this for me).

our day wasn’t extremely eventful, but it was fun, even exhilarating. we were exhausted, and we slept well… tuesday morning, we were back on a train to basel (where we bought ourselves some “for the plane” chocolates) and then on our way back to alicante.

random aside: if you’re ever in europe and want to travel, check out ryan-air (a cheap british airline) b/c it’s super economical, and it boasts the title of “most on-time flights” in all of europe. our flight home was thirty minutes early… how is that possible?! (if you want to say that they exaggerate the times, i am totally fine with that. i would actually prefer that to be the policy for all airlines, so then you’re never late!)

end switzerland.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

it's not over yet?!

this swiss story is getting to be novel-length, and i kind of apologize… only kind of though b/c i'm super stoked that we have so many stories to tell from such an awesome adventure!

on sunday, the plan was to head to zürich, which is only a one hour train ride from basel, and a train comes three times every hour… obviously, our timeframe was flexible. we decided to take a stroll near the rhein, as we had barely spent any time there, but really, there isn’t much to do right there, so the walk was pretty short, and we moved on pretty quickly! we were told by our new aussie and canadian friends that we needed to walk through the basel christmas market (from what i hear, there are christmas markets everywhere in europe, but basel seemed extra christmasy, so we figured, why not). the market was adorable – the booths had awesome goods (from clothing to swiss army knives to candles to ornaments). we didn’t buy anything, but we vowed that we would come back early on tuesday from zürich to eat some delicious market food.

why couldn’t we just eat while we were there, you ask? good question. well, since we had to eat, and we no longer had a kitchen, we decided to take the swiss tram to FRANCE for lunch! aussie michael told us how to get there, so we went… and, man, did we indulge! the town is the teeniest, tiniest town imaginable. the tram stop was “leymen,” so we guessed that that was the town name, but who’s to say what it really is! on the tram ride, we were “busted” by the tram patrol b/c we didn’t really know how far our free transportation passes would take us… b/c just after the one french stop was another swiss stop, so we figured that our passes would be good… we were wrong, so one stop before our stop, we had to get off the tram to buy “one stop” tickets, and then we had to wait a half hour for the next tram to come! it was COLD! we walked for a few minutes before realizing that the ticket machine wouldn’t take our five-franc piece, so we were out of luck on the buying-tickets front. some people walked up to the tram stop, so we tried asking them questions… they said that they spoke either dutch or german (i'm sorry but “deutch” sounds a lot like “dutch.”), and they were surprisingly rude to us! hmpf. that's what i say to rude people. fortunately, there was another guy waiting for the tram, and he was quite helpful, and he taught us that you can buy tickets on either side of the tracks, so our five-franc piece worked after all… thank goodness!

we arrived in leymen in the early afternoon, and the town was dead. it's really, really, really small, though, so i guess we couldn’t have expected the hustle and bustle of a big city. straight off the train, we didn’t see any restaurants, but we figured that we’d walk a bit… and as luck would have it, we found a cute little restaurant. we went in; they accepted credit/debit cards; we asked to be seated… we were the youngest people in the place by about forty or fifty years. just in case we didn’t look out of place enough, though, we were looking pretty shabby in our jeans and t-shirts in comparison to the nice sunday attire of the older french people. when we looked at the menu, it was amazing how we couldn’t read anything, and it was almost more frightening than trying to read german, since we had been attempting that for a few days already. now we were attempting french, and let’s just say my head was hurting from confusion! thankfully, the lady who seated us knew english, so she described the menu of the day – we both ordered it. the meal started with frog leg soup – a cream soup that was the (hands-down) best soup that i've ever had in my life. yummy. and no, you couldn’t tell that the meat was kermie. the main entrée was veal curry with cooked fruit (pear, peach, pineapple and grapes) over rice. it was pretty good… the best part was the peach with the veal curry. sounds weird, but was super tasty. dessert was yum-o (i have never really watched rachel ray, but i've been told that she says annoying things like that all the time… i wanted to join the club.) – vanilla ice cream with a pear, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. i probably would’ve never paired (haha) pear with ice cream, but it worked, and i give it two thumbs up!

after our more than expensive lunch was over (yes, even more expensive than switzerland… somehow we found the ritzy restaurant in the ten person town. oh well, it was worth it and such a fun experience), we snapped a few photos of the french countryside before heading back to basel more exhausted than ever.

somehow i have forgotten to mention that though i was slowly beginning to feel better, i was still ridiculously tired (probably from staying up until 2am the night before). to make the situation worse, though, my poor hubbs somehow came down with a cold. poor fella. needless to say, we were burning ourselves out, so we were both looking forward to the hour train ride to zürich!

when hubbs was planning our swiss adventure, i politely requested a private room in zürich (since it was really expensive regardless of hostel-style or hotel-style), so hubbs obliged and found the zic zac rock hotel. yes, that’s really the name. yes, we were super excited to stay at the rock ‘n’ roll hotel. yes, the hotel disappointed big time.

the hotel was pretty much ghetto. all the rooms had band themes (ac/dc, guns ‘n’ roses, elton john, the clash). of the 40 or 50 rooms, we knew all but five or six of the bands… guess what room we got?! … one of the bands we didn’t know; you guessed it. saga. have you heard of saga b/c we sure haven’t! anyway, the carpet was disturbingly dirty and the floor wasn’t exactly flat, but the bed was cozy and the blankets were warmer than warm, so it wasn’t all bad. want to know what made our room the “saga room,” though? two records on the wall. i am not joking. this is too good to make up. there were seriously two records by saga hanging on the wall… then one totally-fake gold record of midnight oil (whom though we’ve heard of, were slightly confused as to why their record was in the saga room) and a young photo of the grateful dead (again, whom we’ve definitely heard of…). yeah, saga!

anyway, we did a bit of looking around sunday night, though not much b/c we were sick and sleepy… but we did enjoy our dinner of brats/hot dogs and french fries at a place called “brats and snacks” (or something like that). seriously, yumtastic. before hitting the hay, we enjoyed an episode of flavor of love on mtv. i never watched it in the u.s., but it wasn’t dubbed over in german/french/spanish, so it was a winner in our book!

the last installment tomorrow or monday. trust me, it’ll be good b/c we had the best chocolate ever… no, really, ever, and we took pictures.

see you then.

p.s. if you haven't seen it yet, hubbs posted a non-swiss blog... but there's a swiss one on the way soon... i promise.
p.p.s. happy six-month-iversary to my dear hubbs!