Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a halloween tale...

mwah-hahaha-ha-hahaha… did my scary laugh scare you?!

happy halloween! did you know that i’m totally a fan of halloween, but i’m not really into dressing up (this may or may not be because i never have any good ideas)? but i totally, totally, totally love, love, love candy, apple cider and punkins (as long as i don’t have to pull the guts out – yuck times ten)!

in honor of halloween, i thought that i’d tell a scary story today… so here it goes. (btw: i don't like scary stuff, so i'm going out on a limb for your enjoyment!)

there once was a girl. this girl hated bugs and rats (and really any type of vermin – blech. just the word grossed her out). somehow, the biting bugs always found her (even in a room of 100 people) – from mosquitoes to spiders to ants.

well, one day (that just so happened to be the day before halloween that particular year) this girl was reading in a park with a very handsome boy. they were sitting on a bench enjoying the fall air and their books when all of the sudden the girl noticed a very small spider on the bench… so she did what any smart and brave (or terribly disgusted by bugs) girl would do – she smashed the lil’ guy and then went on merrily reading.

about ten minutes later, this same girl noticed not one, not two, but three (yes, 3!) of those same lil’ monsters on her sweater, leg and arm – AHHHHH! the girl jumped up and did the “get off of me, you-dumb-icky-bugs” dance. the bugs went away and so did the boy and girl, as she couldn’t risk a “second coming.”

the rest of the day passed in a normally happy way. the girl went on an adventure to find her local centro comercial (or shopping mall) in search of an alcampo (kinda like target) store to buy a new blanket for her bed (as fall was colder than her current blankey was prepared for). she passed the day in a shopping stupor with her friend (only both of them were very good and didn’t buy anything except the blanket and a headband).

when bedtime came, the girl and the boy read for a bit in bed before turning out the lights. sleep came quickly and soundly… until the girl woke up to a pitter-patter… the room was very dark, but she could see that something LARGE was running on the ceiling (weird, but some things are quite talented). quickly, she nudged the boy and said, “you have to get whatever that is out of here! quick!” then she waited for a moment… and another moment before realizing that the boy was still sleeping.

the girl was very smart, though, and she could see that whatever vermin was running on the ceiling was running in the direction of the wall that the bed is situated against, so she jumped out of bed and ran into the living room (after nudging the boy again). once in the living room, she hollered, “boy, aren’t you gonna kill it?! you have to get it?!” this time, boy woke up and replied, “huh, wha?” she repeated herself, and he asked her to turn on the light to reveal the creature.

when she turned on the light, they both gasped in terror! the “creature” was just the light fixture. the boy reassured the girl that everything was okay, and they both went back to sleep.

okay, so maybe it didn’t end up scary, but it sure started scary! and i guess that i didn’t tell a scary story in honor of halloween, rather i had a scary dream in honor of halloween.

culture update: spaniards don’t celebrate halloween (even though a lot of places cater to the american students by having “halloween parties.” i did buy some gummy bears yesterday to ensure that hubby and Iigot a lil’ halloween treat, though. anyway, even though halloween doesn’t count, all saints day does, and it’s tomorrow, so hubby has the day off (tomorrow)! YIPPEE!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

to fight or not to fight...

first, i have to thank pdaddy (and everyone else) for his (their) awesome scavenger hunt ideas. i’m totally workin’ on my next scavenger hunt installment, but his request to see the “bull ring” has prompted a new discussion idea… actually, it’s his request plus the subject matter of the new book i’m reading.

do you know anything about bull fighting? anyone, anyone? if yes, then you may or may not be disturbed by the thought. if no, check out some more info and form your own opinion. as for me, i’m ridiculously on the fence (even though one leg is hanging off to one side b/c, as you know, i’m quite opinionated). it’s totally not my place to judge other cultures… i’m no anthropologist or sociologist; i’m just a girl with an opinion about violence and animal abuse.

so here’s why i’m on the fence. bull fighting is a part of a rich, traditional, old-school spanish culture. for this, it’s hard for me to completely slaughter (excuse the pun) hundreds/thousands of years of a people’s culture. and yet, i’m about to do it anyway.

cultural or not, here’s where it gets tough. if you didn’t know, a bull fight is not a fair fight. in fact, the fight is definitely in the matador’s favor… a few of the matador’s peeps go out and injure the bull (by stabbing it and such) before said matador even steps into the ring. tell me how that’s right?! maybe (and i definitely mean maybe) if it were a fair fight, i’d think more of this traditional spanish sport… but as it is, i’m just a bit judgmental. oh, this is what i call animal abuse or torture, and i’m not into either of those things (like BIG time not into).

apparently, tons o’ spanish folk are with me in this sentiment. “a espanya, la cultura es tortura,” just some graffiti (from the bull ring) hubbs and i photographed while on one of our many walks this weekend. i’m sure that you’ve already figured out what it means, but just in case: “to spain, culture is torture.” so apparently, not all spaniards are into torture or animal abuse either… good to know.

so here’s where i get SUPER hypocritical, so watch out. i can’t decide whether or not i would want to actually sit in the audience of a bull fight. that’s right: part of me wants to go for the spanish cultural experience… ugh. that’s just not right of me! even if i am sure that i would cry or even if i am sure that i would be ridiculously upset or even if i am sure that i would become a vehement protester… i’m just not sure any of those reasons are enough to make my hypocrisy better (and i’m kinda okay with that. i’m human and to be human means to contradict blah, blah, blah … or something).

(removing soap box… give me a minute) okay, so i know that you’re all totally wondering, “what book is she reading that helped influence this schizophrenic blog?!” occupational hazards by rory stewart (yes, something by hemmingway would’ve made far more sense, but you should talk to my hubby about that b/c his views were most def skewed by reading ol’ hems). so back to me, oh has nothing to do with spain and has nothing to do with bulls or fighting bulls. nope, it’s about the iraqi war, and it’s one fella’s personal account (he’s a scot, not an american, and he’s a “politician,” not a soldier.). so far, it’s turning out to be an awesome read, but i don’t like war, and i don’t like violence (and, not to start a tangent, but i certainly don’t like what’s been going on in the middle east and what continues today – i didn’t like it when it started, and i don’t like it now!).

so here’s where the 2 worlds collide – seeing the bull ring and reading about bombs and guns that i’ve never heard of elicit the same kind of response in my brain – unnecessary violence is just that: unnecessary… oh, and super bad.

can you believe that i’m still on the fence about attending a bull fight?!

book update: fyi: since finishing atlas shrugged, I have since read sense and sensibility by jane austen and she by h. rider haggard. she was an amazing tale, and if you like amazing tales, you should totally read it. s&s is awesome, but it's a bit girly for the boy-y types.

Monday, October 29, 2007

walk this way.

did you know that I love, love, love the weekend? no, really. like loOooOove. now that I’m in españa, i triply love the weekend since i get my hubby time… and lots of it! this weekend was no exception!

if you haven’t already, you should read about our Friday adventure here. hubbs got it all right b/c we totally had un buen tiempo. i for one could've handled more u.s. vs. argentina vs. españa culture talk… even though i know that my hubbs is super proud that we didn’t have those conversations. what can i say, though? i love hearing about different cultures and all that jazz from international peeps.

saturday was rockin’ too, though! “two days in a row,” you ask?! “you better believe it,” i say! we hiked to the castle (and we allowed you to come along… just check out the slideshow!) and found new alicante gems along the way! seriously, we found a super-rad park, but you’ll have to visit to view this beaut (i kid. i kid. one day we’ll post some photos. the castle photos are rockin’ enough for today). i’m tellin’ ya: i haven’t seen a better picnic spot in a looooooooong time (not that i frequently seek out new picnic spots, especially not in az b/c it’s too dang hot to stand outside – and eating outside?! ugh, i hope you don’t like mayo on your sammich b/c it’ll be more than nasty if it’s in the az sun for even a minute… but picnicking between a castle and a beach – now, i’m for that!)!

the weekend brought a plethora of walking (and eating poorly, but i think the walking totally cancels this sad fact out. don’t you? please say yes; i need your validation to feel better!)… with the weekend came fall, however. yep. i’m pretty sure that we’ve seen our last beachy day of the year (even though the weather was totally nice on saturday, just not quite warm enough and a tad too breezy to be beachy). fortunately, it didn’t rain this weekend (but i’m pretty sure it will today or tomorrow… or maybe the sky is mimicking the new fall fashion by donning grey every day.)! no rain is good rain in my book (and my book is extremely important).

btw. did you know that i lOooOoove living abroad?!

fashion update: i found a new pair of shoes to covet. they’re way cheaper than the blue ones. they’re a honey-goldish-yellow and have a slight platform. the platform tells me that i mustn’t have them since walking in platforms (even if only slight) is no fun. (wanna see? check here... click the + sign 'til you see shoes. they're the cute green shoes, only i want them in sunflower)

**steffa's note: the shoes i'm diggin' on are the TALL ones... with a slight platform in the front.

Friday, October 26, 2007

mini-scavenger hunt!

ooooooh boy! i love me some scavenger hunts. you better believe it! as soon as i was given a few things to find, i grabbed my camera... and i was off. unfortunately, the beach is not so beachy right now, so the funny old man and the old man in a thong (which mikey's totally right, this will be easily found in better weather) will have to wait...

i know that you simply cannot wait for the old man in a thong, but do try your best.

as for the storefront of the place that sells the best chocolate con churros... that's a difficult one. see, the problem is that i've only been to one place once (and that was yesterday! but this is a huge problem b-c i love, love, love some c-con-c, just as i love chocolate pudding with buttermilk biscuits -- try it, and you'll love it!). now, the c-con-c were quite delicious, but i can't really determine whether or not they're the best until i've tried a few other places... so for now, you get the storefront of the only churrería that i've been to. enjoy dreaming of the deliciousness that i enjoyed yesterday.

as far as city hall goes... this is definitely similar to city hall. it's a totally rad building that you only get to see part of. i'll let hubby post the other photos (since he took them all. yes, even the one that i'm posting. i'm quite the lil' thief!). the other part of the buiding looks similar to the new arch building at the u of a (all glass), but the coolest part is that underneath the building are visible and preserved city ruins (well, at least i think they're city ruins!).

anywho. if you have anymore fantastic scavenger hunt ideas, do tell... i'm always in the mood for a little adventure and mystery (just like nancy drew... ooooh, what will i have to find next?!).

okay. now, i have to apologize to someone very important! my one and only, darling, most precious niece turned 1 yesterday. i didn't actually forget her birthdate or anything awful like that... i just thought that yesterday was oct. 24th, not oct. 25th, until it was far too late. she did receive a "happy 1st bday" phone call from her fave aunt and unkie, but she didn't get the blog time that she deserved (at least not on this one, but you can check here and here, and you'll see that she got her shout outs, and you'll see most importantly how cute she is!).

that's it for today... but what's up tonight, you ask?! well, since you asked... hubbs and i are off on a double date with 2 of his co-workers who invited us to dinner at some sweet chinese place that has a super inexpensive menú del día! oh, the life of a socialite!

hasta pasta!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

geez. stop judging...

so after i posted that blog yesterday, i felt all of your judging eyes upon me -- your thoughts kept interrupting my serene thinking, or, uhm, solitaire playing -- "she's lived there for how long and she hasn't even cleaned the floors!" and "her poor husband has to come home to dirty floors everyday. i feel for him!" and "wow, she's lazy!" and "yes, converse should sponsor her life!"

well, after hearing all of those (except the latter b-c with that one, i thought, "i knew that you'd agree. thanks. now, get in touch with your friends at converse and get me a promotional deal."), i kept feeling bad about myself... and my productivity, or lack thereof.

sooooooo. today, i gave in, and i dusted, swept and washed the floors. i did all of this to take your judging eyes off of me! my hubbs is in good hands. i promise you that (even though he technically made dinner last night, but, hey, he enjoys cooking, so back off!) i even swept and washed the balcony floor (dusting it would've been a mess). now, you can all sleep better at night, as i am sure that you're tossing and turning in your beds right now.

anyway. that said... today's a friend-hangin'-out-with day, so i'll be a little productive after lunch too! well, maybe not productive, but we might get some chocolate con churros, so you should all be super jealous! and it's totally thursday, and what comes after thursday?! friday, duh! and that means the weekend is coming, which means i get tons o' hubby time!

all right. it's time for me to go do... uhm... productive stuff. actually, no uhms about it!!! i have to go to the grocery store, and that totally is productive. so there!

weather update: it's raining... again. are you surprised?
floss update: i found waxed flossed! but it's 60% more expensive than the torture string, and you only get 1/2 the floss... curses! i bought it anyway, and now hubbs and i are happily flossing daily again!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

what do you do during the day???

so i've gotten a lot of this question recently... and i just want to say, "how insensitive of you!!!" seriously, i beat myself up on a daily basis trying to seem productive or active or just not idle... and here you come along and accentuate what's already there (my dirty little secret, at that).

NOT (yep, i went there). it totally doesn't hurt my feelings, and i'm super happy that you care to ask... the rest was true, though (in that i'm on a constant quest to find things to do). i figured that today, i would take the time to tell you what i do while hubby's at work.

first, i do a lot of going to the grocery store... since i don't have a car, i have to walk everything home. even though we live about 1 or 2 blocks from the close grocery store, i don't appreciate cutting off my wrist circulation, so i prefer to just get a few things at a time. the close grocery store is really small, though, so often in one day, i hit up 2 grocery stores... the other one is about 4 or 5 blocks away, so i try not to get heavy stuff (another secret -- i'm not very strong)! but any sort of meat or fresh produce comes from here (as romantic as it sounds to shop at the local market, i just can't stand the smell -- rotting fish and 82 year old ham, blech... so sue me!).

next, i try to keep the house clean. I make the bed everyday (i know that it's hard to believe...). i dust the floors a couple times a week and sweep at least once (i have yet to wash them -- eek -- i just hate that chore!). i do a lot of dishes. i take out the garbage and the recycling. i have yet to wash the windows, but it's supposed to rain the next few days, and i don't want my effort to go to waste... oh, i do laundry a few times a week (and i hang dry everything). this is the stuff i don't like doing -- fyi. house chores suck.

okay, okay... so i make lunch and dinner every day. this typically takes 20 mins to an hour, just depending on what i make. then hubbs comes home, and after all is said and done, i do the dishes. he has done them a couple times, but that just makes me feel bad (since he works all day, while i do... well, as you can see, not a whole lot!). another fyi -- hubbs totally helps me cook whenever i ask (which is often) even if i ask him just to get the olive oil or set the table, but usually it sounds more like, "i don't know how to make bacon!"

so that's all i do that's productive in any given day... so maybe 1 - 2 hours of productivity. i promise you that i feel just as pathetic as i sound.

are you wondering what in the heck i do with the rest of my time?! i sure hope so b-c i'm about to tell you. i play solitaire on the computer. i read. i walk. i hike to the castle. i go to the locutorio to use the internet for 1 hour every day (sometimes more than 1 hour). i take photos. but mainly, i walk, read and play solitaire... A LOT!

that's where this post makes a point. i went out and took some SWEET photos yesterday, and i wanted to share them with you... but i didn't want to seem too egotistical by just showing you my awesome pictures. i wanted to pretend that there was a reason, or a point in showing you my photos. despite the different colored skies, this was totally the same day. i'm just a genius with post-production (kidding.)!


Monday, October 22, 2007

a highly important topic.

i enjoy flossing my teeth. if you do not, i think that you're weird... and by these standards, let's face it, most people are weird. flossing is good for your gums, which is good for your smile, which is good for the world... so i'm really talking about world peace.

since we've been married, i've been able to convince paul that flossing religiously is awesome. so we floss together. well, when we got to spain, we noticed that i only had floss from our dentist (which was neither johnson&johnson nor oral b), and it wasn't the best floss ever, so i just picked some new floss up at the grocery store (and it was the only brand they had)... well, this spanish floss is the worst floss in the history of floss. it's like torture string for your teeth. obviously, this made the non-brand-name usa floss seem like the best floss ever... but we have since run out -- for shame!!!

now, we are stuck using this devil floss, and when i use said floss, i feel like i am going to pull out my fillings and their respective teeth (no joke). last night, i had a brilliant idea... i decided that i'd take a trip to the corner pharmacy, as they (in my mind) were sure to have some awesome floss... and they did... for 4€. i love flossing my teeth, but paying 4€ (just think of $4) for floss seems super ridiculous.

so here's my plea. once we get our visas, and you send care packages (as we know you will)... include some floss in the package! floss is pretty inexpensive, and it totally won't raise the shipping cost!... no need to do this until we actually get our visas though (as they could tell us that they don't want us to continue our stay), but you'll know when we do (b/c there will be a post on it)!!!

language update: sis-in-law is cuñada, and bro-in-law is cuñado.
friend-making update: i made a spanish friend! woot woot!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

it's his debut!

did you know that i'm married to the coolest guy ever?!
well, of course you did.

wanna know something that you didn't already know?!
he has finally started his own blog!!!


i don't know how often he'll update it...
but i do know that it'll be more interesting than mine!
unfortunately for you, mine willl be updated more frequently.
so you totally can't ditch my sad excuse for a blog.

xo kisses xo

Friday, October 19, 2007

time flies!

happy 4 week-iversary to me!
happy 4 week-iversary to me!
happy 4 week-iversary to me!
happy 4 week-iversary to me!
i've been in alicante for 4 weeks today!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

internetless life... what's that?!?!?!

you know what's not fun?!?!
i'll let you give me your own answers...
but here's mine:
not having internet at home!!!

seriously! it's a BIG downer... and it makes friendship making kind of difficult. and it makes keeping in touch with f&f from home quite difficult. did i mention expensive?! well, if not, let me mention it now!

i never realized quite how internet dependent i was until i was left sans internet. alicante is rad... i promise you that, but one can't attempt to soak up its coolness all day every day... i'm sure that the radness wouldn't wear off, but i sometimes like to just take it easy and peruse the internet... ya know, to learn stuff (okay, don't get me started on myspace, facebook and those are necessities!). learning to cook would be much easier if i had the internet in front of me, so i could google "how to slice mushrooms" (which btw i totally figured out on my own!). plus, the whole making friends thing. my one friend and i have played "door buzzer tag" in the past 2 days, and my new spanish speaking bud, and i have to make plans way far in the future to ensure that i don't miss the appt just by not having internet...

but i'm still in spain, and i still have the coolest hubby in the world.

so i guess that life isn't so bad!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

you start the petition.

i propose that the food network film a show about ME! i say this because i think that they're focusing on the wrong people... the people who already know how to cook don't need shows about how to cook. people like me -- the skill-less -- need shows about how to cook.

and before you say that the shows are meant for fools like me, i'm going to tell you that you and the food network execs are wrong. that's right. it's on the table. other than maybe good eats, the shows are aimed at the awesome-in-the-kitchen folks.

so, anyway, back to me. yesterday, i decided that i would find i recipe online to make for dinner. we had some chicken, so that guided my search. i found a couple of pasta dishes that sounded good and easy but we had pasta for dinner the night before, and i don't want my hubbs to get pasta'd out.

then i found this recipe for arizona chicken, and i thought -- "a few veggies and some chicken with rice... i can totally do this." i thought this all the way until i was standing at the stove. did you know that i don't know how to cut a mushroom? did i mention that we don't have a single measuring device in the piso? did you know that i despise onions and tomatoes?

obviously, i made the right choice in the recipe selection process.

know what?!?! it turned out fabulously if i do say so myself! seriously, it smelled good, it looked good, and most importantly -- it tasted good! even the hubby thought so! he was quite impressed!

every minute during the hour long process, i thought to myself -- "what in the heck were you thinking? this is ridiculously above your skill level... you don't even know what a 'medium onion' is! spain doesn't have 'stuffed olives.'" and so on.

i will admit, though... my az chicken could've used more tomatoes and maybe some more mushrooms. remember, i didn't have a single measuring device, so everything was "eyed" by me. oh, and i didn't put in any celery because i couldn't find any.

this is why i say that the food network should give me my own show. people like me need to see fools like me working it out... call it inspiration or something. but i don't need to see chefs doing what they do best. i need to see some fool learning to slice a mushroom while doubting herself and laughing all the way.

who's with me?!

Monday, October 15, 2007

our home!

here it is! it doesn't look that big, but it's big enough for us! we love it!!!

oh, sorry for the grainy photos... i unfortunately had the camera on a high iso without realizing it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the ess fam book club

soOo. hubby and i accidentally started our own book club. here's the not-so-interesting story...
within my first few days of arrival, i finished the book i had been reading (the boleyn inheritance -- i really, really like philippa gregory, fyi.). it was quite good, but finishing it meant that i had no other reading material. this was a devastating blow. one day, i went in search of a store with international books... my search was fruitless unfortunately.

hubby kept persuading me to read his book (atlas shrugged). i kept declining, as it would not mend our situation, as we like to read at the same time... so if we're sharing the same book, we are not able to read at the same time.

well, after a few days of being book-less, i totally gave in. i mean, c'mon... i have plenty of free time on my hands, and i needed a way to enrich my mind (or something like that). so for the past week and a half or so, we've been sharing the book.

this puts us in an interesting situation. he started the book a couple of weeks before me, so he was way far ahead of me... well, within a few days, i caught up. then, the next day, i was 200 pages past him. last weekend, he caught up to me... today, i finished the book; he's still 300 pages behind me.

so the good news is that his book is his again! he will no longer have to feel guilty when wishing to read (because last weekend, i found an international bookstore and picked up sense and sensibility)! yippee!

with good news always comes not-so-good news... the opposite of good news is that now i know everything that happens, and i have no one to discuss with. unfortunately, paul works all day, and when he's not working, he's hangin' with me, so there's little reading time for him (which is why it was so darn easy for me to finish before him -- don't think that his reading speed had anything to do with it!).

i'm excited to discuss the book with him once he's finished, though... so many thoughts to discuss. have you read atlas shrugged? if you have, shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts... because i can't very well type my in a public forum such as this because hubby doesn't want to hear what happens before he gets there...
word of advice: i highly recommend the couple's book club. i do not, however, recommend sharing one book. i'm cheap but not that cheap! just spring for 2 of the same book... or buy 2 different books, read the separately, then switch... you can discuss both when you both finish!

not-so-interesting historical fact: i once lived with a wonderful girl named steph b. (no, i am not talking about myself)... while living together, she read this book... and i have no idea what she thought of it. i hope this doesn't make me a bad person.
weather update: today was a beautiful sunny day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

tribulation of cooking...

as you know: i have been cooking a lot! (my hubby's super proud of me!)
with the whole cooking thing comes more "steph at her clutziest" moments... i tried to stay out of the kitchen for years. i had you fooled into believing that this was just because i couldn't be bothered with learning to cook... oh, i am clever.

i really stayed out of the kitchen to save myself from ebarrassing moments. even if i am the only one who would see said moments, i still would've rather skipped 'em altogether. i do enjoy a challenge, though, and so now that i'm on the whole cooking kick, i'm gonna learn to do it right.

all that said, i've learned a few things... one in particular.

actually, let me give you a little bit of "history" or something... spain is known for olives. when cooking in spain (and i am sure elsewhere, but what would i know?), you use a lot of olive oil. that's your history lesson for the day... feel enlightened.

olive oil enjoys "splatter painting" my clothing.

so, i've really had to figure out how to remove olive oil stains. and let's just say that i've become a master remover. that's right: i have mastered the art of removing olive oil from my clothing.

"how?" you ask? well, i'm a genius (and by that, i totally mean that i'm a killer googler)...

so do you want to know my secret? did i really need to ask?! of course you want to know my secret... i guess that it wouldn't be very nice to make you beg, so i'll just tell you!

the secret is (drum roll, please): dish soap! seems so simple, but it works. i read that one is supposed to turn the garment inside out and dab some dish soap on it... let it sit for a minute then dab with a wet cloth. when it dries, it's like magic -- no more stain!

okay, that's about it for today.

weather update: it's raining... again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

is it saturday?

guess what?!?! today is a holiday in la comunidad de valencia... which means that it's a holiday in alicante... which means that paul didn't have work today! yippee! we had no idea until yesterday, so it was a super-awesome surprise!

we started the morning out by hiking up to el castillo de santa barbara... it's all paved, but i feel okay calling it hiking because of the crazy incline! if i made the walk a few times a week, i'd get in some serious shape! will it happen, though?! stay tuned to find out (but my guess is no). the view from the castle is b-e-a-utiful! seriously, the hike was definitely worth it!
oh, and guess what?! we went on this lovely hike with friends (2 french girls and 1 norwegian girl)!

after the rockin' hike, we took a little nap and ate some delicious lunch -- prepared by me. yeah! then we decided to take the tram up the coast to see a couple of the other beaches... while they are much larger than our beach, we like our beach better! we had a fantastic afternoon just walking in the sand and enjoying the nice sea breeze.

seriously -- there is nothing better than finding out about a day off right before it happens.

cooking update: last night, i made chicken. i have never made chicken. go me.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

la vida playa

we <3 the beach. i mean, really. we respect and appreciate the beach. especially when it's our beach... the temperature is so perfect, and even when the water reaches my shoulders, i am perfectly able to see my toes and the ripples in the sand!

we had a glorious entire day at the beach... we even ate lunch on the beach. plus, we made a friend! random facts: she is from norway but speaks the best non-native english that i've ever heard. she studied in tucson of all places when she was in high school, and now she is in spain studying english. yes, the beach is awesome, and we're enjoying it as much as we can! hubby's boss told us that we'll have beach weather through the end of october. yessssssssss!

sorry about the lack of piso photos... i am still getting our place in order, so you'll just have to appreciate the beach photos for now. but believe me: we're enjoying our new digs. everything is better when it happens in your own place.

well, that's all i got today, but maybe i'll be more entertaining during the week!

Friday, October 5, 2007

not-my but my blue shoes

so i have nothing to blog about.
well, i'm sure i could think of something, but i don't feel up to it. it's a beautiful day today.

i wanted to show you the cutest shoes that i've seen in forever.
i <3 them. that's right. i heart them. they're blue. and not too tall, but tall. they're 49.95€, tho, and that's spendy for me.

but i'll admire them from afar until they're no longer on the shelves at sfera... but i wanted to show them to you. alas, the sfera website is a tad ridiculous. if you want to see them, you'll have to find them. in the casual collection. the last photo. and even then, you can't see them all that well. but, trust me, they're cute... and i'm pretty sure that my sista would hate 'em, but then when i wore them in a super funky-cute way, she'd want to borrow them.
because that's how it works with sisters.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

is this post about cooking? i can't tell.

so it was super difficult to get out of bed today. the sky was ever-so-dark, and it was raining... and then it rained some more, only harder. so i just didn't get out of bed until -- later than usual. i will not tell you the exact time, as i would still like even a little bit of friendly respect.

i realized early on that i couldn't do laundry today, which i still need to do desperately, b/c i can't hang the clothes to dry... unless i felt that rain water could adequately dry them. remember: it never rains in alicante. (hubby talked to his co-workers today about this, and they all claim that it really doesn't rain in alicante... clearly, they've never been to the desert where it really doesn't rain.)

oh, anyway. what is life like as a kept woman? i would have to say that it's pretty fun. i'm learning to be domestic, which is something i never thought i would want to be... oh, how getting married changes one's perspective. i already knew how to do laundry (though i've never had to line-dry everything), and i'm really good at dishes and even cleaning the floors... i've never really known how to cook, though -- just 5 or 6 dishes that i would rotate and always enjoy, enough to survive and not eat out nightly.

learning to cook for me is like learning a foreign language. i'm learning a foreign language in a foreign language. it's as if my main language is english, but i'm learning french in spain while speaking only poor, broken spanish. it's coming along, though, and i am learning. hubby is a huge helper. i'll learn... eventually. if you want, you're more than welcome to email me easy-to-make recipes. i can't promise that i'll make it, but who knows?

anyway. i best hurry up and skidattle. i have chores. 1.) cancel truck insurance -- my dad sold it for a solid chunk o' change... yay! 2.) give the bank my new address -- oh how fun that sounds! my address is in españa -- life really is good. 3.) figure out what to make hubbs for dinner.

i love living lavidasteffa... it rocks.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

where in the heck do i go now?

Ya know, I Love Lucy? I think that I’m kind of like that… except not naturally funny. In normal situations, abnormal things happen to me. Things that normal people do on a daily basis cause me anxiety for who knows what reasons, yet I push through, and then said abnormal things occur.

Yesterday, I decided that I would make the trek to Murcia (about an hour and a half train ride) to hit up Ikea for sheets, towels and a few other household necessities. Now, I know that I’m in another country, but I make things ridiculously difficult for myself! The day started off fine… I headed towards the train station at 9:45ish. Know what time I arrived at the train station??? Just in time to make the 11:05 train. The train station is literally a 10 minute walk from our piso. Not knowing this and attempting to find the other train station is not my fault, however. The El Corte Ingles (biggest department store ever) city map clearly showed the train station that goes to Murcia in a completely different location. When I finally found the real train station and got on the train, guess where our first stop was?! You guessed it: at the train station that I couldn’t find (and still only ½ believe it exists)!

Anyway, I arrived in Murcia and left some of my early anxiety on the train. Then I had to find the bus. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a bus frequenter in the U.S., so reading bus schedules and such is difficult for me… so instead, I just asked a bunch of different people (including bus drivers) where I could find the Ikea bus. After aimlessly walking for about 15 minutes, I found it! When I hopped on the bus though, I received a verbal lashing from the bus driver for not flagging him down… again, I don’t take the bus often and therefore had no idea that one is supposed to hail a bus the way one hails a cab… Oh well. By this time, I had developed new anxieties. The bus ride to Ikea is about a half hour ride… not too bad except the sky kept looking darker and darker and more ominous, but I continued. I actually did make it there (even though the walk from the bus stop to the store was a bit creepy)… and eventually I found sheets, a blanket, towels, a bath mat and an ironing board. Yay! One problem, though… I had to carry all of this stuff back to where I came from – Alicante!

Oh, the anxieties kept coming especially with the dark clouds looming overhead. Surprisingly enough, I made it home, and I am super proud of myself… except when I think, “You went to Ikea. Yippee.” Because normal people do things like this all the time.

Oh, anyway, I’m so over telling this story (which is why the details became fewer and fewer).

You’re more than welcome to feel proud of me as well. Even if the sheet is way too big, and the blanket is slightly too narrow… I still did it!

Monday, October 1, 2007

farewell to the hotel room...

well, it's time to say goodbye.
goodbye to this messy, unruly hotel room.
though i tried my darnedest to keep you clean, you seemed to like the unkempt look the best... and might i say, it looks good on you... it just would've been easier to find paul's dress shoes, the camera cable or even a t-shirt much easier had you preferred cleanliness.

you have seemed more like a home than a hotel room.
that may be because we've stayed here for far too long.

but it's time to move on.
don't be sad, hotel san remo.
you'll have plenty more guests in the future.
especially since you're in the lonely planet guide to spain.

thanks for all of the good times.
i have especially appreciated the (spotty at times) wifi access.
i'll always remember you...

but tonight, it's on to bigger and better things...
...things with a kitchen and a washing machine!